Mr.Thorton by Spiked_Slayer

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Chapter Notes: I hope you like this story, this is my first fic!!
Looking over his lesson plans Spike sighed. He

wanted to be at home in bed with his beautiful

girlfriends arms' wrapped around him. A smile crept

onto his lips as he thought of her. He recalled the first

time he ever laid eyes on her. She was standing with

her best friend, Willow; they were in line for some

cotton candy. She looked so damn cute in her little

pink spaghetti strapped sundress. It had been over a

year since my ex-girlfriend, Drusilla, broke up with me.

My friend Gunn kept telling me to get over her and get

on with my life. I wanted to so bad but I just couldn’t

she was my first girlfriend. I thought that I truly loved

her, but at the naïve age of 12 you don’t really know as

much as you think you do. When my mum saw how

much Dru had hurt me she packed up me and my little

sister, Faith and moved to Sunnydale, California. My

mum’s brother already lived there and we were going

to be staying with him for a while. When we pulled into

the driveway an older looking man came out of the

“Hello Anne, how have you been” Rupert

Giles asked his younger sister?

“Just great Rupert. How have you been”

Anne Thornton asked?

“I’m good. Well now let’s see, William.

Wow I haven’t seen you since you were 4. How are you

my boy” He asked William?

“Ok” William answered bluntly.

Rupert saw the sadness in his nephews’ eyes but he

didn’t pry for answers.

“And Faith, my how you’ve grown! You’re

looking more like your mother everyday” He stated in

“Why thank you Uncle Rupert” Faith

“Oh nonsense, Call me Giles, Rupert

sounds too stuffy for my taste” He said.

“Cool” Faith said smoothly.

“Well there is no sense in standing

outside in this heat, why don’t you three come and for

a spot of tea” Giles said fastly.

“Ok” The three Thornton’s replied.

With that they all went inside. Spike was brought out

of his thoughts by talking, laughing, and screaming.

Yep, he thought to himself this was going to be a long



Slamming the front door to his house, Spike went over

to the couch and dropped. He had not been there five

minutes when he heard his girlfriend calling his

name from the kitchen. Struggling to get up he slowly

walked into the kitchen where he saw his girlfriend

sitting at the table with a mug of hot chocolate with

marshmallows, his favorite.

“How was your day Spike” Buffy asked


“It was ok, just sometimes those little

buggers get on my nerves, I never wanted to hit

someone so much in my life” Spike said a little hotly.

“Why, what happened” Buffy cooed.

“You remember that annoying guy in my

class I was telling you about” Spike asked more


“A little, what did he do” Buffy asked


“He was being a bloody wanker that’s

what he was doing, he would not shut the hell up, I

swear I got five words in all day” Spike exclaimed!

“Some people just don’t know when to quit

do they” Buffy asked?

“So anyway how was your day, pet” Spike


“Ehhhhh, it was ok I guess, I didn’t really

do all that much. I mean I went to work, after work I

went to the store because I had to get something for

dinner. After I went to the store I came home, put the

food away and cleaned a little. And I just got done

cleaning like a half hour ago” Buffy stated windily.

“Wow you really did a lot today, makes me

feel incompetent” Spike said ashamed.

“Oh honey don’t worry about it, you have a

full time job, I on the other hand have a part-time job”

Buffy explained.

“I know it’s just that you do so much

around the house and I want to help you but you don’t

let me” Spike pouted.

“Ohhh look at that lip, I just want to bite it”

Buffy said flirtatiously.

“Don’t let me stop you” Spike grinned from

ear to ear.

“Maybe later, I have to get dinner ready”

Buffy said as she stood.

“Oh all right, I have to grade some papers

anyway, so I’ll be in the living room” Spike said


“Ok have fun” Buffy said sarcastically!

“Yea Yea” Spike said as he walked into the

living room.

As Buffy watched Spike exit the kitchen she couldn’t

help but giggle.

Later that night after Spike had graded all of his

papers he went into the kitchen to help Buffy with

dinner. When he entered the kitchen Buffy was on the

phone with who he guessed was Willow.

“All right, yea, yes, I will, okay, all righty,

yea I love you too, Okay bye” Buffy said as she hung up

the phone.

Spike was a little confused only having walked in on

the last part of the conversation.

“Who was that ducks” Spike intrigued.

“My Dad” Buffy voiced.

“What’d he want” He asked softly.

“Wanted to say hi, he hasn’t seen me

since I was 14 years old” She sounded put out.

“I’m sorry Luv” He said whole heartedly.

“It’s ok, oh spike” She hinted

“Yea” He questioned?

"You Might want to get the spare bedroom ready” She said curtly!

“And why is that kitten” He sighed.

"Because he’ll be here Tuesday!!” With that

She walked out of the kitchen.

“Huh” Hesaid unsurely.

But Buffy didn’t hear him she was already out of the

room. Spike stayed glued to the spot for a couple of

minutes then he went to the spare bedroom and fixed

it up for Buffy’s Dad. He was a little unsure of meeting

her dad for the first time, he didn’t know how her dad

would react to him, he wanted to make a good

impression. But he really didn’t care what he said, he

couldn’t do anything to hurt his and Buffy’s

relationship, they were both adults over the age of 20.

After he was finished with the spare bedroom, Spike

walked around the house looking at all the pictures

they had collected over the years. There were ones

when he and Buffy were little and there were ones

form two weeks ago. Just as he was about to pick up

his favorite picture they door slammed.

“Mom, Dad we’re home” Three voices


Well this ought to be a fun week, Spike thought as he

went down to the living room.

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