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Pretty much this is a fic in which you like it or you don't. It was originally on BSC. I found from the review response most folks kept up with great reviews. that I have let you all know, please enjoy the fic! I hope that this will be one you will all enjoy.

Thanks to Meli for doing a superb job betaing the fic.
This is for my beta, Meli!. Thanks for all you help!

Chapter 1 – Something Blue

Buffy stared at the stick on the bathroom counter. It could not be true. Not possible. All she wanted was a normal life, a normal boyfriend, to finish school and to get married. Then get the house, white picket fence, and maybe have a few kids.

Hopefully by then, Faith would grow up and take over the slaying duties.

She thought a slaying duty, or some big bad would have thrown her life for a loop again.

Well at least she was not screwing around with any vampires; then again, she could not deny that she did not like her seven minutes in heaven with Spike under Willow’s spell.

She could not blame Spike or Willow on this bump in the not so normal life of Buffy.


Buffy peeked back over at the stick on the counter.

‘Yep. Still Blue.’

She shut her eyes closed tight, and prayed to the Powers That Be that the next time she opened her eyes; there would be no blue line.

‘One Mississippi, Two Mississippi…’

She peeked out one eye, and then let out a loud sigh. No change. If she was lucky, maybe the test would be wrong. Maybe it was a bad test, so it would not be possible.

Of course, of all places for her to be doing a pregnancy test, the common girls’ bathroom was not the best. Willow picked just that moment to come in and brush her teeth; it was as if the Powers were looking to teach Buffy a lesson.

“Oh my Goddess! Someone left a pregnancy test in here Buffy.”

Buffy was surprised that with all the progress Willow had made towards maturing, that she still could be so naïve.

“Um, Wills, I don’t think any one left it here.”

“Well Buffy, it didn’t get there on its own. Unless it’s yours.”

Buffy just looked at Willow with a blank face. She tried to hold back the tears, but even the Slayer could not hold back her pain. Willow quickly moved over to Buffy. She wrapped her arms around her sobbing friend for comfort.

“We’ll find a way Buffy. We’ll get through this.”

“I know Wills. It’s just, I have to tell Riley. I don’t think I want to do that until I know for sure, you know.”

“Do you want to go to the clinic? It’s open late on Thursday nights.”

“I’d like that Wills. I don’t think I could deal with the uncertainty of not knowing.”

Buffy and Willow walked back into the dorm room so they could grab their student IDs and purses. They were definitely going to need money to get some ice cream tonight. Buffy had a feeling she her comfort food would be eaten quite a bit over the next nine months.

Buffy grabbed her sweater. She was not sure if the night was cooler or if she was just getting clammy from the stress she was under.

When they left the dorm, dusk just settled in the sky. Luckily, most of the vamps did not bother to show their face on campus anymore since the Slayer protected it. The only vamp that dared show his face had left shortly after Willow’s spell. Buffy still did not understand what he expected out of her. He just kept rambling on and on about her being his mate, that it was not just a spell.

If it had not been for Angel, perhaps she would have given Spike a chance, a crumb as he had asked.

Too bad for Spike though; Angel had come through, caused his damage and left. Angel left her behind with the knowledge that her and vampire lovers are unmixy. So it was safe and boring with Riley, but at least he was normal.

She just prayed she would get used to laying on her back for him. If she had things her way, she would probably break the soldier boy because he could not handle it. Unlike Spike. Spike could handle it.

‘Then again, without that chip in his head he’d probably screw me then eat me. That’s a shame. Again that just justifies why vampire lovers and Buffy are unmixy.’

Without a care, she repressed her fond memories of her night with Spike out of her head. Well at least she tried to, until Willow spoke up.

“Buffy, if you are pregnant are you sure it’s Riley’s? I mean if you’re further along, it could be Spikes?”

Buffy’s face just dropped in shock at the thought. ‘Just be denial girl Buffy. Don’t let her go down that road. Bad thoughts.’

“No way Willow. Besides, Vampires can’t breed. There seed is dead.”

“Oh, sorry Buffy, I forgot its cold, dead seed.”

“Damn it Willow, it’s not cold!”

“Care to explain that one Buffy?”

“No, no. Sorry Wills. Just it can’t be Spikes. I would consider it if it was possible.”

“So what do you think will happen with Riley? Do you think he’ll ask you to marry him?”

“I don’t know Willow. I don’t know if I would want to marry him. Oh look, we’re here. Let’s go in and watch the Slayer get poked with a needle!”

Willow smiled at her friend’s humor. She could always tell when Buffy was trying to cover her fear up with a funny. She took Buffy’s hand and led her into the clinic.

Buffy took a quick look around to make sure no one was watching them. It was tough to see with it being dusk, and the landscaping that surrounded the area had an abundance of greenery.

She could not stand gossipers, but more important she did not want Riley finding out from his army buddies at the Initiative.

She would not have to worry about that though. In her quick glance across her area, she had missed one Mr. Riley Finn hiding in the bushes, in full army camouflage.

There he stood, mouth wide open, also hoping his Initiative buddies had not seen what he just saw.


Riley was in awe. There was only one reason his girl was going into that clinic this late at night. He’d been around campus long enough to know that.

‘Fuck. Buffy must suspect she’s pregnant.’

This was not how he had planned his life. He was supposed to have a spectacular military career, find a great girl, fall in love, get married, get the house, white picket fence and THEN have a baby.

The baby part was coming a few steps ahead too soon for him. Panic flashed through him. This would certainly affect his military career, because he would have to take into consideration his wife’s opinion when he selected his next move in the military.

He did not want a reputation for knocking up a young girl. Buffy was not a conquest for the men in the unit to brag about.

Then again, he was not sure what Buffy was to him. Yes, she had been trying to be a good girlfriend since Willow’s botched up spell. In fact too good. He could not help but have his suspicions that something more went on between his girlfriend and the master vampire.

‘Can’t happen. Couldn’t be.’ Riley mused to himself. He did not think vampires could impregnate at all, never mind a human.

One thing he did know for sure is that he loved her, even if she did not love him back. That he knew for sure. She cared for him, but she did not love him.

He would stick by her though. When the baby was born, and he found out it was not his then he would offer his help and support her; on her terms though.

That is what nagged him about his whole relationship with the Slayer. It was on her terms.

Riley sighed and made his way back to the Initiative headquarters. He would wait and see how long it would take her to come to him.

Sadly, she would come to him, but never completely with her heart.

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