Author's Chapter Notes:
Yeah I know I have several fics here already I hadn’t updated, but seeing how I haven’t written anything Spuffy in nearly 1 and ½, this is progressJ
L.A, Present day:

“What’s he doing to her?”

“Nothing from what I can see, just watching her”

“Well, move over a bit so I can get a better look.”

“He’s not going to hurt her, he couldn’t, wouldn’t.” The woman leaning against the desk, nervously nibbling at her bottom lips spoke out to the four bodies trying desperately to peer through the office windows at the two beings inside.

“You sure about that?” The man standing nearby watching ‘her’ asked with a glare.

“Yes,” She replied with a slight frown as she stared at him. “They’re connected, she’s his…” The speech, one she had mastered from repeating, was cut short by the yell coming from the office, which caused everyone outside to jump in alarm and all charge into the room. “What! What happened, is she ok?”

“Yeah, but I think she’s spoiled.” The blonde replied with his face wrinkled up.

“Oh...not so much, I mean sure we spoil her, but it’s only because she’s so cute, and sweet…”

“I meant of the rotten variety, Red.” Spike said as he moved to Buffy, and place the baby, who only gurgled in delight, in her awaiting arms.

“Oh,” Willow said with a goofy and slightly embarrassed smile on her face.

“She just needs to be changed,” Buffy said with a smile as she took the baby to the nearby sofa, grabbing her baby bag on the way, with Spike close behind her watching intensely.

“Yeah, and how do you…you know change her and all?” He asked as he stood over Buffy’s shoulder watching still. Buffy looked back up at him with a smile on her face.

“You really want to know?”

“Well yeah, think I should, you know. I mean this aint a once in a lifetime sort of thing is it?”

“No,” Buffy replied with a chuckle. “There will be plenty more poopin, burpin, spittin up, to be had.”

“Ok than I should learn the basics, so I’ll know what to do when I have her and you’re not around.” He said with a shrug of his shoulders and again Buffy smiled up at him.

“OK then, sit and you can try it. First, we take off the dirty one,” She instructed as Spike complied, opening the soiled diaper only to clamp it shut quickly.

“Oh God,” He nearly yelped and he looked at the baby in disgust and then to Buffy, who was trying hard not to laugh, as were the others standing around them. “That’s very rank, love.”

“Yes,” Wesley agreed as he placed a finger under his nose. “And it looks like you two have it well under hand, so…” The others nodded in agreement as they all one by one made their way to the exit.

“Aye…It’s not that bad!” Spike yelled after them, kind of pissed that they were implying that the baby stunk.

“Thought you just said it was.” Buffy spoke out arching a brow at him as she smirked.

“I’m allowed, she’s my kid.” He defended as Buffy’s smirk widened. “What, It’s a daddy thing.”

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