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Mexican Holiday

“Spike, it is not a holiday.”

“Course it is. Did you see all the sales and the specials the bars were having? If that doesn’t say holiday I don’t know what does.”

“Spike,” Buffy tried again, “Those are bars, they take any opportunity they can get to sell alcohol.”

“Doesn’t mean it’s not a holiday, though.”

“Okay…so, say Cinco de Mayo is a celebratable holiday—for people who don’t know any Spanish—what do you suggest we do?”

“Get drunk and have sex!”

“Do you have to be such a typical guy? I mean there are plenty of things we could do on a Friday night and you just—“

“I was just kidding, luv. Well a bit…I’ve booked up a nice hotel room down in Puebla. Thought we could make a weekend of it—got you off work for Monday as well.”

“You really…seriously?”

“Yeah, got your bag all packed and everything. Flight leaves in…oh about three hours. So we best get a move on.”

“What about work?”

“Told you, got you Monday off.”

“Right and it’s Friday—so what about today?”

“Oh, right, got you today off, too. Seems you boss—Anya is it? Seems she likes the bit of you getting away for a bit. Wouldn’t quit going on about ‘orgasm buddies’ though, so….Don’t make me talk to her again.”

”Oooh, poor Spikey,” Buffy cooed, following him as he started to leave the house, “Did Ahn scare you?”

“Shut up!” he groused, “Not right for a bird to have that much fun talking ‘bout other people’s sex lives. Especially when those ‘other people’ include me!”

“So you don’t want to be my orgasm buddy?” Buffy pretended to pout.

”Oi! I never said that!”

“Yeah,” Buffy shrugged, “I know…was fun though to get you all jumpy. So what’s the plan here?”


“For the going to Mexico-ness?”

“Oh, right. Flight from Los Angeles to Mexico City’s in few hours and takes about three, then the flight to Puebla’s about forty minutes after we land and should take round half an hour. Figure we’ll take a cab to the resort and—“

“Get drunk and have sex?” Buffy interrupted.

“Oh you!” He chased her out of the house, his loud laughter overpowering her giggles as he followed her towards the waiting cab.


“Spike, it’s gorgeous—I mean sure there are lots of drunken American guys, but still—it’s beautiful!”

“You really like it?” Spike had put a lot of though into the trip and was worried that Buffy wouldn’t actually like it as much as he hoped.

“I love it Spike,” Buffy stopped her perusal of their room and her near bouncing to turn her full attention to Spike, “Really I do. Promise. Thank you.”

“Do we really have to do the drunk thing before we do the sex thing?” Spike asked, kissed Buffy hotly, her pleasure at his little arrangement overjoying him.

“No,” Buffy answered him, but stopped him when she heard him growl as he tried to drag her against him, “But! But I want to have a look around first. You can’t just take me to this beautiful place and expect me to stay in all weekend!”

”And why not?” Spike was genuinely curious.

“That’s only acceptable for honeymoons and…maybe anniversaries.”

“What about…Engagement celebrations?”

“Spike are you going to ask me to marry you?”

“Well, I wasn’t…okay, so at some—“

“Spike! Were you? Because if you’re just trying to get me to have sex with you…”

“Can I say I’m not, but also discontinue the conversation?”

“You—you don’t want to—“

”That’s why I want to discontinue the conversation, luv. Not quite ready to be asking you that yet, but don’t want you thinking I don’t want to ask either,” he explained as gently and carefully as he could.

“You brought it up,” Buffy pointed out somewhat petulantly.

“Sorry, kitten; was just joking around—being an inconsiderate bloke.”

“Sorry for getting worked up,” Buffy apologized herself, “It’s just…well, I’m a girl.”

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way, sweetheart. Don’t worry so much, yeah?”

“I’ll try…just don’t want to freak you out is all.”

“You’re not, pet. What’s say we go have a look around at all the festivities?”

“Maybe get a drink or two?”

“You read my mind kitten. You read my mind.”


“I didn’t mean to get sick,” Buffy cried, sounding truly mad at herself.

“I know you didn’t sweetheart. I’m sorry you get sick, baby. Wanted this to be a fun trip for you.”

“And now we can’t even have sex!” she all but wailed. “There’s no way you’ll want to have sex with me now that I’m—Oh God!” Buffy broke off in a run for the bathroom, her hand over her mouth.

“Don’t you worry about that, love; you just worry about feeling better, okay. Let me go get you something to drink, maybe some ginger ale, that sound good?”

“Can you…can you just sit with me for a minute and then go?” Buffy asked, wiping a few tears from her eyes. She hated being sick, throwing up especially. “Please?”

“I’ll stay with you as long as you want, Buffy. Just wanted to get something to make you feel better.”

“You make me feel better,” she told him. “That’s all I need right now.”

“I’m here as long as you need; and I’ll get whatever you want me to, whenever you want me to.”

“Oh!” Buffy suddenly thought of something. “You brought your computer with, right?”

“Yeah…brought a few movies too…wasn’t sure what kind of telly they’d have.”

“That TV thing will work down here, right?”

“Should, yeah. Supposed to work everywhere. Why?’

“Can we…can we watch Supernatural again? Please?”

Spike started to point out that she’s already watched it three times since the night before, the finale of her favorite show, but instead just answered, “Anything you want, luv. Though, I’m going to start getting jealous of that bloke soon.”

“Which one? Sam or Dean?”

“Dean….Sam’s too…too, well, just Dean.”

“Aww, don’t be jealous of him, sweetie—I just like the fact that he’s all emotional and intense and stuff—and he’s freakin’ sexy!”

“Hey!” Spike objected loudly.

“Oh come on…that episode...and the one with the girl…just you have to admit that—“

“I am not going to admit that they’re ‘pretty boys’, love!” Spike insisted vehemently.

“But you’ll let me think so?”

“Long as I’m the one you’re spending the night with—body and mind.”

“Always, Spike, always.”

“Then let’s watch your pretty boys, yeah? Want something to drink first? I’ll run go get it then set up the computer.”

“Would you?” Buffy asked, loving how sweet he was to her.

“Sure thing. Will just take a minute or two.”

“Thank you.”


When Spike came back with two bottles of chilled Sprite, Buffy was piled up on the Queen sized bed, in just a t-shirt of his and a pair of panties.

“Here, luv. I’ll have you set in just a tick.”

“Thank you, Spike,” Buffy said gratefully as she pulled the blankets around herself and snuggled into the bed.

“Really not a problem, pet. Just want you to feel better.”

“I love you, Spike,” He’d set up the computer on the dresser, taking the remote and handing it to her while he undressed.

“Love you too, pet. Now, ready to start it?” Spike asked after switching off the light and climbing in bed next to her.

“Yep,” Buffy rested her head on his shoulder, feeling horrible but also feeling better just for having Spike with her

They settled in to watch the television show, Spike actually enjoying himself more than he would let on. He always pretended to hate the show while secretly enjoying it. What he didn’t know, was that Buffy knew he liked it and loved that he was willing to watch it with her every week.

“I can’t wait until it comes back in September,” she gushed during one of the dialogue-less moments.

”Me either, kitten, me either.”

“And Spike?”


“Happy Cinco de Mayo.”

“Happy Cinco de Mayo to you too, sweets.”


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