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Chapter Notes: This is the first Spuffy fan fiction I've ever written so I hope you like it.
Buffy smiled. Spike had saved the world, she was so proud of him.
“Hello, the world calling Buffy”, Dawn said. “We asked you a question.”
“Oh, right”, Buffy said. “Um, I don’t know. First of all we need to get the girls to a hospital… and me.” She looked down on the wound on her stomach and suddenly she could feel the pain. She sunk down on the ground.
“Ow”, she said but that was a huge understatement. Buffy wanted to scream but she was the slayer and she didn’t want to worry the others. Wait a minute, she wasn’t the slayer, she was a slayer she realized. Of course, there was Faith before but Buffy still considered herself to be alone because Faith had been in prison and everything. Dawn sat down by Buffy’s side and looked at the wound.
“It doesn’t look good”, she said and made a grimace.
“It doesn’t feel good either”, Buffy said. Dawn helped her to her feet and they went to the bus. Everyone took a seat and Giles started the bus and they were on their way.

Spike landed on a hard floor and he moaned.
“Is this hell?” he asked to himself and looked up. There was a young woman by his side and she was smiling.
“No Spike, this isn’t hell”, she said and helped him up. He was wearing the same clothes he had worn when he sacrificed himself for the world. Spike looked at them in surprise.
“But they burned”, he said and the woman laughed.
“So did you”, she said. “I am a messenger from the Powers that Be.”
“Oh yeah? What do they want?”
“We are bringing you back.” Spike just stared at her.

Spike walked into the hospital room with a bouquet of flowers. Buffy was lying in the bed reading a magazine.
“Hello love, how are you feeling?” Spike asked and Buffy lowered the magazine and looked at him in shock.
“Okay, so now I know that I’m sleeping”, she said.
“So you’re dreaming about me, pet? I’m flattered.” He laid down the flowers on her stomach.
“But I can feel the flowers”, Buffy said and held them up to her nose. “And I can smell them.” She pinched herself hard on the arm and yelped. Then her eyes widened in shock again.
“I’m back”, Spike said softly.
“But how can this be possible?” Spike pulled a chair to the bed and sat down.
“The Powers that Be brought me back somehow. A messenger told me that I wasn’t supposed to die, or dust or whatever that day.”
“But the amulet”, Buffy said. “The lost necklace of Elizabeth Taylor… someone had to wear it.”
“Angel was supposed to stay and wear it. The Powers didn’t expect you to send him away.”
“I still don’t understand why they brought you back… not that I’m not happy. I’m just so shocked about all this; I still think I’m dreaming.”
“Apparently I have some great thing to do in the future”, Spike said. “But the Powers that bloody Be sent us a mission too.”
“What?” Buffy asked.
“To kill Angel.” Buffy stared at him.
“Is this a joke?” she asked.
“No, he will do something that will alter the balance between good and evil and make the world fall apart”, Spike said. “That’s what the messenger said.”
“This is just too much for me”, Buffy said. “I need to rest.”
“I’ll go”, Spike said and started to get up from the chair.
“No”, Buffy said quickly. “Stay, if I let go off you one more time…” Spike sat down again and took Buffy’s hand. Buffy soon fell asleep; she had barely slept since the day Sunnydale sank down into the big hole. But with Spike holding her hand she could relax.

Willow walked into Buffy’s room in the hospital and stood dumbstruck in the door opening. She looked at a familiar back, bleached hair and a long, black duster.
“Spike?” she said in disbelief and he turned around.
“Oh, hi Willow”, he said and smiled. “Before you say anything I just want to say that you’re not dreaming.”
“Okay”, Willow said and looked around not sure what to say or do. “Did you manage to escape somehow or…? Buffy said you died.”
“I did but the Powers that Be decided to bring me back. We can talk about it later when Buffy has finished her sleeping marathon.” Willow nodded.
“Can I tell Giles and the others that you’re back?” she asked and Spike nodded. “Okay then.” Willow walked out of the room and closed the door.

Buffy slowly waked up wondering where she was and who was holding her hand. She opened her eyes and it all came back to her.
“Spike”, she whispered.
“I’m here love”, Spike answered and squeezed her hand a little.
“We must talk with the messenger. There must be another way than killing Angel.”
“Of course, I’ll try to find a way to contact the messenger, Willow can help.”
“Thank you”, Buffy said.
“Just promise me something”, Spike said.
“If we see Angel, please don’t smooch him again.” Buffy laughed
“I promise”, she said. “I won’t go all smoochy with Angel, at least not when you are watching.” Buffy grinned.
“You are one mean woman Buffy Summers”, Spike said and laughed.
“Yes I am, that’s why I keep saving the world”, Buffy said and smiled.
“To be fair, pet, I saved the world this time.”
“But you died.”
“You’ve died twice too if I can remember correctly”, Spike said and smirked.
“Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that”, Buffy said.
“I’ll go and get something to drink”, Spike said. “Coming back from hell makes you really thirsty.”
“You were in hell?” Buffy looked terrified.
“Yeah, I don’t really want to talk about it though. I’ll see you later okay?”
“Yeah, go and get some rest, I assume you haven’t been sleeping.”
“Not really, no”, Spike said and walked out of the room.
Buffy didn’t have to be alone for long because soon Willow entered.
“Hi Buffy”, she said. “How are you feeling?”
“Numb and shocked”, Buffy answered. “You’ll never be able to guess what’s happened!”
“Spike is back.”
“Okay, so I guess you will be able to guess.”
“I came in earlier when you were asleep”, Willow said and smiled. “I’ve told the others.”
“What did the say?” Buffy asked looking worried.
“They were shocked, Xander wasn’t too happy.”
“Oh come on, Spike saved the world and Xander still holds grudges?”
“I don’t think it’s really about that”, Willow said. “I think that he finds it unfair, you know, you getting Spike back and…”
“Anya’s still dead”, Buffy finished the sentence and looked sad. “We all miss her; it’s not my fault that Spike’s back and Anya’s not.”
“I know”, Willow said. “Buffy, I know.”

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