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Summary: Spike's snooping around in Buffy's basement when he makes an interesting discovery. But he's Spike so of course he doesn't react normally...

Set in a semi-altered Season Five (because I can never seem to keep things quite canon); sometime around or after "LIstening to Fear".
Rated: 18
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Published: 07/27/2006 Updated: 07/27/2006

1. Chains and Fun by Suzee [Reviews - 14] Liked (1892 words)
This was for Manda as part of my drabble request on LJ a while back.

And anyone interested in that fic preview group that I *might* do-email me at suzeefic@gmail.com and let me know if you'd prefer a yahoo group or LJ community--then I can email everyone once I've decided what it is I'm going to do :)