Walking in your shoes by Omaira

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Chapter Notes: Ok...this is my first fic on this site, so please be nice.
In response to challenge #230 by MovingBox at Bloodshed verse.

Challenge: By a lucky streak Drusilla (or a minion) intercepts a delivery for the Mayor. The result: Drusilla gets her hands on the gizmo Faith used in canon season four to switch bodies with Buffy. Now Drusilla has a delightful idea how to get her daddy back and switches bodies with Buffy. While Buffy-suit! Drusilla goes after Angel, Drusilla-suit! Buffy has a big problem. If she goes to the Scoobies they will just believe Drusilla has a really insane episode and stake her. Her only hope is to play Spike as Drusilla to get him help her back in her body.

- slow Angel
- Drusilla impersonating Buffy for a time
- Buffy impersonating Drusilla for a time
- back switching between Drusilla and Buffy
- Buffy having to deal with the experience

Can Have:
- Angel bashing
- Spuffy mating/claims
- Buffy-suit! Drusilla turning

Chapter 1

She ran fast trying to catch the vampire that fled the scene as soon as he saw her. She didn’t even know where the hell she was running, the only thoughts in her head were catch and stake, but to her disappointment the vamp was nowhere in sight. Still, she kicked the door leading to the roof open and cautiously walked forward. She could hear distant voices so she walked closer to the source.

“Do you remember the song mummy used to sing me? Pretty.” Buffy heard a female voice just before she reached the edge of the roof.

“I remember.” She heard a male voice reply, that voice was so familiar to her ears, yet she couldn’t quite put her finger on who it was…until she saw him. He was dressed in his usual attire, and from the angle that she was standing from she could see the shame his face was displaying.

“Yes, you do.” She heard the woman say in return. She studied the slim figure of a woman dressed in white. She was beautiful, Buffy didn’t deny that, her raven hair fell gently around her face, but even thought her features were soft and almost angelic, she could feel that there was so much more to her.

“Drusilla, leave here. I'm offering you that chance. Take Spike and get out.” Angel said almost through greeted teeth. Buffy listened in more carefully when Angel mentioned Spike. Why would Angel of all people, or well creatures want Spike to leave town unharmed, after that thing tried to kill her and her friends. More and more questions recked her brain, yet no answers. Her mind skipped the part where Angel told her to take Spike and get out

“Or you'll hurt me?” The girl asked, her voice was more amused than fearful, it was as if she already knew what the real pain was, and whatever he did now wouldn’t measure up to what she’s been through in the past. Buffy’s conclusions were confirmed when Angel looked down at the ground avoiding the girl’s eyes.

“No. No, you can't. Not anymore.” She said and tilted her head slightly to the side.

“If you don't leave, it'll go badly. For all of us.” Angel tried to reassure her, but she seemed to avoid this topic.

“My dear boy's gone all away, hasn't he? To her.” She said, making Buffy wonder but thankfully Angel asked the question.

“Who?” He questioned.

“The girl. The Slayer.” Drusilla clarified. That’s when Buffy’s warning signs started going off. She knew about Slayers, she knew Spike, and was having more or less civil conversation with Angel, which only led her to one conclusion…vampire.

“Your heart stinks of her. Poor little thing.” She said in a coy tone as she put her hand on his chest

“This can't go on, Drusilla. It's gotta end.” Angel said and she tilted her head and reached up for a kiss.

“Oh, no, my pet. This is just the beginning.” She replied and pulled away without kissing and gave him an evil smile. She kept her head turned to him as she slowly walked away.

Buffy watched Angel leave seconds after Drusilla walked away. She took a deep breath, and tried to gather her thoughts. She didn’t know how to react to this little meeting that she saw. Maybe she should be angry with Angel, or jealous of this Drusilla, who ever she was they seemed awfully close.
She decided to leave it for now and research her suspicions in the morning.

Buffy burst through library doors as if she was chased by the devil.
“Morning Buffy, is everything alright?” asked Giles as he tore his eyes away from the book and looked at his slayer.

“Yeah, peachy. Umm can you help me find some info on someone, without any questions?”

“Sure, particularly who would you like me to research?” He asked as he stood up from the chair and closed the book.

“Name’s Drusilla or something like that, umm most likely a vampire. Can you please just dig through some books and I’ll come back at lunch time…. please”

“Well, ofcourse, but wouldn’t it be easier to ask Angel for help, he’s the one that might have more information on vampires”

“I would rather keep Angel and others for that matter out of it. This is between you and me. Ok”

“If that’s what you wish.” He finally said in defeat.

“Thanks Giles” She said with a sweet smile and exited the library.

From then on it was basically a regular daily routine, well that was until Ford showed up. Buffy was glad to see him, and maybe, just maybe she could make Angel jealous. After seeing him with that Drusilla chick Buffy started wondering if Angel really loved her, she was what, only 16 turning 17 a baby compared to his age. Sides he’s seen and been with women that were probably much prettier than her in his long existence. The whole jealousy thing was childish, and she knew it, but it was something. After making plans of meeting at the Bronze later on with Willow, Xander and Ford, she went back to the library to see how the research was going.

“Any progress?” Buffy asked walking into Giles’s office.

“I have some information that I’ve written out for you. It’s over there. But I’ll save you time decoding my handwriting. Drusilla is unlike average evil vampire, she’s quite mad as her sire drove her insane, before turning her. There’s quite a lot of information about her prior to her turning but I doubt that it is relevant to what you want to know. The fascinating fact is that she’s believed to be a seer with some psychic abilities, however there isn’t a lot on that. She’s been a sometime paramour of Spike's, but she was killed by an angry mob in Prague” Giles finished and took of his glasses to give them a nice polish.

“Interesting…. Listen Giles I gotta go, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Alright then” Giles said and turned his attention back to the book that he was reading.


“Master” The fledgling yelled out as he ran through the factory with a small box I his hand.

“My dark prince is not here” Came Drusilla’s soothing voice as she stepped out from the shadows.

“Mistress” The fledgling said and bowed before her.

“Did you bring princess a present?” She asked eyeing the box.

“Well…uh…Master Spike…” The fledgling hesitated, but seeing Drusilla’s eyes sparkle with madness he quickly handed her the box.

“What is it deary?” She questioned as she took out a strange looking metal object.

“I’m not quite sure, but from what I heard it could be very useful to defeat the Slayer”

“How did you come to posses it?” Drusilla asked still not taking her eyes off of the metal thing in her hand.

“One of the Mayors men had it guarded by a demon downtown. Threw a few punches, he did. But here I am with a gift for the beautiful princess” He said with a small smile and bowed once again.

“I like your gift my dear boy” She whispered and closed the distance between them, her lips covered his, but a few seconds later the fledgling pulled away.

“Master Spike would…” He began but her index finger silenced him

“Your loss pet” She said and pulled out one of the wooden sticks that held her hair in an up do and shoved it into the fledgling’s heart.

“Night, night” She said with a pout, which then split into an evil grin as she grabbed the box and waltzed towards her room to music that only she could hear.

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