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Chapter Notes: OK GUYS... my first attempt EVER at Writing anything like this.. any Pointers r welcome.. i love support .. tell me if i should continue
By Spike4buffy
Disclaimer: I Do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s all Joss'. He is a God. This is just for FUN :) Simply for fan entertainment

" Are you kidding?" Spike said as he came down the stairs cursing at his Father. " Oh Spike! I didn't see you there".
" Please tell me I didn't just bloody hear what I thought I heard!"
" Don't raise your voice with me". Giles said shaking his finger at his 17-year-old son.
" Don't you tell me not to raise my bloody voice. How the hell did u expect me to react!”? Spike said walking towards his father " I mean I knew you got a job at some bloody Boarding school but I didn't bloody think I’d have to go there"

"Spike calm down. It's a very good school. It'll be a new experience for you" Giles said trying to calm his son down. " I thought it would be for the best, I mean after that mess of a relationship with Dru I figured a new start is just what we both needed". Giles saw Spike Physically start to calm down after the mention of Dru.
Spike new his father was right. After Dru Spike couldn't get further away from London. " Fine. Not like I have any say in it anyway. Where we moving?"

"Umm. Well actually. I think you'll like it there, it's Umm" Giles hesitated not knowing how his son would react" It's ahhh Sunnydale"
" Sunnydale? I haven't heard of a town named that in England" Spike asked suspiciously.
" Umm that's because it's in California. It's in America" Giles was preparing to put his hands over his ears.
" Calm down William"
" It's SPIKE. How many times do I have to tell you its SPIKE!”?
" Spike it's an excellent school and the town is very nice. Besides you have no choice. YOU ARE COMING WITH ME!"
Spike figured it's not worth the fight *you know he'll just use all the stuff I’ve gotten into to trouble for against me. Bloody Poff*
"When are we goin?"
" Ahhh, 2 days actually"
"Well I guess I better go pack"


"Romeo, Romeo where for ought thy Romeo. Deny thy father and refuse thy na...UGHHHH. Crap. Will I’m not ganna get this"
" Yes you will. Buff you're the best actress I’ve seen you'll get the lines down pat. Down pat. What does that mean anyway? Oh. Sorry off topic you'll BE FINE"
Buffy new she would get the lines eventually. Buffy was the Best Actress at SBS also known as Sunnydale Boarding School. Buffy was sent to SBS when she was 13 after her mother died, her Father wanted her gone so he sent her to a boarding school a good 2 hours away. Buffy didn't like to think about her Father and her past

"Oh God. The new principals ganna be here tomorrow. Yikes"
" I actually heard he's a really great Principal"
" EWWWWWWWWWW. Someone’s got a crush"
" HAHA. Very funny Xander " Willow said as her other best friend walked into her room.
Xander actually was one of the few who choose to come to SBS. His Father was a Drunk and Hit he and his mother. So when He was old enough Xander got a job to pay for him going to SBS.
" Apparently he’s son's moving here with him" Xander commented while Buffy was walking around practicing her lines.
"He's Son? He has a son,” Buffy said secretly hoping he was hot

" Yep. Apparently a real rebel from what I’ve heard" Willow told as she was entering her closet.
"What do you mean from what you've heard?" Xander said worryingly. Will knows the only people who knew that kind of stuff weren't the kind of people you wanted to be around.
"Back in the day I used be the look out for Amanda while she smoked".
" You Rebel" Xander thought grinning
"What can I say I’m bad to the bone. So yeah I asked Amanda if she knew about him all she said was rebel".
*Cool. Maybe he'll bring some excitement to the school and possibly some abs. Ewe Buffy bad thoughts already and you haven't even seen him*
" Well I’m Excited" Cordellia called out from the hall as she was walking back to her room.
"He's a major hotty and all the girls are sluttying up for him. But don't worry Buffy you won't have to. You look slutty enough with what you're wearing" Cordellia said as she walked off to her room.

*It's Not slutty is it* Buffy was wearing a Straight leg black jeans with a White T-Shirt with The Romones Printed on it with her long Brown hair down. * Nope not at all. I don't think. They’re all just jealous that they don't have a signed The Clash Vinyl Record. Yep that's it* Buffy told herself as she left to get good nights sleep. Tomorrow was clean-up day for the New Principal. Rumor was there was going to be a surprise inspection from the Principal when he arrived and let's just say Buffy's room wasn't up to standards as Principal Snyder had told her repeatedly. * It really is too bad he's retiring tomorrow. NOT. HEHE*"


"Spike. Spike where here" Giles said while hitting his son to stand up
" Yeah. Yeah I’m coming" Spike slurred. Amazingly he half fell asleep while listening to The Sex Pistols.
After they got off the plane and grabbed there baggage they went down the escalator to see a sign saying " GILES".
"Guess that's us then Da" Spike stated the obvious.
"Umm Hello I’m Rupert Giles your here for us?" He asked they young looking man who seemed to be preoccupied with something else.
" Oh. Yes. Hi. I'm Andrew. I'm the Assistant Principal at SBS. Sorry about zoning off I just realised I was missing a repeat of. Star trek its where...." Andrew stopped as he noticed both of the Giles' were looking extremely bored.

"Umm. Never mind. Onto SBS."
"So Andrew right. Whats the sitch with the living conditions?" Spike wondered *if I’m going to a bloody Boarding school I want to have my own room in a dorm. Don’t want to be stuck living with Da. Plus My own room plus girls with their own rooms near by equal good in my books*
"Well there is a house for you and you're father or Spike you could have a room in the Dorms"
" Dorms" Spike accidentally yelled
"House" Giles stated
" Come on Da it's ganna be hard enough with my Da being the principal but livin' with him's a bit much don't you think".
"Well. I suppose"
"So Andrew do tell me how are the Dorms Operated?" Giles asked thinking of all the trouble his son could get into.

" Well the School is one huge giant building and the second floor on the East side is the boys rooms and the Third Floor on the Eats side is Girls. On each floor there is a separate Bathroom for Boys and Girls. And that leaves the fourth floor that is unisex"
"What. Unisex are you serious that doesn't sound right".
*Sounds perfectly right to me Da*

" Well that's only for the Children whose parents give them permission to be there. Don't worry there’s 2 beds in each room and no room is boy and girl only boy/boy or girl/girl" Andrew Clearly stated he didn't want to be in trouble already he had only had this job for two months and Snyder had already yelled at him many times for conversing with the students. Especially a group he branded the Scoobies. Nice Kids. * I don't know what Snyder’s problem is I’m only 4 years older then them*
"Spike which floor do you want?' Giles asked already knowing the answer
*Is he serious what does he bloody think* " umm I wouldn't mind the fourth floor so I can get to know boys and girls not just hang with Boys". * Wow that made sense*
"Well I suppose that would be ok. Andrew can we work that out?"
"Sure we can" Andrew said without remembering there was a small situation.


Now I want all of you sniveling Rats to be on you're best behaviour. Remember stuff this up and you'll have me for another year". Snyder Stated
Everyone gulped at that. No one wanted that. I mean no one.

"God I love his little peep talks. I'm ganna miss them" Xander said while he started to fake cry.
"Shut up, Harris!" he turned around to of course see Angel glaring at him.
"Oh I’m sorry you're Majesty" Xander bowed at him not even realising Angel was rolling up his fist. Not until it was too late anyway Xander fell to the ground in pain. Angel had winded him.
"Fuck Off, Angel" Buffy said angrily as her and Willow went to help Xander.
"Oh, I know you don't mean it honey" he said as he tried to caress her cheek while laughing.
"F-Off Angel get over yourself like your God's Gift to man"

"I'll take him to the nurse Buffy". Willow said
"No. It’s cool Will I know how much you want to be in the good books with the Principal and missing the Assembly wouldn't be a good start. I'll take him"
"Oh. Ok Thanks Buffy. And Xand try to breath. HE-He-Hoo."
"Will, he’s not pregnant"
"Oh Right. Sorry"
"Come on Xand" she said as she made her way to the nurses office on the second floor on the West Wing. As she was walking past a large glass window she noticed a car * Must be the new Principal* she thought then out popped Spike * Woooooooooooo. Hotty on Patrol. Shit that must be his son, great maybe I should have picked out something sluttier for the Bronze tonight. OH well. Maybe he'll be impressed with my charms. YEAH right*


"Were here,” Andrew Charmingly said
*Woo nice lookin Joint*
SBS Was built 80 years ago and was once owned by a Governor it had 60 bedrooms in the wings. So all together there were about 116 students at SBS but today it’s 117. As Spike hoped out of the car he followed Andrew through large French doors and then out through the back French doors. Spike was shocked as he went out the back. He was also amazed less then twenty meters down a path was a large open swimming pool. Spike rarely went swimming in London so this could be interesting.

"Oh don’t worry about your bags the maids will put them in the house for now. OHHH...." Andrew said looking at his clock. " Were late. All the students are in the assembly Hall waiting to meet you so lets head in".
"Shut your mouth you buffoons. Now Today. Hey Mr. Abett spit out that Gum. Now today we have your new principal here. I would like to introduce MR. Rupert Giles. Give him a welcome hand”. As Giles walked up on the stage he insisted on bringing Spike with him. * Oh no the bloody pooftas ganna embarrass me in front of the whole school. Great just what I need*

" Ahhh. Thank you. It's an Honor to be you're new Principal and I’m sure at least 25% of you will get along fine with me" that got him a laugh" Yes well before I get to the boring Business stuff some o f you may have heard that I was bringing my son with me well this is William who will be starting school here in 2 days" As soon as Spike stepped in the spotlight just about every girls heart jumped out of their chest. They were all in love. Of course Spike was very hot. He had his own interesting look. He was wearing a Long Black Duster and trademark Cross Necklace.

After his dad finished introducing himself and William. Spike went and sat down to look out over the crown. He could already see the groups. In the Front To the right were the Popular Cheerleaders by the looks of them * they look easy* Spike thought to himself Then to the Left of them were the Jocks *Poofs* He just hopped they didn't play Water Polo and shaved their Backs and Chest *EWW*.

Then The back where the rebels and Goths * Hmm Looks like that’s where I’m heading, I’ve already done that scene what else is there* Then up the front were the Geeks and Nerds *Skip them* But right in-between the Nerds and the jocks were a few maybe a dozen average kids who didn't look like they had a group. *Maybe I’ll give that scene a try. I'm kind of sick of the Goth Peeps* Spike kept looking everywhere but couldn't find any girl that tickled his fancy. * Looks like this may be a sad year for poor old William*


"I'll Take care of him now Miss Summers, you better get back to you're room. Surprise inspection remember,” said Miss Calendar the school Nurse. Mrs. Calendar or Jenny was an attractive 30 something year-old women. With Short brown hair and a cute smile.
" Oh Yeah. RIGHT. Thanks Jenny. I'll cya later Xander" Buffy said while practically sprinting out the door.
*Someone forgot about the Inspection* Thought Jenny


*CRAP, CRAP, CRAP, CRAP* Buffy repeated in her head while she ran to her room. She had gotten so caught up on her Favorite Bands website last night waiting for their new song that she forgot about the inspection.
Then just as Buffy was turning around the Corner to run up the stairs she crashed into someone. *Someone with a Nice chest* Buffy thought while falling to the ground.
"Crap I am SO sorry" she said while picking up her books.
"In a hurry luv?" Spike said trying to get a look at this girl * was she at the assembly cause' I think I would have remembered someone that gorgeous* He thought while helping her pick up her books.

"Oh Yeah. Umm it's the ...........AHHH..." Buffy couldn't speak when she looked into this man's beautiful blue eyes and noticed he’s gorgeous lips. Just then Willow called out.
" Buff, hurry you're rooms next!"
"Oh Crap, I got to go my rooms a mess" Buffy said while running up the stairs.
Spike was intrigued by this girl and wanted to see what all the commotion was about so he went running up after her.


"AH, next Miss Summers. Miss Summers? Is she here?" Giles said looking around for her.
"Yes, Yes I’m here sorry" Buffy said while puffing from running up the stairs.
"Ah. Nice to meet you, Miss Summers. Now let's get started shall we".
"Um Mr. Giles. Let's just say one's room wasn't quite up to standards what would happen to this person?" Buffy said worrying. Usually she remembered the Inspections and had time to take down all her posters and clean up.
Just as they were entering Buffy's room Spike appeared.

"Ahh. William what are you doing here?"
"Well i figured if I’m ganna move in here i should check out how the rooms look" Spike said * that sounded Believable* Spike just really wanted to know this girl.
"Is that alright with you Miss Summers?"
"Uhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah and please just call me Buffy"
"Very Well Buffy. Let's go"
*OH NO. Not only is the principal going to yell, he's hot son is ganna see my entire room. He’ll probably think I’m a freak. After all i am the only one in this dame school who listens to The Sex Pistols*
As Buffy opened the door Spike stood there shocked. Buffy’s room almost was like everyone else’s except Buffy cared about decorating. There wasn't a blank piece of wall anywhere. It was completely covered with posters of The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones and many other bands. Spike was still in shock. * Who is this girl? She's Perfect*

"Buffy you are aware that you are not allowed to have this many posters right and that the bed has to be made everyday" Giles commented
"Yes I’m sorry Mr. Giles it's just well, these bands are classics. At least i don't have a room filled with posters of Brad Pitt Half-Naked or Pamela Anderson. These are Classics. Look this posters even signed by ACDC" Buffy pleaded
"Miss Summers that may be true. But I’m afraid you're going to have to remove some of them."
"Ok" Buffy said realizing she was defeated.
"Spike maybe you could help Buffy here remove some of her posters" Giles said looking at his son for confirmation.
"Sure. Why not got nothin' better to do" Spike said trying to hide the glee in his voice

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