It was brought to my attention by a reader, whom I must thank, because without you guys looking out for this I wouldn't know. They stated that they thought that a fic called 'Let's get Naughty' was stolen from another fic written for a different fandom. They supplied me with links and one story is clearly taken from the other. I contacted both authors, both claim to be the original author. So I had to go by posting dates, let's get Naughty was posted here 11/20/2007, and the other author posted the fic 04-04-05. So I'm sorry but The one posted here will be removed and the author's account with be deleted. This one actually bothered me a bit because the author's seemed so sincere, so this was tough in that regard. However, I won't let my personal feelings play a role in this, I'll have to let the evidence speak for itself and so below, I've posted the Edgehead fic, and below it you'll find a link to a pic of the other story as well as a link to go directly to the story. It is really only a couple of paragraphs, but since it is word for word, save the names of the characters, it is plagairism, and we all should know the rules on that by now.

Friday night was Bronze night!

Buffy, Tara, and Willow entered the club and went straight to their table. Xander and Anya were already there and they waved as the girls sat down

“Where’s Captain Peroxide?” Xander asked with a little digust in his voice…he still didn’t like the idea that Buffy and Spike were together.

Buffy gave him a little smile. “Believe me, he’ll be here soon.”

*** ***

Spike lay comfy on the couch and watched a movie as his cellphone rang. He stood up and pulled it out of his coat pocket, flipping it open. It was an SMS from Buffy. Spike didn’t want to go out that night, because there was a horror marathon on TV and he wanted to watch it.

As he read the message he grinned. It seems she doesn’t like it when I watch TV, he thought. He closed the phone and went back to the couch. This time she would have to do more than just one SMS with `I miss you, wish you were here´. **Thoughts can be in italics.**

*** ***

One hour had gone by since she wrote him the message, and he still hadn’t shown up. Maybe he couldn’t hear his cellphone! Buffy thought and began to dial his number.


“Where are you?” asked Buffy desolate

“At home…but I thought you knew that?” Spike answered mockingly

Buffy looked around in the dark club. “I miss you, baby!”

“Miss you, too. Tell you what; how about you come home and we snuggle up on the couch and watch the classic Dracula movie together?” He hoped she would come running as fast as she could.

Buffy sexed up her voice. “Nope! I had something naughty in mind when I wrote that message, and I´m afraid it will only work here!”

“Really? What do you have in mind?” Spike couldn’t hide his curiosity.

“Meet me on the balcony in half an hour and I’ll show you,” Buffy said and hung up.

*** ***

He made it to the Bronze in record time. As he entered the club, he saw Xander, Anya, and Willow on the dance floor, but Buffy was nowhere to be seen. Slowly, he made his way upstairs and leaned against the railing.

He felt her behind him and turned around.

She was wearing a short, low-cut, black minidress with spaghetti straps. The clingy material hugged the lush curves of her body.

“Hey, sweetie!” she said and moved in front of him. One of her hands rested on his leg, and she noticed happily that his cock was stiffening in his pants. After a few moments, Buffy leaned over to whisper in his ear. Her right hand, meanwhile, crawled up his thigh.

Spike moaned as her hand covered his erection. He wondered what kind of game she wanted to play.

“Ummm….this is going to sound really forward,” she whispered, her tongue flicking briefly inside his ear. “But.would you like me to….suck you off?” Her fingers gently squeezed the head of his penis.

He just looked into her eyes. He couldn’t believe his ears. Was she really offering to suck his cock right there in a crowed club?

“You heard me,” murmured Buffy, smiling wickedly and rubbing his cock. “I want to suck you off. Call it a whim. Don’t worry, no one will see. We can go over there in that dark corner.”

“Uhhhh….,” he groaned, looking around. His brain was quickly being bypassed by her pleasant stroking of his rigid cock. What was the worst that could happen? “Uhhh, sure…sure, let’s get going.”

Buffy pushed him into the corner and pressed him against the wall as she attacked his mouth. The kiss was dominant, letting him know she was in charge.

The kiss went on as she began to struggle with his belt. She undid his pants and slid them down off his hips. His cock was engorged with blood, throbbing insistently. She dropped down onto her knees and slid her fingers around his aching shaft, slowly stroking it as she looked around the balcony. Her cool fingers felt marvelous against his sensitive flesh. Satisfied that nobody was looking, she winked at him and ducked her head.

Spike stifled a gasp as Buffy’s tongue slowly encircled the circumcized head of his cock. Not wanting to waste too much time and run the risk of being caught, she slid her lips down over the head and quickly engulfed him in her warm, wet mouth. Her head began to bob up and down, taking him deeper in her mouth, until her lips slid down all the way to the base, the knob of his cock head lodged in her throat.

He moaned softly as she sucked him, the warm suction of her mouth pure heaven. The excitement of the scene, being serviced by his beautiful girl - surrounded by unsuspecting passengers - all of it conspired to send his arousal swirling out of control. Too soon, he felt his balls tingle. Buffy nursed hungrily on his penis, her right hand sliding between his thighs and lightly teasing his balls with her fingernails. His hand rested on her head, gently guiding her as her steady rhythm rapidly brought him to the brink.

“Oh, God!” he whispered, his hips lurching upward as he buried his cock deep in her mouth. He pulsed heavily in her mouth, and she sucked greedily as he emptied himself in copious spurts of lukewarm, thick semen.

“Mmm!” she hummed happily as his sperm filled her mouth, her lips pursed tightly around his thick shaft to keep from losing any. She held it in her mouth, waiting patiently for him to finish, then she slowly raised her head and smiled at him.

He watched, amazed, as she deliberately swallowed, making a little face as his cum slid down her throat. She reached up with her hand and gathered a rivulet of his sperm from below her lower lip, and slowly licked it from her finger.

He pulled her up and kissed her. “That was fantastic, luv!
I’m glad I came here.”

Buffy smiled. “Me, too!”

The End!

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