Author's Chapter Notes:
This is my first attempt at writing Spuffy. There will be OOC (at least I am upfront about it), there will be confusions, there will be repetition. But I hope there will also be fun to be had.

Thank Tanit for the fact that you aren't covering your eyes in fear of my ramblings. She is trying to steer me on the right path. (You should have seen how the pages bled, blushed and burned).

For now the rating is 18, but later on it will probably rise.
Somewhere in the Nothingness, The Mother did what she always did: looked after her offspring – the Universe. She projected whatever image of herself she wished; this time it was the figure of a young human girl with luscious curves and long raven hair, her attire reminiscent of those worn by the figures in the murals on the halls of Minos’ Palace in Crete: a long dress which left her chest exposed. For the first time in what seemed like centuries (but what are centuries to Forever if not a blink of an eye?) she felt a familiar presence.

“I’m bored and tired,” said the Entity.

“Tired? That’s interesting. Tell me… did you take mortal form again and start your mischief? I was not aware of it!”The Mother really tried to look put out, but her rising excitement and gentle smile weren’t going along with that. It always seemed like he could bring out the giddiest parts of her, belying her long list of titles that ranged from stern, to chaste, to vengeful.

“Oh, come on, like you haven’t been ogling my essence all this time, hmmm?” With a raised eyebrow, The Father looked every bit like Q from the Earth show Star Trek, complete with Starfleet uniform, blue eyes and pouty lips.

“Not everything is about you, you know. Someone has to take care of this Universe and see that it doesn’t implode… And since you’ve been running around interfering with everything and everyone your heart desired I had to do it all on my lonesome. And since when are you flirting with that no-good Aphroditi?” Now she really was starting to be put out!

“Ha! Told you! You are jealous! And come on, I didn’t even lay a breeze on her.”

“But you did speak to her. Disguised as Ares of all Gods.” No reason to tell him war gods were the incarnations she liked most about him, he had a high enough opinion of himself as it was.

“I love it when you’re all riled up. Wanna make a star together? Or maybe even a black hole?” He sauntered closer to her, eyes ablaze and lustful, trailing his fingers ever so slightly over the top of her dress, sending shivers up and down her spine – ‘Damn him and his eons of experience!’ “Is that why you appear so… open and inviting?” His gaze that could melt ice planets was fixated on her exposed and highly erect nipples.

“I just felt like it and don’t you dare try and seduce me into being fine with you frolicking with lesser-Gods!” She started waving her hands around, batting his palms away in their patented courtship – joke, fight, joke… make a galaxy or two... But really it was getting hard to express her thoughts with him doing that to her form…

A black hole and a couple of stars later the two entities lay intermingled and sated, suspended in space and time.

“Still bored?” she nipped at his ethereal fingers that were tracing her likewise ethereal lips – they always did like it best to lounge as light and shadow.

“With you? Never! But this evil business is getting tiresome. And all these pretenders… remember that little slip of a thing I used to call Clarence? Well he’s running around calling himself the “First Evil” of all things. I mean, yeah, so I was sort of harsh when I removed every particle in his body one at a time, but really… trying to get credit for every single thing I did is overdoing it a tad, wouldn’t you say? And lest we forget, he’s still the same old Clarence. Incompetent, amateurish bore. I bet if I were to switch sides and have my way with him I’d wipe his minions out without even using a single bit of power more than I left him.” His voice took up that excited child tone that she found so endearing. ‘I bet I can see where this is going!’

“I had thought playing with the Senior Partners would make you happy, dear! And I don’t really feel like you starting another galactic war. The last time you did that we lost an entire galaxy.” She tried to sound coy, but his ideas of fun were always so… entertaining, for lack of a better word. And forever was a long time to keep one’s self amused.

“But what a time we had recreating it, ey?” At his sultry tone of voice coupled with those deliciously sinful memories she flared again… He always seemed to have that effect on her. And it was sooooo goood! “And like your goodie-goodie-two-shoes Powers that Be are any better than my Choir Boys? Anyway, I was actually thinking to try something new this time. All the thrust-parry-block the 'good' and 'evil' guys are doing is so repetitive sometimes.”

“What is has been before and will be again,” she chanted.

“And so say we all!” he chanted back. “Next time wanna watch Galactica together? That Preacher is a lot more evil than Clarence’s pet Caleb!”

“You are such a geek sometimes!” She really couldn’t keep the affection and smile from carrying in her voice. Omnipotent, but still powerless against him. Such was the life of a God. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You love it!” He shot back with confidence. Really all that flaring she did to his darkening was just a natural occurrence… Balance between the two opposites and all that. And no, this was not denial, this was another weapon of Balance: keeping his head at normal size thusly saving the Universe from an overconfident deity. Right!

“Anyway, you were saying?” If they didn’t stop soon they were going to make a whole new galaxy. ‘How would the mortal astronomers account for that, then?’

“I was thinking along the lines of… say… Ah, Hell – I wanna go to Earth and play demigod!” There he went again with his childish exuberance… How was she supposed to deny him anything when he was like that? And while doing that to her essence? ‘Yup, another planetary system…’

“So… good or evil demigod this time? Or maybe you wanna try Loki again?”

“Interesting, but no. I was thinking more like Zamolxis. Now there’s a God that knows fun!”

“And all of this to get back at Clarence? You know he doesn’t hold a candle to you as far as being evil, and we both know exactly what he’s able to do.” Ok, so maybe some stroking of his ego would save a few million creatures. “So what’s the plan, then? Get people to throw themselves on spears again and then have a giant party to celebrate their deaths?” Her grin belied the combative tone she used.

“Nah, too easy! I want something fluffy and funny and good. You know… pink fluffy clouds! But you’re just gonna have to watch to see what I’ll do. Otherwise where’s the fun?” ‘Him and his ideas. He knows I’m always curious about what he has planned. And he knows how my curiosity turns into copious amounts of lust for his oh, so wicked essence… And now we have supernovas!’

“So where will you be?” ‘There, nonchalance, that’s the way to play it! If I could just keep the tremor from my voice. I mean I can create civilizations with a simple thought and still can’t resist him… ever…Then again, who would want to?’

“I was thinking… Sunnydale, around the time Glorificus is there. Throw Clary in and this should be fun!” He was rubbing his, well, hands together. ‘There are better things he could be doing with those hands, like rubbing me…’

“When you let her make that bid for power again?” ‘Vapid self-centered Hellgod that wanted to rule a dimension just to get into my man’s pants.’ “And haven’t you played with my Slayer enough? I mean, Lothos, The Master, Spike, Angelus, The Mayor, and that idiotic Initiative…” Now she was getting mad. She just knew he had a thing for messing with Slayers… And Buffy in particular – whatever the dimension.

“Half of those things weren’t my fault!” he interrupted her rant, trying but failing miserably to sound innocent. They both knew all too well exactly what he was capable of. “Angelus was your minions’ work! Whistler putting him on his path to redemption indeed! Worse than anything I would have done. At least Spike was all straight forward about killing her. And the Initiative was your 'Allies' conclusion to the Nazi experiments that I, admittedly, spurred on. As for Spike… You know damn well he’s not all mine. Acathla? Loving the Slayer? The soul? The Hellmouth? The fight with the Choir B… I mean the Senior Partners. Should I go on?” Nobody could pull off drumming one’s fingers while in the form of Shadow better than him…

“Like you don’t whisper in my Slayer’s ear telling her to misbehave all the time. But I won’t argue Spike with you. He’s both of ours. Anyway, since it involves Slayers and Hellmouths I really want to know your plans!” ‘Two can play at the drumming fingers while incorporeal game!’

“You could come with! You could play Bendis, or maybe even Kotys.” ‘Flares again. Him and his wink…’

“You wish for orgies? Maybe you want to invite Glory and Aphroditi! You…”

“Now, now… no need to get fired up, although, I must admit, I love seeing you all hot and bothered. But I was suggesting us two spending time together on Earth as Gods. Just us two. And I promise that Glory will only be a footnote this time.” He really was charming when he wanted to be. ‘Wait, what? Altering timelines again? How many different dimensions does he want to create based upon that time?’

“And why do I have a feeling there’s something you’re not telling me?” Intertwined as they were it was pretty difficult hiding their thoughts from one another, but this time there was only a sense of… something… he was hiding something that he just wouldn’t share. And now she was curious and nervous and that made her want him even more… Bonus!

“A good poker player never reveals his hand, you know that!” That smirk was infuriating in any way, shape, or form he took. ‘And the sexiest thing in existence…’ There was really only one thing she could do now.

“Well, it has been a while since we’ve been together as solids. I wonder how you’ll taste this time?” she patted her lips with a finger, then stuck her tongue out and licked it. The look on his face was priceless… Nemesis had nothing on her when it came to vengeance.

“Aaaaa,” he gulped “ahem… yes… that is… well… ” he gulped again – ‘Ha see how you like it you sexy, infuriating, smirking… stop before your wattage goes through the proverbial roof and he gets full of himself again. Oh, to be full of him again…’ “Shall we, my dear?” he said while taking the form of Zamolxis – just as she was getting ready to make another nebula with him. ‘Damn him all to Hell!!! Ah, well… I guess a star cluster isn’t so bad after all. A star cluster??? But that galaxy wasn’t supposed to have clusters! And now my rules… that is to say the rules of nature will have to be rewritten on a million or so worlds… Ah, well!’

“You better keep me entertained, buster, or you’ll be making stardust on your own for the next eon!” She said taking the form of Bendis.

‘Bendis… Bend is God… bending is very good! Oh, yeah, I gotta take care of just one more minute detail while she’s distracted… There! Now I’m ready to rock her world… And just look at that skin and that murderous look – Gods, but I love her! Damn her! And if we were subject to the rules of mortals, I already would have!’

“And what am I supposed to do in this little scheme of yours?” The now bow-wielding half-dressed Goddess asked the still-naked God.

“Just follow my lead and be yourself, dear! I promise you’ll enjoy this!” He at least had the decency of creating clothes for himself before they both appeared on the outskirts of Sunnyhell.

Chapter End Notes:
Please tell me what you think so that I may write something that you can all enjoy!
Also, the Draco is a Dacian mythological creature and it's representation was used as a banner in warfare. It is a snake-like dragon with a wolf's head and it was made so that it's howl could be heard whenever the wind passed through it's gaping jaws.

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