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Buffy, Giles, Willow, Tara, Xander, Anya and Spike walked into The Magic Shop after the long battle against Adam and The Initiative. The gang collapsed onto the table while Giles put the kettle on. Taking of his glasses and cleaned them as he turned to the group.

"Well I must say that we made excellent progress in are fighting skills!" He squealed highly but the rest only groaned.

"I would say 'woo who' but I’m so tired I can't even give us a thumbs up" Xander said as his head popped out of his arms. Anya, who was next to him, patted his shoulder and grinned.

"And Willow, the power and timing was amazing!" Giles continued and the Witch thanked him. Xander groaned in pain as he sat up straight, cracking noises came from his back.

"Poor sweetie, them demons were all over you" Willow smiled at Anya's words.

"Yes he is a real demon magnet" The gang laughed quietly as they could not be bothered.

"EWW!" Xander smacked his head on the table.

"Could be worse, you can have scurvy" the blonde vamp growled from the stairs. Spike had now joined the Scooby’s after he had the chip. They still didn't’t trust him but he is great fighter and is much needed.

"He can be blind like Giles or flash like Spike" Willow added.

"Hey!" The shop owner snapped.

"OK now I think we should go home and have good, long sleep" Buffy yawned and they all agreed. Walking out the door, Willow turned to Buffy.

"Hey, you OK?"

"Bit tired but fine?" The Slayer replied to her Witch friend as they walked with Tara down the street.

"Are you sure? I mean your Mum moving to Spain and leaving you the house and all"

"Willow, were this really going?"

"OK you got me! What you gonna do about Riley?"

"Nothing I can do. He picked The Initiative over me! And it was like what...5 months ago!"

"But what are you going to do now?" Buffy stopped and turned to her.

"Willow why are you asking me this?" Tara stepped up to them.

"She's just worried that you mite do something stupid"

"Like what?" She laughed at them and started walking.

"Well you ran away when you killed Angel and this time you mite..." Willow paused as she thought of something. " sleep with Spike!" Buffy stopped with 'o' face.

"Spike?! Spike?! Of all things! Spike?!"

"I’m so sorry Buffy. I didn't’t think"

"She didn't mean it" Tara backed her girlfriend up as Buffy shook her head.

"Eww! Images! Eww!" She stopped shaking, Buffy realized that she was outside her house.

"Will you ever forgive me?" Willow begged.

"Hum...I dunno," Buffy smiled at them "Good night"

"Night" The two Witches called back and started to walk down the street. They opened the door to their dorm. Lying on the bed for a couple of minutes, Willow turned to the love of her life.

"How you feeling my kitty?" Tara opened her eyes to the voice and smiled.


"My sexy Kitty" Willow talked into her ear as Tara drifted off the sleep.

Willow awoke in a empty bed. Tara wasn't there but none of her clothes were gone. Where is she? Tara wouldn't walk outside naked. She moved to the end of the bed to put her slippers on when Willow felt something fluffy on her feet. Looking down, a brown blur jumped up to her face. Willow flew back and looked at the thing. But it wasn’t a thing, it was a cat, it was...

"Tara?" The cat meowed in response. "Oh my God sweetie! What happened?" The cat said nothing just stared at her "We have to get some help!"


Willow ran into the magic shop were Buffy, Xander, Giles and Anya were around the table. The Witch worried for on the door it said the shop was closed for the day. But In the shop thing were looking quite odd, Buffy was in a black number, Giles looks like he's drunk and Anya's all over Xander, who was trying to Push her off.

"Guys help Tara has been turned into a cat!"

"Great, more trouble!" Giles moaned as he knocked over the glass of whiskey onto the floor.

"Giles is blind" Buffy said as she was applying bright red lipstick with no care in the world.

"Oh yer Giles gets all the attention here!" Xander yelled as tried to tear Anya from his neck.

"Every woman demon wants him" The Slayer pulled out her mirror and fluffed her hair up.

"But we can protect him right? Why do they wanna kill him?" Giles and Buffy laughed at her.

"They don’t wanna kill him. They wanna shag him!" The Ex-Watcher fell off his chair and laughed. Just that second Spike came though the basement and walked over To the group. He was wearing a black suit! Spike, of all people was wearing a suit! His usually platted down hair was spiked up. He smelt nice and had a pure sliver watch on his right wrist.

"Red" Spike nodded at her "flee bag" at Xander "Drunk knob" at Giles who stuck up his middle finger from the floor. He saw Buffy and whistled. "Buffy," He winked "What's a beautiful woman like you doing in a dump like this?" The Slayer giggled and blushed as Spike took the seat next to her. The well dressed man drawed his attention of Up to the redhead who stood there, surprised.

"What hell is going on?" Willow asked as the little cat tried to escape from her arms.

"Oh nothing" Buffy smiled as she stroked Spike's thigh, luckily no one noticed he let out a purr.

"Well I’m going to do something about this! Xander, are you coming along?" She turned to the poor, young man with a over-the-top horny girlfriend around him.

"When she calms down or falls asleep...," Before Xander could finish, Willow waved her hand and a snoring Anya fell to the floor. "OK lets go!"

"Me and Spike will look things up for you. And Giles can...," The Slayer and the group looked at the watcher. He had managed to unbutton his top and to put his tie around his head.

"It's fun to stay at the YMCA, It's fun to stay that the YMCA!" Giles began to sing the cheese pop song, his voice was so harsh after all the whiskey he drank.

Buffy and Spike filled the shop with laughter, the shopkeepers performance were bringing tears to their eyes. But the pair were not laughing with him, but at him.

Willow wasn't liking this, it was like being in high school again. The laughing duo were the popular kids and Giles was the class geek. It was funny seeing him sing a pop song but taking the piss out of him.

She didn't like the new Buffy and Spike, they were cold, mean and....stuck up their asses.

"Lets go Willow, before they start on us. At least Giles is drunk and wont be able to remember the nasty comments" Xander dragged her out of the shop and down the street.


They had no luck at Willy's, the cemetery and the bronze. Willow and Xander were starting to worry that they would never be able to break the spell.

"Maybe we should go hom..." Xander asked the Witch but was interrupted by heavy winds blowing into them.


By now, Giles had passed out on the shop floor and was sleeping nicely. Buffy was on the table look at the Watcher, Tara the cat was curled up next to him.

"Looks like a baby" Spike came behind her and placed the books onto the table. The Slayer looked into his lighting blue eyes and blushed. Oh my God!

Don’t look at me like that, you sexy little thing!

Buffy stood up from the table and smacked her lips onto Spike's. Moving her onto the table, he shoved the books and started to kiss back. Pulling away, Buffy gasped for air as Spike moved to her neck.

"Lets get out of here!" The Slayer moaned.


The wind was swirling around and started to turn the dark colours of purple and blue when a figure appeared. Dying down, the figure became clear, the figure of an old woman.

"Having a little spell problem, are we?" The woman asked Willow. She was very old and wore what looked like an old fortune tellers out fit.

"No! I haven’t done any spells to turn my girlfriend into a kitten, Giles to go blind, Buffy to be a slut, Spike to be flash or Xander to be a babe for demons!" The Witch replied as she moved her hair from her face.


Buffy opened the door to her house as Spike kissing down her neck. Slamming her door behind her, she kissed him hard and they made their way up stairs to the main bedroom.

Landing on what was her Mothers bed, Spike lay above his once enemy and took of his coat. They broke into kisses but Buffy pushed him off.

"Back in a minute" She got off the bed and ran into the bathroom.


"Who are you?" Xander asked.

"That is a matter of no importance," The woman growled at him then turned to the Witch "No you did not do these spells on purpose but you did use magic"


Spike was no topless, he had been waiting for what seem for days when finally she came back into the room.

"Do you like?" Buffy stood the door frame and posed. She was wearing a red skimpy, see trough dress. The Vamp sat up and grabbed her closer into his tights.

"Very nice but," his hands started to pull down the straps. "I think would like it on the floor." The dress fell down to her ankles.



"Did you do a spell to make the Slayer more powerful to defeat one of the Initiatives project also known as Adam?" The old lady interrupted Willow.

"Yes" she replied.


Spike pulled Buffy under the covers and kissed her as she started to unzip his pants.


"Look up there" The old woman pointed up to the night sky which they rest look into. There lay lots of stars and the Moon, the round object seemed different tonight.

"The Moon! It red!" Xander yelled in shock.

"Every two hundred, million years the Moon bleeds..."

"Bleeds?" Willow interrupted the woman who didn't’t stop.

"In the two day bleeding progress, it is known that if a Witch, or Wizard uses heavy magic during one of those dates that her magic could go wild. By wild I mean you could not control your magic. Sometimes you say something and it comes true”

“How do I stop this?” Willow cried.

“Time!" With that the old woman vanished.


Red beams shoot though the window onto the bed. Buffy and Spike were now sleeping naked and peacefully.

Two days of bleeding,
Magic be unwilling.
Child be wavy,
God of the prey
Red Moon,
Havoc you have brought so soon

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