Sweet, Sweet Medicine by lovesperoxide

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Buffy sneaked a glance around her before pulling the plastic packet out of its hiding place at the back of the fridge. She poured a little of the dark liquid into the mug, mixing it around and then sticking it into the microwave. Putting the packet back in the fridge, she wondered if it’d be obvious to him. If the taste would be obvious, amongst all the pig’s blood, the taste of her own blood.

She wanted him well again, and quickly, but she knew that he’d never agree to it. So this was the next best thing.

She found Spike resting with the gang and potential Slayers. It was a strange sight; all of them just sprawled around the living room watching television. Twisting her way through the maze of limbs, she sat on the arm of the couch and presented him with his blood.

“Here, drink up.”

She saw him wince as his aching muscles and mending bones protested. She took in his swollen eye and reached out to stroke it lightly with her finger-tips before she realised what she was doing and restrained herself.

His voice was coarse with exhaustion. “Thanks, Slayer.”

Raising the mug to his lips she watched on nervously, and quite rightly so. The moment the liquid touched his tongue, his vampire visage burst to the fore and a deep growl resounded through his body. She jumped in surprise, a few of the girls shouting out in shock.

Gold eyes quickly returned to their normal blue. “Sorry. I’m sorry.”

“Are you alright?” She asked gently.

“Buffy, did you”” He looked at her with those soul-searching eyes. “You shouldn’t have. I might not be able to”it might make me...want more.”

A shiver ran down her spine at the thought of letting him have more. It’d be their little secret. She could picture it; disappearing away with him for a few moments every day, a flash of dark corners and razor sharp fangs. She knew he’d be able to control himself. After all, it was all his souled self had done these past months, keep control. Just the very thought that there was something inside of her that could make him better, feed him, gave her a tingle all over. “It’s okay, just drink. Get your strength back.”

He sent her a grateful look before turning his attentions back to his drink. She thought he looked like a little boy, the way he clutched the mug with both hands. The way his lips curved in a contented smile after each sip. She watched the way that tendon in his cheek flexed with each mouthful, the way his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed.

It was all nearly enough to make her forget what it was that he was drinking.

One cupful later and he smile boyishly up at her. He looked better already, less tired with a bit of that old spark back. She couldn’t help but giggle when she spied some blood lingering at corner of his mouth.

“What is it?”

“Oh, nothing. It’s just” here.” Buffy reached over and swiped her thumb across his lip to clean away the liquid.

Uncertainly, she looked down at her thumb where the blood stained her skin. She felt the eyes of everyone in the room watching them in disbelief. Her brain told her to find a tissue to wipe it away, but slow to react, she watched along with them as he took her hand to his lips and swiftly licked it clean.

Spike felt himself smile at Buffy’s adorable blush when one of the potential’s murmured something about him having had dessert.


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