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Summary: Begins after ''Hell's Bells'' (S6E16). With the aftermath of the wedding-that-wasn't, Buffy finds Spike, and seeks solace with the vampire. Despite the recent ending of their relationship of sorts, it brings Buffy out of the land of denial, and forces her to admit her true feelings for him. Season 6 finishes up pretty much canon, only non-canon is the Spuffy relationship, which I tweaked (otherwise, it would've been the same as the show, and, well, you've already watched that...) also non-canon main character death! YES! Sorry, death scenes make me enthusiastic... Also, an interesting twist of ''Normal Again'' tweaked to my liking... Enjoy :]

UPDATE: Thank you guys so much for nominating/voting for me at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards. I got runner-up in Best New Author in Round 26, which frankly blew my mind. THANK YOU ALL. :D
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1. Chapter 1 by HostilePoet_17 [Reviews - 13] Liked (1703 words)
I hope you guys enjoy this. It was originally posted on another site, but I never continued it, so here's my second attempt. Btw, this is completely unbeta'd, so I apologize for any silly mistakes.

2. Chapter 2 by HostilePoet_17 [Reviews - 6] Liked (5194 words)
HEY! Sorry if you guys have been waiting, but I've been a-procrastinatin'. So, here's Chapter 2 - unbeta'd, so excuse any unnoticed silly mistakes! Banner's by me, and some lines are taken from "Normal Again" (S6E17) written by Diego Gutierrez. Also: Quote from Shakespeare's HAMLET :D

3. Chapter 3 by HostilePoet_17 [Reviews - 8] Liked (991 words)
GAH! Okay, sorry sorry S O R R Y for not updating for ages, and then giving you this pathetic chapter! But, my exams started this week, so my brain feels slightly shaken from extensive revision of the Oral Irish and French courses! So my timing and tiredness has been scattered everywhere!

Not much to say here, I don't like this chapter, so forgive me! *cowers from angry readers...*

Also, completely unbeta'd, my mistakes are my own, and I profusely apologise!!

But, whatever, enjoy, I guess? :]

4. Chapter 4 by HostilePoet_17 [Reviews - 6] Liked (924 words)
Okay, unbeta'd as usual. Sorry for being late updating, but exams and an epic case of laziness prevented me from writing. Also, I won't be online from Monday to Thursday any more. So, sorry if my updates become few and far between!
Also, if some of this seems sorta sketchy, I have a mild concussion from where a metal bar smacked me on the head in Art class today! Ouch, for sure.
So, anyway, this is the next chapter, hopefully better than the pittance that came before!

5. Chapter 5 by HostilePoet_17 [Reviews - 3] Liked (1939 words)
Okay, slightly longer than my last two offerings, I think. Sorry about my bad updating - I completely lost interest in the story - mild case of writer's block! It's completely unbeta'd, by the way!
So, nothing spectacular here - I'm still trying to work on characterisation of people other than Buffy and Spike. Sometimes, my portrayal of the others can be kinda suck-y and biased. Also, wow, thanks for reviewing and favourite-ing! You guys are the sweetest! And, whoa! A lot of Xander-bashing in the comments, I was really surprised! But, as stupid as he can be, I'll try and redeem him, gentle readers (YES! Andrew reference! :D ) ... Hope you enjoy!

6. Chapter 6 by HostilePoet_17 [Reviews - 3] Liked (1972 words)
Look! I updated! I feel so proud! Okay, clearly, "Restless" (S4E22) is a favourite of mine! ;D...
Just goes back slightly before the final line of Chapter 5!
Enjoy, you guys. Thanks to everybody who's been reviewing so faithfully!

7. Chapter 7 by HostilePoet_17 [Reviews - 5] Liked (1889 words)
Ah! An update at last! Huzzah! :D
Sorry, busy week, houseful of guests, and then, I made the crazy decision to post a new story! Which will be updated shortly, I promise! The weekend is much better for writing!
And, I wasn't completely procrastinating, I was working on my Buffy videos: http://www.youtube.com/PsychoMidgeX
^That was my main page, where I uploaded lots of BTVS videos. but due to copyright problems, I have a new page, this is the video I posted up last night, I'm actually pretty proud of it, give it a look if you like Buffy vids. I will love you forever! :D >http://youtu.be/rmy30glhtYQ
At the moment, I'm uploading a Spuffy video for you guys, A Kiss With A Fist Is Better Than None. It was the most fun to make! The link will be on my next update!

8. Chapter 8 by HostilePoet_17 [Reviews - 6] Liked (1861 words)
Sorry for the long break. Just had my final exams - hopefully the resulting grades will get me my course in college in September! :]

So, I finally updated. My brain is a little mushy, and I've finally gone back to reading book-books today. Not online fanfiction, but actual paper books, after nearly a year of taking a break due to exam year. Oh, printed word, how I missed thee! I read the first Hunger Games book today, cover to cover in 5 hours. Am also reading The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes. I highly recommend both brilliant books!

So anyway, thanks for keeping up so far! I'm so enormously appreciative of everybody's support, reviews, and feedback. It means the world to me, I heart you eternally! This is for you all: http://youtu.be/WztQ-IUYyiI

I hope you guys are still hanging on there! We will meet an end with this eventually, I promise. :D

Sorry, for my usual rambling, I hope you enjoy!

9. Chapter 9 by HostilePoet_17 [Reviews - 3] Liked (2754 words)
Firstly, I apologise for being away so long. I've actually had so much free-time, but I decided to spend some time working on my other fandom (Sherlock BBC). By the time I came back to Buffy, I had complete writer's block, and no matter how many times I opened Microsoft Word, the words wouldn't come to me. I've also been having a really tough time lately, a lot of horrible emotional bullshit that I've been trying to work out, and, well, when you hate yourself, it's not the best time to be writing emotional stories. I didn't want the story to suffer over my real life. I hope you guys understand.

Secondly, apologies for that awful cliffhanger I left you with. Honestly, the end of this chapter's not much better. But patience, my dearies, we'll see an end soon. I can't believe we're already on Chapter 9. I often abandon projects, but you are all so, so amazingly lovely and supportive that how could I not continue? Thank you for your overwhelming feedback and support. I really and truly appreciate it. You have no idea what it means to me. You guys are awesome. :)

Now, here's a long chapter for you all. I've been in bed with dancing pains the last couple of days due to my AMAZING Debs Ball this week (the Irish equivalent of Prom), and I've been typing manically. I hope you enjoy it.


10. Chapter 10 by HostilePoet_17 [Reviews - 5] Liked (1970 words)
Hey! Look, we're already at Chapter 10! :D

So, I firstly want to thank you all for voting at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards! I got runner-up in Best New Author, which blew my f*cking mind! Thank you, you lovely, wonderful people! Seriously, I never thought I'd come close! But wow, Jesus...

I hope you guys are enjoying the story as it progresses. There were a lot of issues in S6 that I hated, so I'm gonna try and sort them out my way, but similar to the original. I will remind you guys that there is a main character death here, eventually. But I'm not gonna give away any clues. Sorry. ;] ... Also, I hope you like how I've dealt with the characters. I surprised myself with how caring and understanding I made Willow, 'cause I despised her in this Season, until she went evil, then she was bearable. :P Again, addressing the Xander-hate, I don't like him much, but I want him to be better here, so be patient as I try and fix his silly ass self. Oh, and Dawn? Well, Joss and co made her a bitchy teenager in the first place, so I'm just sort of giving you guys an idea of my 14 y/o sister. :P

Oh, and I must apologise to everyone who was looking forward to finding out what Spike was hallucinating. I'm sorry I made it boring death-stuff, 'cause his alternate reality would've been cool.

Okay, so I'll try and update soon. Thanks.