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Summary: It is said, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Does this hold true for Buffy and Spike, even after ten years? Has all this time apart changed them so much that they are unable to fit into one another’s lives, or have they changed just enough to finally meet on the common ground of mutual respect?

Post "Not Fade Away"
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Published: 05/30/2014 Updated: 06/04/2014
Story Notes:
Hello gentle readers. Long time no write! I've been having a major writer's block lately. So when this story came to me I decided to go with it, in hopes that writing at least something will get the creative juices flowing and I'm able to finish up another story, Fallen.

1. Chapter 1 by Behind Blue Eyes [Reviews - 2] Liked (1216 words)
Now, I’ve completely disregarded the comics. I don’t read them and what little I do know about them, I will let you know there will be no zompires, spaceships nor giant cockroaches, and definitely no space sex with Angel.

This can be read as a sequel to “Revelation”. BUT it is not necessary to read “Revelation” to understand this story. (Though I’d love for you to read and let me know your thoughts.)

As always, many thanks to my amazing beta, Sanityfair. Love ya lady!

2. Chapter 2 by Behind Blue Eyes [Reviews - 0] (1437 words)
Thank you for all those who took the time to read the beginning of my little fic. Many thanks to my beta, Sanityfair!