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Chapter 9: Just a Favor

She knocked on the door lightly, afraid to disturb him just in case he was sleeping. When silence followed, she quietly opened the door and peeked in. There Spike lay, asleep in the bed. The ugly hospital gown made the pallor of his skin even more palpable. His almost angelic face was twisted in a grimace, apparently unsettled in his sleep. “Dru…Dru come back,” he mutter, tossing in the bed a bit.

Buffy slipped into the room, unable to stay away. Her heart went out to the man in the bed, one who was so close to losing everything in his life and yet was completely aware of it. She pulled up the covers that had slipped down to his waist and smoothed back his curled hair from his forehead, in hopes that her touch would soothe his disturbing dreams.

Startled, she jumped when Spike grabbed her hand, and said, “Dru! You’ve finally come.” He held on to her hand tightly, as afraid some mystical force would unexpectedly pry them apart.

“It’s Buffy…Not Drusilla,” She remarked gently, to ease the disappointment.

“Oh.” He tried to keep the frustration out of his voice but had not completely succeeded. He stretched a bit, and began to sit up.

Buffy reached over immediately and pulled up the pillows so that he could lean back against them, relishing in the close proximity.

“Where have you been? I haven’t seen you these last couple of days.”

She looked down, almost guilt ridden. “I’m sorry…I had personal matters that needed attending,” she said.

“It’s okay. I wasn’t angry, pet. ‘ve just been a bit…lonely, I guess you could say. Don’t ‘ave too many visitor these days.”

“Oh, well it’s probably because of the crappy weather these days,” she said, scrambling for an excuse. “I’m sure they’ll be coming in flocks soon.”

Spike frowned, as if he saw through her lie. “Something doesn’t feel right,” he remarked.

Buffy felt a surge of panic. She tried to laugh it off, except it came out as a high pitched squeak. “Don’t be so paranoid.”

“Luv, I ‘ave a favor to ask of you.”

“What is it?”

“I want you to go to Drusilla’s place and ask her to visit me. Tell her I miss her and that I need her... And while you’re there, grab my guitar for me. I’m so bored, pet, I ‘eed something to fill up my time.” A bittter laugh emitted.

She swallowed and nodded before remembering he couldn’t see her. And it was a good thing too, otherwise she’d be a mass of blubbering mess that couldn’t get her words straight. “Su-sure,” she said as she walked out of the room, her heart clenching tightly.

For the first time of her life, she understood what real jealously felt like. It was a wave of ugly bitterness that washed through her body. She wanted to throw up until she felt numb, scream in anger and the unfairness, and cry until her tear ducts ran dry.

Buffy resolutely told herself she wasn’t going, no matter what he would say. She didn’t want to see the woman that held Spike’s love and affections so tightly. She didn’t have to wonder why Drusilla hadn’t visited after all this time – it was obvious she didn’t return Spike’s devotion and worship. And she didn’t need to ask what Drusilla had been doing to pass her time.

Even as she repeated to herself that Drusilla didn’t deserve to see Spike, she couldn’t help herself. Her feet wouldn’t listen.

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