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Chapter 2 – A New Proposition

Buffy rode her bike to work like she always
did. So what was different about today? Oh, just about a hundred screaming fans by the entrance gate of the radio station!

A guard let her in after recognizing her familiar face out of the crowd. “Thanks,” she smiled apprehensively and rode on. She finally made out some of the words from the fans.

“Drusilla!! We LOVE you!”

“You’re the best, Drusilla!”

Hands reached through the bars of the metal gate as if they could touch the famed singer.

A sleek black limousine drove in and stopped close to the building. The door opened; a woman with long raven hair exited the van. She turned the face her crowd of admirers.

“Hi everyone! I’m so glad all of you are here today!” With a fake smile and a wave of her hands, she turned back around, walking into the building.

If possible, the throng grew even louder.

“God, they’re so annoying,” she remarked with contempt to her personal assistant.

“What is going on today? Why is there such a huge mob out
there?” Buffy asked the manager of the station.

“Drusilla Hayes is coming in today for an interview on your show,” the stubby little man with a thick mustache, otherwise known as the station producer, replied.

“But I didn’t invite her!” she asked, surprised.

“I know. I did.”

Drusilla walked in, her waist length hair flowing smoothly down her back. Her hips swayed as she walked towards them. Three-inch red high heels adorned her feet. A younger woman walked behind her. A personal assistant, Buffy guessed.

“How are you,” Buffy said, smiling. She didn’t let the celebrity faze her. She held out her hand. “I’m Buffy Summers.”

Drusilla lifted her sunglasses, placing them on top of her head. She clasped her hand in the blond woman in front of her. “Buffy Summers? Buffy of class ’98 at Sunnydale High School? Is that really you?”

“Uhh…yes, that’s me. Do I know you?” A confused Buffy asked. She was sure she would remember meeting a famous star like her.

Drusilla leaned in towards Buffy and whispered, “Don’t you remember me? I was the one who told you how to put a condom on a guy our freshman year.”

“Omigod! Sarah? Is that you?” Buffy exclaimed with
surprise. She could hardly recognize her old friend.

“Shhhh! It’s Drusilla now. Let’s talk later.”

“So, Drusilla…What do you think about those who disparage you?” Buffy asked, on the air.

Drusilla giggled. “I think they’re just bored and have nothing else to say.” She took out a cigarette, lit it, and put it into her mouth. “My true fans know that I don’t smoke, drink, nor do I go to clubs to have sex with random guys.” She inhaled then exhaled, the smoke settling around Buffy before fading.

Buffy held in the urge to cough. “Ahem. I see. Okay, well let’s take a couple of calls from your fans.” She pressed a few buttons. “Hi, you’re on the air with Buffy and Drusilla Hayes!”

“Hey, yeah, I just wanted to say that Drusilla is a total fake who can’t sing! Your songs suck! I can’t believe you got a record deal, you probably-“

Drusilla’s eyes widened in surprise and anger. “Excuse me, bitch! Who the fu-“

Buffy cut in before she’d have a total mess on her hands. “Oookay, we gotta cut to break now. Drusilla Hayes’s new album, Kiss Me is now in stores. This is her latest, ‘Chocolate Kisses.’” She pressed a button and music played in the background. Buffy took off her headphones.

“Don’t mind her, Drusilla.” Seeing as how she was still spitting mad and was ready to claw someone's eye out, Buffy couldn’t think of anything else to say but to change the subject. “I really didn’t recognize you! Your eyes are bigger and your nose is straighter. And the last time I saw you, your chest wasn’t as big!” Buffy said in wonder.

Drusilla giggled. “Hello! That’s what plastic surgery is for! Besides, I’m a celebrity now. I gotta look good!”

“Yeah, never in a million years did I imagine that you would become a singer!”

“And I never imagined you would have your own radio station!” Drusilla replied. She took another puff of her cigarette.

“Well, it actually isn’t mine. I’m just a part time D.J. filing in for someone else.”

The woman who Buffy assumed to be Drusilla’s assistant ran into the room.

“Can’t you see I’m having a conversation here?” Drusilla demanded.

“Your agent says you still owe him two hundred fifty thousand dollars. He said he’ll quit if you didn’t pay him right now,” she said.

“What? Beat him up for me,” Drusilla commanded while flicking nonexistent flint from the sleeve of her dress.

“I’m just your assistant,” the girl responded. “I’m not a hit man, you know! If you want him beat up, then do it yourself!”

“Can you believe she’s talking like this to me? Do you see what I have to put up with?” she asked Buffy. Drusilla turned back to the assistant. “Go home and take some Ginkoba or something, dumb cow!”

“I’m so sick of you talking to me like that! I’m not your slave! I quit!” She yelled and walked out of the room, slamming the door in her wake.

Sighing, Drusilla said, “It’s so hard to find good help these days. Look at her! She thinks she’s something!”

“Well…You were pretty harsh on her…” Buffy said gently so her friend wouldn’t get so upset again.

“Just wait. She’ll be back, begging for her job again. You’ll see. 3-2—”

The door opened once again. In came the ex-assistant.
“Ha…I didn’t even get to 1 and she’s back, already!” Drusilla said triumphantly.

“Go eat shit!” the girl said and took out a plastic baseball bat that she was hiding behind her back. She swung it at Drusilla’s head and left in a huff.

“Ow ow ow OW!! Oh my God, What a bitch! I
can’t believe she hit me!” Drusilla exclaimed. “Thank God I didn’t give her this month’s paycheck yet. Then I really would have been pissed.”

Buffy pressed the tender spot on Drusilla’s head. It was a tad bit swollen and there would probably be a slight bruise but it really wasn’t too bad.

“It’ll be okay after a few days. It’s not that serious,” Buffy said.

“A few days!?! I’m a celebrity you know! I can’t hide my face! I’m suppose to go somewhere with Spike this later tonight! They can’t see me like this!” Drusilla bemoaned. “Why is this happening to me?”

A warning bell sounded faintly in Buffy’s head. Spike? Spike Giles? It couldn’t be! It had to be someone else that Drusilla was going out with. “Here, I’ll help you put on the foundation and makeup. Hopefully it’ll be covered up so it’s not as noticeable.” Buffy took the liquid foundation from Drusilla and poured out a bit. She lightly dabbed it on her forehead. Soon, it could hardly be seen.

“Thanks Buffy!” she said as she examined her head. “Oh, by the way! Now that I fired that bitchy assistant, I need a replacement. You can be it, right?”

Buffy’s eyes widened in surprised. “Me? I don’t know…” she said hesitantly.

“Come on! As a favor to me. I’ll pay you three thousand a month. Deal? Okay good.”

“Well I guess I don’t get much of a choice, do I?”

Drusilla gave her patented smile. “Oh yeah, that’s right! I almost forgot! I fired my driver on the way here. Can you find a replacement for me? Great, thanks!” she said as she walked out of the rest room.

Buffy’s mouth dropped and she sighed. “Some things never change.”

Buffy finally arrived to where Drusilla was standing. In her hands were stuffed animals and flowers from her many fans.

“Sorry I got here so late,” she panted. “There are so many people here and I had a hard time getting through.”

Xander followed closely behind. Buffy had hired him as Drusilla’s driver since she didn’t know who else to ask.

“Okay,” Drusilla replied distractedly. She hardly gave a glance to Buffy. Instead, her eyes were locked to a familiar someone striding her way.

Spike Giles approached Drusilla, dressed in another handsome suit. As always, he looked like a male runway supermodel, perfection in his very essence. His outfit held no wrinkles and not a single strand of hair was out of place.

“Oh, fancy meeting you here, Spike! I didn’t know you were going to be at this premiere!” Drusilla said with fake surprise.

He smiled, and leaned forward to kiss her on both her cheeks. Drusilla backed away for a second. She dumped the teddy bears she held in her hands onto Buffy, who fumbled a bit until she regained her steadiness. Drusilla leaned back in and this time, his lips touched her cheeks softly.

A small group of reporters advanced towards Drusilla and Spike.

“Miss Drusilla! Are you and Mr. Giles going out?” one asked.
Drusilla giggled. “No, we’re just business partners and really good friends. And besides, he would never ask me out!” she replied in fake modestly.

“So she says. But everyone knows I’d take her out in a bloody heartbeat, if only she’d say yes.” Spike looked at her and just smiled, his adoration for her shining in his eyes. The female reporters sighed in unison at his charming reply.

Buffy stood behind Drusilla, confusion muddling her thoughts. Drusilla had said something about them going out but why would they try to play it off?

“May we take a picture of you two?” Another reporter asked.

“Sure,” Drusilla said as she scooted a tad bit closer to Spike.
Bright flashes lighted the room for a moment. Buffy was blinded and almost dropped the armload of flowers and stuffed animals before regaining her sense of balance but of course, nobody cared.

The glamorous coupled walked away, smiles alighting their faces. The flashes continued nonstop for a few more moments before the media moved on to trap their next victims.

Spike’s brother, Angel, frowned unceremoniously. He was peeved at the fact that the reporters had hardly given him a glance. With his arm linked with Faith, his girlfriend, his frown deepened into a grimace. Maybe she wasn’t as sexy as he originally thought. Disgruntled, he fixed his ostentatious orange suit.

“Your brother’s so hot. You think he’d be up for a threesome?” Faith said, licking her lips in anticipation.
“You’re disgusting. Get of my face!” he snapped, his scowl marring his usually handsome face.

She hastily shook her head. “Sorry, Angel, baby. Of course you’re sexier than he is. I’d pick you over him any day,” she said, trying to make up for her earlier mistake. She leaned in to give him a hot kiss.
He scoffed in repulsion. “You look and kiss like a frog. Get a grip. You’re embarrassing me!”

Xander reached his sister’s side. “I told you rich guys are attractive! Uhh…not that I find Spike Giles attractive. Not at all.”

Buffy pointedly ignored him.

“Let’s skip out on the premiere,” Drusilla whispered in Spike’s ear with a suggestive tone. “We could go back to my place.”

He smirked and nodded immediately. There was only so much he could stand, seeing her in that tight red dress and come-fuck-me pumps. She knew how red was his favorite color. They turned to Buffy and her brother.

Xander took Spike’s hand and shook it rather excitedly. “Mr. Giles, you have no idea what an honor this is! Me is Xander. I mean Xander is me. I mean, my name is…oh you get the point. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Ms. Hayes. I’ll be the best driver, you’ll see.” He still hadn’t let go of Spike’s hands.

“Yes, thank you, Xander. I’m sure you will,” Spike said while subtly trying free his hand from Xander’s prying hands.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re so ill-mannered!” Angel remarked to Xander with disgust.

“Why don’t you go ahead and watch the movie? I’ll see you tomorrow at the meeting. And don’t be late!” Spike said to his little brother.

“Duffy-” Spike started to say but stopped himself when he remembered that that wasn’t the blonde’s name. “Err…Muffy, can you tell Xander to wait in front of the cinema?”

Afraid to look at him, she kept her head down, staring at the stuffed animals and flowers in her arms. “Buffy,” she said softly and struggled to breathe normally. It wasn't working, however, and she was short of gasping for breath.

“Oh, sorry, Bunny. And thanks, luv,” Spike said with a smile and walked away, with Drusilla’s arm linked in his.

Even his teeth were perfect, Buffy groaned inwardly. This was juuuust great. “Buffy. My name’s Buffy,” she mumbled. Sighing, her head fell onto the mass of stuffed animals in her arms.

Walking in front of her, Xander sighed. “And I had such high hopes. You’re never going to get with Spike, now that he’s dating Drusilla. Man…I had hoped he would sneak into your room at night and seduce you, too.”

Buffy growled. “Xander, shut up!” she said and kicked him hard on his butt. She sighed and walked off, leaving her brother in an unsightly heap on the ground.

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