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Chapter 3 – A Dream Come True? …Obviously Not

Buffy was in Drusilla’s walk-in closet, hiding behind her hundred of outfits. She was supposed to be reorganizing her closet but she was too distracted to do so.

In the living room, Spike Giles, multi-millionaire extraordinaire, sat casually, watching the tv. Buffy peeked out of the closet and watched him. In his hands was a glass of scotch and he sipped it leisurely. Bored of the commerical, he let his gaze wander around the room. He glanced behind his shoulder for he had a distinct feeling that someone was watching him.

Buffy gasped and jump back into the closet, her hand splayed on her chest. Her heart was beating at an incredible rate.

“What is wrong with me? I’ve never believed in that true love stuff. So why am I feeling this way? I can’t be in love with him…I’ve never even had a real conversation with him! ” she asked herself in disbelief.

Humming slightly off pitch on one of her songs, Drusilla was about to step into the closet.

Buffy walked out of the closet, trying to peek at Spike again.

The two ran into each other, and both yelped.

Drusilla yelped out of surprise.

Buffy, however, yelped out of pain. “Geez, Drusilla, what do you have under there?” she said, pointing at Drusilla’s pink silk robe. She rubbed her chest, trying to soothe the pain. She felt as if two hard objects were knocked into her chest.

Drusilla turned slightly red. “You’re just weak!” she huffed. “I am making some soup in kitchen. Watch it for me, will ya? By the way, drink some milk. It’ll make you stronger.”

She turned and left, undoubtedly to go to Spike.

Buffy frowned. “Stronger?” she repeated to herself. “Then in her case, she definitely doesn’t need any more milk.”

Xander was in the parking lot of Drusilla’s hotel, attempting to park Spike’s Benz. As he was backing out to straighten it, he saw a small white dog in the left side mirror. He got out of the car and to the puppy, hoping to scare him off.

When he barked and refused to move, Xander said aloud, “Well now what am I suppose to do?” He poked at the dog, in hopes of making him annoyed enough to scamper off. “Come on doggie…don’t play dead…I’m gonna keep on poking you! How do you like that?”

The dog whimpered and laid flat on the ground but showed no signs of moving.

A deep growl was emitted from somewhere beside the car and Xander snapped his head up to find out what it was coming from. When he saw a large canine trotting towards him, he knew he was in big trouble.

“Don’t come any closer! I’ll hurt you, doggie, don’t think I won’t! I’m not afraid of you! Sto-ACKKKK!” he screamed as it pounced on him, ready to tear him to pieces.

Drusilla joined Spike on the couch, leaning into him. She glanced to the tv to see what he was watching. “Passions again, Spike? I can’t believe you’re watching this trash.”

“Trash? I’ll have you know, this show has gotten the highest ratings since daytime shows began. And besides, I thought you liked watching it too. Didn’t you watch a whole marathon with me once, before we started going out?” Spike asked.

“I did? Well that was probably because I was trying to get into your pants,” Drusilla giggled. “It worked, didn’t it?”

He laughed and tweaked her nose. “You’re ‘eartless,” he said.

She snapped back. “Don’t touch my nose! Anyway, heartless? I am not! If I was, then I wouldn’t be making soup in the kitchen for you.”

“Soup ehh?” He paused. His hand reached out and caressed her glossy black hair. “Drusilla? If one day I became a poor bloke…if I lost the company and I was dying, what would you do?” His hand moved down to her silk-clad shoulder and started to gently stroke her arm, up and down.

“Spike, don’t talk like that! It’d never happen.” She giggled and moved away when he tickled her neck.

“What if?”

Drusilla tilted her head as she thought of an answer. She grabbed his hand firmly and looked into his deep blue eyes. “I’d encourage and support you. I’d take care of you and be with you through every difficulty in your life.” She smiled and put her head down on his shoulders.

“Really, luv?”

She nodded.

Within the second, he pounced on her, going after her lips. She squealed and pushed him off, running to the bedroom. Spike growled and chased after her. He pounced on her again and pushed her down onto the bed, his hands running over her body as his lips ravaged hers.

Buffy watched all this from behind the closet door. When she saw them moving into the bedroom, her eyes opened in surprise. “Stop!” she whispered to herself. “Stop kissing! Stop stop stop!”

Drusilla pushed him off the bed and jumped up. Quick to follow, Spike did the same and tried to grab her. She jumped onto his back and while he turned back and forth, trying to loosen her. She laughed and bit his earlobe.

“Oh baby, you want to play it rough, do ya?”

They continued their heated pace and Buffy sighed in jealousy as she turned her back to them, refusing to watch anymore. She heard sounds coming from the next room. Moans, grunts, and screams of “More, harder!” She turned bright red. Resigned, she went back to organizing the closet but before she could do much, clothes started to fall from its shelves and objects rained down on Buffy. The closet was quaking so much that she fell backwards, loosing her balance. She grabbed onto a shelf and held on tight, yelping when a heavy box fell on her.

The sun was shining brightly without a cloud in the sky. Buffy unlocked her bike from the bike rack and pushed it along slowly. Lost in thought, she didn’t see the person until it was too late. He was running out of the building, obviously late for something. He ran into her, jolting her from her reverie.

She nearly choked when she realized who it was. Quickly averting her eyes, she gasped for breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out, she reminded herself.

“Muffy, I’m so sorry. You okay?”

“My name is Buffy!” she said to him, while still looking away, so it came out as an indiscernible squeak.
“Right,” Spike said as he looked to the parking spot where he parked his car last night. “Betty, where’s my Benz?”

An elderly man came out of the building. Looking at the uniform, he seemed to be the night watch guard. “Hey, have you seen my car?” Spike asked him.

“I heard a car alarm last night. I don’t know whose car it was from but seeing how it’s not here right now, I’d say it was it.”

“What? Are you bloody joking me? It’s your job! You’re supposed to be here to watch the cars!” Spike raised his voice in anger and disbelief.

“Well, I’m an old man. What if it was a car thief? I wouldn’t have been able to protect myself. What if he beat me to death?”

“Wha…What about the guy who drove Drusilla’s car? Where’s the key to her Lexis?”

“Oh yeah,” the old man said. “He left a key for me to give to you.” He handed Spike a key on a ring.

“This isn’t even a whole key! It’s broken in half! What the bloody hell ‘appened to it?” Spike couldn’t believe how his morning was going. It wasn’t even eight o’clock!

“I think he said something about a dog. Not quite sure, couldn’t catch the rest of it. Looked like he was in a lot of pain though.” He shrugged and went back in.

What the heck did Xander do now, Buffy wondered to herself. She’d have to talk to him after work. She shook her head and pushed her bike onwards.

There’s no friggin’ taxi around here either. And it’d take too long to call for one, Spike thought. His head ran through the possible choices. When he turned his head, he saw Drusilla’s assistant and her bike. He ran up to her. “”Ey, Bonnie, right?

Her difficulty breathing came back with a flash. “Buffy. Buffy Summers.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. Let me borrow your bike, alright?”

“N-n-no, sorry…I-I have to g-go to work.”

“Work, ehh?” He suddenly grabbed her arm. “Great, let’s ride together, shall we?” he said ignoring her little squeak.

They rode down the busy street, past all the cars stuck in traffic. She leaned back to look at him, unable to believe what was happening. His forehead was glistening with sweat as he pedaled the bike as fast as he could in his designer suit.

I don’t think he’s ridden a bike in ages, Buffy said to herself. But he certainly looks yummy! God he’s so sexy when he sweats. She blushed, and tried to stop her train of thoughts before it could lead her into trouble.

They rode past several taxis and Buffy held her breath when Spike tried to call for one, afraid that it would empty. She sighed in relief when they were all occupied. She held onto him a little bit tighter as she leaned forward to rest her head on his back shoulder. She never realized how warm and good it felt to hold onto someone. Relishing his touch, she closed her eyes and smiled.

She imagined them galloping across the open field on a white horse. He sat in front of her, handling the reins as she wrapped her hands around his waist, her face alight with a brilliant smile. She’d never felt so happy in her life. She felt like a princess and had even found her prince. Her long blonde curls bounced in the wind, gleaming in the sun. Her dress, a beautiful white princess dress, decorated with tiny pearls sewn into it, flounced about her. Spike slowed the horse and got off. He held up his hand, and she grabbed it, her heart fluttering at the sight of his sexy smile. The smile she knew that was just for her. He grabbed her waist and slowly brought her down, letting her body slide against his. She loved the warmth and strength of his muscular body, and savored the feel of it.

They walked in the fields, their hands grasped together. There was no talk, just peaceful, companionable silence as they enjoyed each other’s company. He stopped and held up her hand, only to bend down slightly to kiss it. Her smile never leaving her face, she felt herself melt into a puddle. He straightened and pulled her head in for a kiss. The kiss was the stuff of fairytales, soft and sweet, gentle and delicious. She felt her heart burst in happiness.

Her head tilted upwards and she moaned quietly, lost in the sensations of his kiss. Spike looked back and down at her. Seeing her smile, he wondered what she was thinking about. The chit’s pretty, especially when she smiles, he thought to himself. He moved his shoulder a bit, to try and wake her up.

Buffy jolted up, panting for breath, when she realized what she had done.

Spike chuckled. “Didn’t get a good night’s sleep last night, pet? I’m ‘ere.”

She kept her head turned away from his as much as she could, too embarrassed to meet his eyes. Her cheeks were flaming red.

“Sorry, my riding’s pretty bad. I scratched it up a bit back there but I’ll have Drusilla pay for the damages. Thanks ever so for letting me borrow it; you’re a real luv,” he said and walked into the building of Giles and Son, Inc.

Buffy groaned and covered her face with her hands. “Oh God, oh God! He saw me drooling all over him! He must think I’m a total idiot! What am I going to do now?” She whimpered in humiliation, hoping that something would kill her, and soon.

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