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Summary: Spike Giles, a rich tycoon who had everything going for him, suddenly loses everything all at once after a car accident: his eyesight, his company, and his girlfriend. So how does Buffy Summers, a shy woman who trembles at the sight of men, help Spike find his way through his darkest time and end up finding his true love? Read and find out!
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Published: 01/13/2005 Updated: 08/05/2005

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9. Chapter 8: The Things We Do by Angelbliss [Reviews - 5] Liked (1019 words)
wow...an update, finally....hope there are still people reading....it's a short one i know..next chappie will be longer...i tink...=P

please review...I'd like to know who's still interested in reading...

10. Chapter 9: Just a Favor by Angelbliss [Reviews - 8] Liked (932 words)
The long and lost disclaimer: both the characters or the plot belongs to me!! I'm just borrowing them...plot's from an old chinese movie, which i can't remember the name of, in case any one's forgotten.

Please review!! I promise to respond!!

11. Chapter 10: The Beginning of Something Beautiful by Angelbliss [Reviews - 12] Liked (1803 words)
Standard Disclaimers Apply...me no own nuffin

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