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Chapter 5: The End to a Friendship

“Come in,” Spike said when someone knocked on the door to his office.

“Mr. Giles, someone brought this in for you,” his secretary said to him and placed a small potted plant on his mahogany desk.

His eyebrow lifted in surprise. “Thanks pet,” he said as she left the office. Now who could this be from? he wondered to himself. Reaching over, he grabbed the note and read it aloud.

“How can I ever say I’m sorry
I don’t even know how to begin
I know what I did was a mistake

I just want to apologize
There are tears in my eyes
I’m sorry”*

From someone who regrets much

Spike smiled and leaned back in his black leather chair. Since when did Drusilla start writing poems? She must have felt really bad for making him miss his meeting the other day.

The door flung open to show his da, stepmum, and stepbrother. Rupert Giles was the president of the Giles and Son Inc.; he built it from the ground up. It started off small but quickly expanded to the large corporation it was today. Although this company was his baby, he still made time to be with his family however busy he was. He was a strict and disciplined man, one who didn’t allow for any excuses or weakness but no one could deny he did his best to be a good father.

After Spike’s mum Mary, died of cancer years ago, Jenny Calendar married his da and together they had Angelus. She had been working a few years as his secretary, which was how they met. Spike knew though, that his da never cheated on his mum; it was just the type of man he was. He was faithful in every aspect and he loved his wife to her last dying breath. After a few years, Jenny opened his eyes to the outside world again and eased away his grief.

Angel came into the world a year after they married. She indulged his every whim, no matter how much Rupert had disliked and discouraged it. Needless to say, he became spoiled and petulant when things didn’t go his way. For this reason, he was often impatient and irritated with his younger son. How was he to make himself successful if all he could do was whine about his problems?

With Spike however, the only word to describe Jenny’s interaction with him was muted dislike. She didn’t care for his presence yet she put up with it because she didn’t have a choice but to. As a teenager, he was baffled and hurt by her apathy but Spike had long gotten use to her treatment. He treated her with civility, as did she with him when she had to, and that was enough for the both of them.

Rupert pushed Angel into the office, his wife following close behind.

Spike quickly stuffed the note in his pocket and stood up, wondering what was going on.

Angel stood in front of Spike’s desk, with his head hanging. He had his gaze on the ground, not daring to look up.

“Now that your older brother’s here, tell me. Did he allow you to transfer so much money out of the company’s funds?” Rupert said, his voice rising with every word.

“Honey, do you really have to scold your son in such a way? He’s a big boy now.” Jenny said pleadingly, her hand on Angel’s arm to soothe him.

Rupert glared at her. “Exactly. He’s still a boy! You always spoil him!”

Jenny didn’t deny a word, but instead looked away almost in a guilty fashion.

“He spent almost three million dollars last month to buy a necklace for one of those actress-girlfriends of his. Did you approve of it? Did you even know about it?” Rupert asked.

Spike’s eyebrows lifted for a second before it smoothed away. He glanced over to Angel, surprise evident in his eyes. Angel looked back at him, pleading to help him out.

“Umm, yeah Da. I approved of his spending. You know how it is. You want us to start taking care of business for you. We have to keep our clients happy, and keep our good name in the media. We have to keep up with our image,” said Spike.

Rupert frowned in disappointment but his anger softened, knowing that Spike was right. “You’re always helping him.” He glared at Angel again before leaving the room.

Angel looked up and said “Old prick” to his father’s back.

Walking around his desk, Spike reached his brother. “Don’t say that, Angelus. He’s only worried about you.”

Angel scoffed and muttered “whatever” under his breath.

“Your dad might be worried about him but you really don’t give a damn, right?” Jenny said.

“What? Of course I care,” Spike rebutted. “Angel’s my brother!”

“Oh whatever. Stop with that act already. You’re happy that your father’s angry at him,” Jenny said harshly. She was pissed at this incidence and needed to let it out somehow.

Spike looked to his brother, silently asking if he agreed with her. Angel looked back at him sullenly, not contradicting a word that Jenny was saying.

Sighing, Spike said, “Think what you like. Now please leave, I ‘ave work to do.” He walked back around his desk and sat down.

With a “humph” Jenny took Angel’s arm again and left the office.

He shook his head, annoyed at them and at the fact that his concentration was shot for the day.

Although Drusilla and Buffy were both sitting at the table in Dru’s penthouse, they were doing two completely different things. Buffy was signing fan mail in Dru’s name while Dru was having fun looking at a porn magazine.

“Omigod, look at the size of that dick!” she exclaimed happily with a cigarette in her hand. She glanced over at Buffy. “Geez, what’s taking you so long? You’ve been at it for like over an hour.”

Buffy pouted. “There’s over a thousand of these,” she said as she finished another one. It’d certainly get done a lot faster if *someone* would help, Buffy thought to herself. She stopped for a minute to shake her hand to relieve some of the tension.

“Man, I’d like some of that. Look how long it is. And how thick!” Dru said lustily. She flipped through a few more pages and could feel herself getting even wetter.

“Umm Dru, you’re really scaring me with that look on your face.”

“Please, girl. This is the 21st century. Guys aren’t the only ones who think about sex anymore. Here, taking this home and study it. Maybe it’ll come in handy for you some day,” Dru said to her as she put the magazine down in front of Buffy.

Flushing, she tried not to look at the pictures and instead put it to the side. She did not want to become anything like Dru.

When the door opened and Spike called out “Dru, you home?” her eyes widened in shock. “Shit shit shit!” Panicking, she looked around for a decent place where she could put out her cigarette. After a few seconds of frantic searching, she found the perfect place. She stuck it in Buffy’s mouth and then put the magazine in her hands.

And that’s what Spike saw when he reached the dining room where the lights were on. Buffy with a cigarette in her mouth and a magazine filled with buff naked men and their erect penises held up. He cocked an eyebrow and smirked. Never in a million years did he think that Miss Muffy, with her innocent little face and her endearing stutter would be a closet-looker-of-porn.

Buffy flushed like a bright red tomato when she realized what it must look like.

Drusilla popped right in front of him and asked, “Baby! What are you doing here?”

He smiled and tweaked her nose to which she jumped back and said, “Don’t touch my nose!”

“When did you start writing poems?” He asked.
With a puzzled look on her face, Dru replied, “Poems?”

“Yeah, something that goes like ‘How can I ever say I’m sorry/
I don’t even know how to begin/ I know what I did was a mistake/
I just want to apologize/ There are tears in my eyes/ I’m sorry.’ You don’t need to apologize for that day, pet, after all I enjoyed that time with you much more than I would have at the meeting,” Spike said and curled his tongue while giving her a sexy look.

Ohhhhh crap, Buffy thought. He wasn’t supposed to bring it here! Now Drusilla’s going to kill me.

“Oh yeah, that one…Just got inspired for a quick moment and wanted to do something nice for you, darling,” she said and draped her arms around his neck.

He brought the potted plant from behind his back and set it on the table. “The flowers are nice too, luv.” He put his now free hands around her waist and they shared a heavy kiss.

When he was finally out of breath, he pulled away and asked, “Oh, where’s my guitar?”

“It’s over there on top of the cabinet.”

When Spike left to get it, Drusilla turned back to Buffy. After seeing the evil look in Dru’s eyes, Buffy quickly put down the magazine and took the cigarette out of her mouth. She got up from her seat and said, “Well, I gotta get going.”

“Not so fast. What the hell was that? Are you trying to get with *my* boyfriend? I’m a friggin superstar. And you’re a nobody. Got that?” said Drusilla, spitefully.

“It was in the cabinet, not on top,” Spike said as he walked toward them, not noticing the tension between the two.

Buffy ran forward, eager to escape Drusilla’s presence. “Let me get the door for you, Mr. Giles.”

“Thanks, ducks. Please, call me Spike. Mr. Giles makes me feel old.” He smiled and turned to Dru and gave her a kiss. “And I’ll see you later, luv.”

Buffy quickly tried to leave as well but Drusilla stood in her way. “Since you’ve helped me for a week, I’ll pay you a thousand. But then I want you out of my face and Spike’s as well. I don’t want to see you following him around like some little puppy.”

Buffy felt the sting of tears in her eyes and pushed it back, refusing to cry in front of Drusilla. “I don’t want the money,” she said. “I want the plant.”

Drusilla picked it up from the table along with the magazine. “Whatever, just take it,” she said as she handed both to her. “And don’t say I never keep my promises.”

Spike moved the clutch to drive and he peeled out of the parking space. When he passed by the entrance of the front lobby and saw Buffy walking out, holding the potted plant, he came to a stop.

“Need a ride, pet?” he asked her.

Buffy’s eyes swung to his and then looked away. She clutched at the plant as if it was her lifeline and shifted uncomfortably.

When she didn’t respond, he asked, “Did Dru ask you to take care of the plant?”

She just nodded, unable to say anything.

“You must really ‘ate talking, don’t you?” He chuckled when she still didn’t say anything, and saw that she looked miserable in his presence. “Well, maybe next time.” He winked and drove off.

Finally able to look up, she watched him drive away and felt worse than ever. Feeling the sting in her eyes again, she rubbed her eyes and went to go get her bike.

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