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I came late into the world of BtVS. The 1st episode I ever watched was Season 4’s “Harsh Light of Day”, but was put off by the casual nature of Buffy’s liaison with Parker and didn’t watch the show again until I was bored one night a year later and tuned in to “Out of my mind”. I was captivated by Spike realizing he loved Buffy, and was hooked. From there I had to go back and see all the past episodes. During Season 6, I googled Spike on a whim, and ::Lo - angels' choir:: discovered the wonderful world of screen caps and fan fiction. Much of the fan fic I liked better than canon, because Buffy was treating Spike so badly on the show. I was so frustrated with her during the beginning of season 7, that I almost stopped watching. I gave it one last chance the night “Help” aired, and amazingly, they gave me hope when Cassie told Spike “Someday she’ll tell you.” My illusive muse came out of hiding, and I wrote “To Wed a Vampire”, after watching “Dirty Girls.” So from the beginning, my first love of the fandom is Spike and his redemption. He fascinates me, beginning as one of the most evil vampires ever to rampage over the earth, and through the power of love, eventually transforming into a champion that sacrificed himself to save the world.

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Down the Road I Go by Megan_Tam

Rated: NC-17 • 187 Reviews Liked
Summary: A Slayer. A vampire. A 1959 DeSoto. Spike kidnaps Buffy and heads back to Brazil in a misguided attempt to appease Drusilla. What starts out as revenge turns into an experience neither will forget. If they don't kill each other first.
Reviewer: Joyful Dayz Signed Liked
Date: 11/29/2006 Title: Chapter 22: Twenty-Two

I loved it! I'm so glad you finished it. Thanks for a great read.

Somewhere only we know by wall_flower

Rated: PG • 20 Reviews Liked
Summary: *WINNER of the 'best dark fic' in round two at the Fang Fetish Awards* When impending death threatens, a broken group reconcile in a long-forgotten part of sunny California.
Reviewer: Joyful Dayz Signed Liked
Date: 11/29/2006 Title: Chapter 1: Somewhere only we know

Beautiful story. Poignant. It broke my heart.

Author's Response: Sorry! But thank you all the same honey xxx

How we live now by wall_flower

Rated: PG • 13 Reviews Liked
Summary: When the Powers force an unwilling Slayer to join forces with an evil Master Vampire in order to defeat an other-worldly being intent on destroying the earth, is it unnatural that they should develop feelings for each other? And should they be punished for the love they share?
Reviewer: Joyful Dayz Signed Liked
Date: 11/29/2006 Title: Chapter 1: Once upon a time

Great idea! I love the punishment, but I can't bear to see Spike unhappy. The original fairy tales didn't all have happy endings, were gruesome, in fact, but I'm a sucker for the ones that do end happily. Sequel, please?

Author's Response: Tee hee, maybe someday when I get round to it [lol] Thank you for the review sweetheart =)

Picked out of a hat by Phoenix

Rated: PG • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy gets entered into a kareoke competition as does Spike...singing ensues
Reviewer: Joyful Dayz Signed Liked
Date: 11/29/2006 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter one

Good story! I like how they sing their feelings to each other, gets around Buffy's inability to admit to them.

Author's Response: lol yep:D

Ring Around the Buffy - Conclusion by Anaunthe

Rated: NC-17 • 103 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy must pose as Spike's human slave to infiltrate a vampire human slave ring and rescue Tara. Of course everything that can go wrong does, forcing the reluctant couple to take things far futher than they ever intended. Typical snarky humor, innuendo, and eventually, smut.
Reviewer: Joyful Dayz Signed Liked
Date: 11/29/2006 Title: Chapter 19: Epilogue the Second

I loved this fic, and was glad you chose to finish it. Very moving. I'm a sucker for a happy ending, even though they didn't get it on the series, I'd like to think they would in 'rl' lol. Any chance for it when you've finished your other wip's?

Author's Response: Thanks. I will think about it since, you are not the only one to ask.

DIY singing by Phoenix

Rated: NC-17 • 14 Reviews Liked
Summary: ok i suck at story titles! basically i took the idea of OMWF, set it a little afterwards, had Willow cast a spell, and wrote my own lyrics. Also Buffy and Spike are traped in her house together:D:D he he
Reviewer: Joyful Dayz Signed Liked
Date: 11/29/2006 Title: Chapter 1: ONE

Beautiful lyrics! I'd like to hear them sing them. I also liked it that for once Willow's spell went right. Maybe because Tara was involved this time? :) Double spacing between speakers would make it easier to read.

Author's Response: thanks, although i'm pretty sure that some of the lyrics are a bit weak and are better written than sung but thnaks. i'll bear in mind the double spacing thing

A Little Bit Of Heaven by pfeifferpack

Rated: PG • 11 Reviews Liked
Summary: This takes place between "Wrecked" and "Gone" in season 6. "Wrecked" is the last episode aired before Christmas that year and "Gone" was aired after the New Year. A kinder S6 Spuffy moment.
Reviewer: Joyful Dayz Signed Liked
Date: 11/29/2006 Title: Chapter 1: A Little Bit Of Heaven

Lovely story. I liked the idea of Spike giving her a day at the spa, and that Dawn sought him out instead of just letting their friendship languish.
Whenever you mean to add an apostrophe, and a couple of other times? it is coming over as a question mark. I've found that sometimes happens if I go from email to email with incompatible formats. Perhaps if you uploaded the story from an attachment it would fix that? Or if that is how you did it, try cutting and pasting.

Author's Response: Thank you for wading through it anyway! I corrected it. I think it may be connected with some computer problems I've been having. Thanks again. K