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I came late into the world of BtVS. The 1st episode I ever watched was Season 4’s “Harsh Light of Day”, but was put off by the casual nature of Buffy’s liaison with Parker and didn’t watch the show again until I was bored one night a year later and tuned in to “Out of my mind”. I was captivated by Spike realizing he loved Buffy, and was hooked. From there I had to go back and see all the past episodes. During Season 6, I googled Spike on a whim, and ::Lo - angels' choir:: discovered the wonderful world of screen caps and fan fiction. Much of the fan fic I liked better than canon, because Buffy was treating Spike so badly on the show. I was so frustrated with her during the beginning of season 7, that I almost stopped watching. I gave it one last chance the night “Help” aired, and amazingly, they gave me hope when Cassie told Spike “Someday she’ll tell you.” My illusive muse came out of hiding, and I wrote “To Wed a Vampire”, after watching “Dirty Girls.” So from the beginning, my first love of the fandom is Spike and his redemption. He fascinates me, beginning as one of the most evil vampires ever to rampage over the earth, and through the power of love, eventually transforming into a champion that sacrificed himself to save the world.

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Stories by Joyful Dayz

A New Day by Joyful Dayz

Rated: 18 • 51 Reviews Liked
Summary: Sequel to “To Wed a Vampire”. It follows directly after the events in that story. It can be found here: To Wed a Vampire. Previously, Spike and Buffy have wed vampire style, quadrupled their powers, and have new hope for the future. This fic is an alternate end of Season 7, with spoilers thru "Chosen" twisted and shuffled to suit me. Rated mild R for vague sexual situations and violence.

The Better To Bite You With by Joyful Dayz

Rated: NC-17 • 28 Reviews Liked
Summary: Season 5: Buffy has discovered that The Hellgod Glorificus captured and tortured Spike in an attempt to make him tell her where the key was. This is the “fang fic” that tried to barge its way into “A New Day”.

To Wed a Vampire by Joyful Dayz

Rated: 18 • 22 Reviews Liked
Summary: Setting: Season 7, post “Dirty Girls”; Rated mild M; Spike suggests a way to help even the odds in the coming fight. Story revamped 3/5/08. It's three times the length of the original version, I'd appreciate any comments.