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I'm Megz I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spuffy, and writing. I'm 19. I have more stories coming so hold tight!!!

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Mafia Mistress by Spuffy_obsessed

Rated: NC-17 • 689 Reviews Liked
Summary: Hank Summers is the head of the Summers Mafia which is based in L.A. William “Spike” Giles is the co-leader for his family’s mafia branch in L.A. as well while his dad, Rupert Giles is at the head base in England. Hank and Spike need to alliance against the other two main mafias. Spike takes an interest in Hank’s oldest daughter Elizabeth Summers a.k.a. Buffy. In exchange for loyalty between the two men Spike demands for Buffy to be his mistress maybe even possible wife and Hank agrees. What will Buffy do when she is forced over to a man she thinks is just as horrible as her father and she is left to lead the life of a mafia leader’s mistress. Spike is intrigued by her innocence with mix of her stubborn streak and a mouth that seems to always put him in his place. Will Spike be able to tame her and get her to live with the life he leads or will she just shun him for the rest of their lives?
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 07/15/2013 Title: Chapter 1: The Meetings

I come on this site so rarely now, and I'm glad that when I did I saw you had finally updated. I followed you on tumblr, so I will for sure be bugging to update more.

I'm glad that Buffy is finally taking control of the situation, and she is willing to learn. Of course she's a natural at shooting. Plus love the subtle Spuffy moments.

Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 09/15/2009 Title: Chapter 29: Desire in it's purest form

I was so happy when I saw you updated and I read right away and then thought maybe I should have waited in case there was a long wait again but I am so happy none the less. I can't wait for more and seems that Buffy is having trouble denying Spike much longer. I loved her interaction with Faith. The thing with Riley, Angel, and Darla was great. Stupid Riley doesn't he know the evil plotting is for the big boys and girls. Please update soon I love this story!

Sideways by GoldenUsagi

Rated: 18 • 1462 Reviews Liked
Alternate reality. Buffy starts as a normal college girl. But her life is slowly turned upside down beginning with the day she’s unexpectedly in danger. Hired by chance to protect her is Spike, a vampire with a reputation for doing business with anyone for enough money. She’s less than thrilled, but finds herself drawn to him even as she realizes he’s more than he seems. But humans aren’t the only ones after her, and when she’s called as the Slayer, her whole world changes. Things with Spike, who she’s discovered some realities about, are no longer as simple as they seemed. But being sent to the Hellmouth and realizing the high death rate of her calling, Buffy hires Spike as backup with the only thing she has left—Slayer blood. Winner of 20 awards!
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 09/15/2009 Title: Chapter 92: Epilogue

Long time reader of the story, first time reviewer. I really enjoyed this story. I think it is great Buffy and Spike ended up living together. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! And thank you for reviewing!

Fix You by Pandora

Rated: NC-17 • 155 Reviews Liked
Summary: When Buffy was left broken and battered after a night on the town, she only felt comfortable turning to one person—her lifelong best friend and future medical student—Spike. Nominated for Best Angst in the Cradle of Humanity awards Round 3. Thank you so much!
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 03/22/2009 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter Nine

YYYYYYAAAAYYYY!!!!!! I am so happy you updated. I love this story!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next and see how there friendship is. Can't wait to read soon.

Author's Response: :D Glad you're still with me! I'm really excited about the future. There are so many things that I enjoy that I've had to push to the side, because life has been kicking my arse. But now I'm kicking back! Updates will continue to be spotty for a bit, but in a couple of months I should blessedly be able to have some sort of schedule again. Thanks so much for the review! :)

Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 09/27/2009 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter Ten

Span you are back!!! Yay I loved the new update. I love Xander jumping and thinking Spike wouldn't think to take her to the doctors when she looked that injured. I can't wait for more and to ifnd put how Spike confronts Faith. Hopefully his temper won't be to bad. Looking forward to more and hopefully we'll talk in the box soon!

Author's Response: Sim! I'm really hoping I can find the time to write more. It feels so great getting started with it again. I'm really busy lately, but it's a good busy, and I'm hoping it will put me in the right headspace to write more. Great to hear from you! :)

The pink toothbrush by Jayda

Rated: NC-17 • 113 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy Summers is madly in love with Spike Giles and is trying to push the relationship forward but Spike is completely blind to her attempts. Will she keep trying to make him commit? Or will she walk away forever? *The first in a series of short stories depicting classic love urban legends see A/N
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 11/11/2008 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4

This story is so amazing. I can't wait until you add more. I love how this isn't a story that you read often with Spike being the one holding her at arms length and Buffy wanting in.

Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 11/11/2008 Title: Chapter 5: Cahpter 5

Wow!!!!! I love it!!!!!!! It is so well done and him going to Sunnydale is so amazing but at least have him re do his hair first. I love how you had him realize how much he likes having her around. I am so excited for the next chapter and I hope it comes soon. Keep up the amazing work.


Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 11/24/2008 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

I love the new chapter. I think she had let him off a little to easily though, but at the same time who couldn't forgive him that fast.

Angel Season 5 - Revisited by Plague

Rated: U • 46 Reviews Liked
Summary: How would season five of Angel have gone if Buffy and the Scoobies were involved? What would have happened between Buffy and Spike? How would it all end?
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 08/30/2009 Title: Angel Season 5 - Revisited

okay the idea was good putting Buffy and Dawn in season 5 but by putting them in everything would be different. You are making it to similar and they all seem so out of character especially Buffy since whyy would she be mad at someone for dying. also try shorter chapters

Author's Response: Hi immortalangel, I'm trying not to change everything by having them in. Because essentially they are in the Angel show and by story, they are in his town. Buffy is in charge when Angel is in Sunnydale just like Angel has to be in charge in LA when Buffy is there. Plus, it hasn't been long since the big battle where Buffy and her gang suffered a lot and emerged victorious. So they will not be very eager to jump into the battle. To highlight from a sentence from my previous chapter, "She didn’t feel it wise to mention that she also wanted to keep an eye on how things were in case Angel lost his focus. Buffy still could not completely believe how Angel could be successful and she wanted to be able to stop it before things get worse." So she is not taking charge but keeping a watchful eye at the situation. Now as for Buffy and Spike, both are irrational and act before they think. I have explained why she was mad in the story. :) Thanks for the review. Can't wait to hear from you about my upcoming chapters.

Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 09/22/2009 Title: Chapter 1: Those 19 Days

Looks good can't wait to read more!


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 02/13/2009 Title: None

This is so amazing. I can't wait to see what will happen. Stupid Buffy for not realizing his real feelings for her. Can't wait to read the next chapter.

Beautiful Mistakes. by Spikes_slayer08

Rated: NC-17 • 139 Reviews Liked
Runner Up at the Cradle Of Humanity Awards Round 3 for Best WIP........................

Buffy and Spike have been best friends for as long as they both can remember. After one passion filled night together Buffy and Spike find themselves in uncharted waters. Cheating partners, a bottle of Jack Daniels, tight shirts, jeans and entangled limbs. Was the night all one big mistake? Will Spike realise Buffy’s true feelings before he looses her forever? or will it all just be to little to late?

You can also find that trailer i made for the fic here:
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 10/21/2009 Title: Chapter 9: Old Friedns & Old Enimies.

It was an interesting chapter and I agree with the others about the spelling mistakes. I noticed you put 'cretin' instead of certain. I know you already have a beta but from this I don't see that.

She Never Told by Jake

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 112 Reviews Liked
Summary: Behind every 'normal' person, there's a past. Best Buffy characterization and Best Fantasy Angst- Thank you to whoever nominated this.
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 09/10/2009 Title: Chapter 15: Time to Tell

Jake you did it again and I loved it and it made me cry. I hate the bastard even more now and poor Buffy for having to go through this and I can't wait to see what happens next with Joyce maybe knowing. I remember you talking about the trigger times before being in September and December and I was a little shocked when you said you were writing it but I am so glad and holy wow I love this fic. *hugs x 1345678765456776545 *

now back to talking to you in the box

All's Fair in Love and Murder by Jake

Rated: NC-17 • 58 Reviews Liked
Summary: What happens when ex-lovers and current partners are forced to work with each other on a new case?
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 07/01/2009 Title: Chapter 6: Everybody loves Buffy

So good and I can't wait to read more. Love the revelations in this chapter and super excited for the next one :)

Author's Response: Little plot bunnies have been pestering me so I finally gave in and decided Dawn would be there.

Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 09/16/2009 Title: Chapter 7: I'll give you a cookie...

Yay you updated! Aw poor bored Buffy and her and Spike fighting was sweet and I enjoyed the old couple asking how long they have been married. Can't wait for more.


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 07/13/2009 Title: None

This was really good and sort of what I went through growing up. Except it was for weekends not full week and he would come to our house but I heard meeting at a place was more common. The time jump was interesting but it oddly worked. I really liked that you had them divorce and then reconnect to each other. Good ending big sis *hugs*

When You Need Me by BuffyXenaDQFan

Rated: NC-17 • 288 Reviews Liked
Summary: Summary: Buffy Summers and Spike Pratt have been best friends since they were stealing each other’s juice boxes in preschool. They’ve been there for each other’s ups and downs. When Buffy’s parents, who have always been her model couple, tell her they’re getting a divorce, she runs to the one source of comfort she’s got left. He sat on the edge of the bed, hands gripping the sides of his head as the dull ache pounded there like the battery of a marching band. His stomach felt horrid, his body ached, but nothing compared to the feeling deep inside that told him he’d done something so incredibly stupid that things were never going to be the same again.
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 04/27/2009 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10

I love it. It was super sweet that she took care of him. Stupid Dru but yay for Spike telling her off. Can't wait to read more. *hugs*

Author's Response: :) Thanks so much! More to come soon!

The Right Kind of Lie by Jake

Rated: 18 • 53 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike is a famous author and is friends with a famous Hollywood actress. To quell rumors about the two of them they must do something that both have aways wanted.
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 08/13/2009 Title: Chapter 5: Your hand was where?!!!

Loved the new chapter and can't wait for more!

I'm Getting Married in the...Hold Up! by Jake

Rated: 18 • 60 Reviews Liked
Summary: When Buffy needs a date for her sisters wedding her only choice happens to be the man she's planning on divorcing. Can she survive two long weeks with him at her side?
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 08/04/2009 Title: Chapter 5: Welcome to the floral hell

Go Buffy for thinking that they were faking and what an interesting development between Drusilla and Angel. Looks like Buffy is realizing that she and SPike are meant to be. "Down the table, Spike glared at his plate as the unbidden image of Buffy shacked up with his uncle came to mind." This is definately interesting and I can't wait to learn more about that. Loved it!!!

Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 08/25/2009 Title: Chapter 6: A day in the park...never ends well

I loved it. Buffy and Spike are so cute together and stupid Dru and Liam with their scheming. And Joyce was hilarious with her palnning. Can't wait for more. *hugs*

Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 09/29/2009 Title: Chapter 7: After the game

Golly gee this is a good story. Haha Dawn is always the suspicious one who thinks she is ahead when really she is behind. I can't wait for more and it should be funny when Dru and Angel realie holy crap maybe they won't leave each other. hahaha what dumb asses

What I've Become by Jake

Rated: NC-17 • 39 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set during Becoming, what would have happened if Buffy hadn't been able to defeat Angelus? What if the alliance between Spike and Buffy had been slightly different?
Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 07/09/2009 Title: Chapter 2: One Weird Vampire

Aw that was cute and you are very ture on Angelus and his following Darla. Can't wait for more.

Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 08/30/2009 Title: Chapter 3: Home Run

Aw poor Buffy. Love how her and Spike interacted. Seriously leave the poor girl alone already. They're gonna send you away for character abuse lol. *hugs*

Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 09/03/2009 Title: Chapter 4: Confessions of a teenage rapist

I loved Joyce's reaction to finding out and I loved her putting her foot down and Spike being his over protective self. Can't wait for more!!!

Reviewer: immortalangel08 Signed Liked
Date: 10/07/2009 Title: Chapter 5: You brought me...homework?

This was such a good chapter and I loved how Spike is so protective over Buffy. Can't wait for the next one!