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Stories by jessyca

He's Fine by jessyca

Rated: PG • 3 Reviews
Summary: A short little ficlet I wrote almost 2 years ago. It takes place during season seven...What would Spike be like if he lost his soul? A somewhat different take on it. Angst, hints of B/S

Just Three Words by jessyca

Rated: PG • 2 Reviews
Summary: Takes place during the Buffy/Spike holding scene from ‘Touched.’ Why Buffy doesn’t admit her feelings for Spike...Buffy POV. This is another one I wrote 2 years ago...

To Keep Fighting by jessyca

Rated: 15 • 12 Reviews
Summary: This is my continuation of the Buffyverse (post Angel). The survivors of the apocalypse make their way to England to pay a visit to some old friends. Lost loves find one another, new loves are found and new friendships are forged.