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Stories by redwulf50

Bludhaven Hellmouth by redwulf50

Rated: U • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: Bludhaven Hellmouth: When the Mouth of Hell opens in The Haven, can Spike, Dick, and the hero's of DCU handle it without Slayer Intervention? Post BTVS Chosen & pre-issue #93 of Nightwing; BTVS crosses over with the DC Comics Universe

Eternal Champion by redwulf50

Rated: NC-17 • 7 Reviews
Summary: Post NFA Spike has a new title and a lot of old enemies

Hard Days Knights by redwulf50

Rated: NC-17 • 19 Reviews Liked
Summary: Hard Days Knights: If your worst enemy becomes your best friend, and your best friends become your worst enemies, it gonna be a Hard Day's Knight. Post BTVS Becoming.

Time Tossed by redwulf50

Rated: NC-17 • 15 Reviews
Summary: Time Tossed: Sequel to Starshine's BSV challenge response fic The Ungettable Get. Buffy and her children Erin and William go back in time to BTVS S4. Twists at the beginning of Wild at Heart. Someone hates Buffy, Spike, and their happy family so much that they have crossed time to seek venegence.