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My name is Aisling (Ash-Ling), Irish spelling, so awkward! Half Irish then obviously, half Sri Lankan, born and raised in Englad moved to Rep. Of Ireland recently.

I am undergoing a computer ban, because i'm in my last year of school and i have been so bust writing Harry Potter fan fiction i havent done ANY studying, so my mum won't let me on the computer (i'm at my dads right now).

So, I have been reading over Long Way Home and when i get unbanned i will write another chapter of that!

I'm trying to get into reading Buffy fics before i start writing again, but i will HOPEFULLY have a new chapter of something by the middle of June (end of exam time).

Thanks for reading. Sorry i neglected you all for so long!!

Aisling xxx

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Stories by Aisling

Different Turn of Events by Aisling

Rated: NC-17 • 10 Reviews
Summary: When the Anointed One tries to bleed Willow, Jenny, Giles and Cordelia and when Buffy, Angel and Xander don’t make it in time, and the vampires have already started the bleeding. The Master is brought back; but without the ritual completed he is weak. This is an AU of Season 2. Set after ‘When She Was Bad’ most of the season has changed. Only writing the Spike/Buffy centric episodes or just fun ones {so there can be S/B and Angel bashing}.

Family Ties by Aisling

Rated: NC-17 • 50 Reviews
Summary: Post Innocence. After Buffy stakes Dru, Angelus goes after her. Wounded and scared Buffy runs into Spike- who doesn’t know of Drus dusty ending yet -his confused feelings for her impending death lead him to turn her. She in turn turns Xander and Willow as her own Childer. Willow gets staked, paving the way for my X/B/S triangle! Once Angelus has been tortured and staked by Spike for having tried to kill him. SPUFFY!

Long Way Home by Aisling

Rated: NC-17 • 67 Reviews
Summary: Buffy jumps off the tower and instead of dying is transported into an alternate reality. Buffy, complete with memories wakes up in her own body. The catch... she is herself, however she has been in a coma since Xander revived her with CPR after dying at the hands of the Master. After being in a coma for 3.5 months how does Buffy, with full memories of possible upcoming events react with Spike, and friends? And her living mother? SPUFFY!

Midnight by Aisling

Rated: NC-17 • 24 Reviews
Summary: Just as Spike goes to bite 18th Century Buffy, what if he didn't tease and taunt her, and instead just bit her...? He bites and she becomes Buffy, but before Angel can get him off of her Spike takes off with her. He gives her a choice, die or unlive with him... What will she choose?

Two of a Kind by Aisling

Rated: NC-17 • 15 Reviews
Summary: When Angelus is sent to Hell through Acathla Spike emerges from the other side as the portal closes. Takes Buffy in his arms and turns her for the second time. As Spike re-lives his life in the other dimension with this worlds Buffy, the real Spike is off dreaming of Buffy and himself, doing things that never happened. Determined to put a stop to the dreams he heads back to kill her, only to arrive after the other-dimension-Spike has been taken back to his world. Left with a Childe slayer and a growing love for her, how does he cope with the fact that he has to live up to the ghost of himself in her heart?