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Okay, it's been many months since I've updated my stories. I wouldn't blame anyone for giving up on me. But here I am updating! My daughter claims Buffy changed my life, helped me decide to launch a new career and take on other unexpected challenges,
. She may be right.

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Stories by Satindoll

Changeling by Satindoll

Rated: NC-17 • 149 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set many years in the future, Buffy and Spike are together and Buffy has reached a "certain age." Spike and Buffy have a daughter (long story) and she has convinced them to take her trick-or-treating for Halloween in California. Seasonal references galore!! Also some friendly Spuffiness.

The Triple Fool by Satindoll

Rated: 15 • 320 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set during Season V, Buffy and Spike meet on neutral ground and reveal parts of themselves that others never see. Inspired by a poem that Spike might have read as a young man. Selected as a Judge's Choice in the 12th round of the Spuffy Awards.