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Stories by Weeza

Married By America by Weeza

Rated: 18 • 200 Reviews Liked
Summary: Giles asks Buffy and Spike to investigage a reality tv show by taking part in it. Buffy soon learns that being stuck in a house alone with Spike is going to be more difficult than she realized. Takes place during season 6 but mostly AU. Majorly Spuffy!

Soul Searching by Weeza

Rated: 15 • 72 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set after season 6. Buffy is missing Spike. Spike returns and Willow gets the help she needs. All characters are involved but mainly a B/S story with a S/W friendship also involves W/T. Mostly Drama with a side of fluff. It's a little rough on Spike in the beginning but gets better later. Lots of twists and turns with a surprising conclusion.