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Stories by Eternal_red

Half and half by Eternal_red

Rated: NC-17 • 66 Reviews Liked
Summary: Starts during Angel's Destiny episode then goes AU immediately. Buffy discovers that Spike is alive and rushes to LA with Dawn. However her timing's just a little off. Before our lovebirds can make up all hell breaks loose and their problems just get doubled.

The Truce by Eternal_red

Rated: NC-17 • 449 Reviews Liked
Summary: Once in a galaxy, far, far...oh, that’s been done. Right then. Humankind has been at war with the Aurelians for decades. When the two sides finally reach the point where negotiation is better than annihilation, a truce is called and a treaty negotiated on the planet currently under dispute. The peace treaty is cemented symbolically by the joining in marriage of the two youngest soldiers present, thereby throwing Buffy and Spike into a relationship that they really, really, don’t want. Although not a traditional Vampire versus Slayer scenario, it is close enough to be familiar.