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I’ve been a part of Spuffy fandom since 2002—specifically, the summer between my junior and senior years of high school. A friend had pneumonia and wanted company. She took advantage of my presence to put in the first season of BtVS and…well, things spiraled. Throughout the rest of high school and all of college, I wrote Spuffy fanfic like it was my job, immersed myself in fandom (which was on LiveJournal at the time), and eventually founded The Elysian Fields Spuffy Archive with several close fandom friends. As of 2020, I have rejoined EF as part of the admin team.

In 2009, my first novel was published and I began drifting out of fandom to focus on launching my publishing career. In 2010, I finished The Writing on the Wall, my last novel-length Spuffy story of that era, and began working exclusively on original work, published under my penname, Rosalie Stanton.

In 2017, when the 20-year anniversary rolled around, I got nipped by the fandom bug and returned to start a new story and finish two of my abandoned WIPs. As of right now, I am completely back in the saddle. While I do plan to continue publishing as Rosalie Stanton, fandom gives me something I don’t get elsewhere—something I didn’t realize I’d missed until I returned.

I am 100% a romance writer, which means I live for HEAs. As is evident in all of my fics. I am also a proponent of finding a way to make sure the HEA sticks, either by immortalizing Buffy or mortalizing Spike. This, by the way, is why so many of my fics had claims in them. It was an easy way to get that. Though I'm going to see about being more creative in future works.

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Stories by HollyDB

Epilogue by HollyDB

Rated: U • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: They have changed, but the world has not. After 'The Writing on the Wall'.

Ghosts Appear and Fade Away by HollyDB

Rated: 15 • 11 Reviews Liked
Summary: A prophecy. A choice. A martyred vampire, and the Slayer who loves him

Hallelujah by HollyDB

Rated: 18 • 5 Reviews Liked
Summary: ‘Some knowledge and some song and some beauty must be kept for those days before the world again plunges into darkness.’ – Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Harbingers of Beatrice by HollyDB

Rated: NC-17 • 70 Reviews Liked
Summary: Wolfram and Hart, host of the greatest evil acknowledged on Earth, attempts to restructure the Order of Aurelius, one vampire at a time. A soul hampers one, a chip harbors another, and a Slayer stands between them. The pawns are in place; it is simply a matter of who will move first.

In Excelsis Deo by HollyDB

Rated: 18 • 17 Reviews
Summary: Upon answering a desperate call a late autumn night, Wesley invokes the help of Fred in nursing a broken warrior back to health. A warrior that does not want to live but to see the face of a woman that has moved an ocean away.

The Writing on the Wall by HollyDB

Rated: NC-17 • 423 Reviews Liked
Summary: There was no body to bury. There was no funeral. There was nothing but the three rules and the knowledge that a thousand years of torment was nothing compared to a world without her in it. Spike embarks on a journey through the Gates of Hell to rescue the one he loves, but in order to save her, he must risk losing himself.