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I'm a Swedish Spuffy fan named Cissi, or well, that's what I'm called anyway. My real name is Josefine but for some odd reason I've been called Cissi by some friends and the name just got stuck :) You decide what you wanna call me :)

Been watching the show for a year now, started in february last year and how could I miss it when it was on tv? Anyway, I've just started to write fanfics, most of them AU Humans. In the beginning I only read the normal stuff with vampires and slayers just cus i thought it was weird with a human Spike and so on, but after I read Ashlee's fic Once In A Lifetime Love I just got stuck and now, they're my favourites :)

I apologize if my English isn't that great at all times, but for that I have my wonderful beta reader Chriss and also Dutchess Michelle now a days, they've been so helpful and kind all the time since I started to write this story. Thank you sweeties!

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Twisted Fate by Cissi

Rated: NC-17 • 450 Reviews Liked
Summary: AU-Human. After a bad break-up with her boyfriend, Buffy wants a long vacation away from him. Cornwall, England is just the spot. There she meets two great people and maybe a love she wasn't looking for. But will she let herself fall?