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Love BtVS and fanfiction in all shapes and sizes! I have written a few stories myself and am currently working on a couple which I plan to post as soon as I work up the nerve to :) Do love reading and reviewing others' work, it always leaves me with a smile :)

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Stories by my_perfect_muse

A Change of Heart by my_perfect_muse

Rated: 15 • 20 Reviews Liked
Summary: A body switch based story. It's a one-shot atm but may turn into more in the future. What would have happened if Spike had been the one to tell him about Buffy acting strange? What would Buffy do and say after finding out?

Finding Hope by my_perfect_muse

Rated: 15 • 190 Reviews Liked
Summary: All Human A/U - Buffy is left alone raising Dawn after loosing their mother to cancer a few months earlier. What happens when she looses Dawn in the midst of a Christmas shopping spree? Who would find her but security guard Spike... Ok, cheesy summary, and does no justice to the story...

Lighting the Way by my_perfect_muse

Rated: 15 • 15 Reviews Liked
Summary: My submission for the Spuffy Haven Solstice round. Dawn finds a special winter solstice celebration and decides to use it to get Buffy and Spike to finally admit their feelings for each other. Season six with a few changes to help the story.

Queen of Hearts by my_perfect_muse

Rated: 18 • 34 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set in "Life Serial" after the appearance of the red and winged Jonathan demon. Buffy isn't feeling too well, but doesn't want to go home quite yet. Spike offers to take her back to his place and she accepts. When she asks him to teach her to play poker, Spike cannot resist.

Serpent's Egg by my_perfect_muse

Rated: 18 • 102 Reviews Liked
Summary: Season 4 Initiative based. Buffy is captured by the Initiative before Spike but when they are pitted against each other for 'testing' they continue their shaky truce. The duo have to put past feelings aside in order to find a way out of the Initiative and work together to bring down the operation. Buffy is finally forced to see the world in shades of gray and learns more than a few new things about the so-called 'evil' demon community in Sunnydale