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Stories by PeaceHeather

A Gift Unsought by PeaceHeather

Rated: 15 • 37 Reviews Liked
Summary: Post-series, but only just. The Hellmouth is closed, and Spike is gone. A grieving Buffy does her best to cope, until she receives a call from one of Angel's people that turns her world upside down.

Distress Signals by PeaceHeather

Rated: 18 • 53 Reviews Liked
Summary: Post series. After angering a demon who wants something from him that he cannot give, Spike is left helpless and pretty much hopeless too. How can he expect rescue when everyone he knows is either dead already, or believes he is dead too?

Remember, Believe, and Rest by PeaceHeather

Rated: PG • 8 Reviews Liked
Summary: Missing scenes after Buffy rescues Spike from the First Evil. Because I love hurt/comfort, because I decided there just aren't enough post-"Showtime" fics in the world, and as a thank-you to those who read Distress Signals .

Unsung by PeaceHeather

Rated: PG • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: A person's greatest strength is often revealed when no one is around to see it. Post-Showtime, Xander and Buffy have a conversation. If you like, this piece can fit with Remember, Believe, and Rest, but it isn't necessary to read the two together.