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Longtime Spuffy fanfic reader; Spuffy, Spike-centric, and general Buffyverse fanfic author.

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Stories by AmyB

Fear in A Handful of Dust by AmyB

Rated: NC-17 • 48 Reviews
Summary: Timeline: AtS Season 5, after “Origin,” AU “Time Bomb” Summary: Reeling from the betrayal of having their memories hijacked by Wolfram & Hart on Angel’s orders, the Fang Gang enlists the aid of Illyria and Lorne to discover and tell them what is really going on with Angel. Meanwhile, Buffy and company are back in LA following the recent events of “Damage.” Worlds will collide, time will shift, and only one souled vamp will make it out undead.

Staring At Your Window by AmyB

Rated: NC-17 • 13 Reviews
Summary: An answer to alwaysjbj's challenge for a birthday PWP involving S6 Buffy & Spike and tree shagging. Set immediately post-"Wrecked."