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Big time B/S! Uhm...I'm 18 years old. Been writing for a few years. Haven't finished a story yet, but I'm desperately trying!! I also beta, so if you need a beta just let me know. I'm so much better at heling someone else out then my own story...so thats probably not good haha

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Stories by ArykaLinn

Borne With a Curse by ArykaLinn

Rated: NC-17 • 25 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy was living the rockstar life, drugs and sex, minus the fame, before she was turned into a vampire. She was borne into the unlife with a soul. Can a sexy Watcher William Pratt help her? WIP will become NC-17, has journal entries to Giles. Come and read!

In My Dreams by ArykaLinn

Rated: NC-17 • 30 Reviews
Summary: Takes place season 5 after Riley's departure. Mostly A/U, lots of Spuffy lovin'! With Buffy still in shambles after Riley's rash decision of going back to the initutive, she is not at peace, even in her dreams she wakes up crying. Willow brings it upon herself to cast a spell giving her total happiness in her dreams, because as we know, reality is an imperfect place. What Willow didn't count on is Buffy's subconcious not wanting to wake up, leaving the slayer in a slumber of sheer bliss. What will happen when the scoobies try to right Willow's wrong? How will Buffy react to having to depart with the man she loves? Again. There will be some naughtiness!