Vamp Next Door 'verse by Rebcake
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An alternate BtVS Season 5, in which Buffy did her first few slaying years in LA, with the full support of her family.

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The Vamp Around the Corner by Rebcake

Rated: 15 • 14 Reviews Liked

When the Slayer's family moves house in her second year of college, a new neighbor swiftly becomes all she wants for Christmas. His wants are decidedly more complicated.

Takes place in an AR wherein Buffy was called to Slayerhood according to schedule, but did not move to the Hellmouth until her freshman year of college. NOT a Wishverse fic.

Runner up in Round 11 of the No Rest for the Wicked Awards for "Best Original Plot/AU".

Buffy and the Bloodmobile by Rebcake

Rated: 15 • 1 Reviews Liked

After the altercation with Glory in the hospital during Blood Ties, Buffy discovers that property damage has consequences.

Sequel to The Vamp Around the Corner.