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****** There is a talent show going on but will Buffy's relationship with Riley make it past the preliminary. Everyone's human.******


"So Wills what are you doing for the talent show?" Buffy asked as her best friend Willow walked up to the lunch table and sat down.

"Me and Tara are gonna put on a magic show." Willow said looking around for her girlfriend. When she spotted her she waved her over.

As Tara was walking up Buffy asked, "What kind of tricks are you gonna do?"

"Oh were just gonna stick to the basics, you know the classic tricks." Willow said meeting Tara halflway for a quick kiss.

"How was art hon?" Tara asked Willow as she started in on her lunch.

"It was awesome! The substitute was baking our clay pots and put it on too high so twelve of the classes pots were blown up!" Willow finished stealing a carrot from Tara's plate.

"Hey ladies, whats cooking." Xander said walking up with his arm around Anya.

"Well I'll tell you whats not cooked. This meat!" Buffy said dropping her hamburger with discust.

Xander and Anya had just started in on their usual arguments when Riley came up and layed a humungous hand on Buffy's shoulder.

"Hey Buffy, come sit with me and the guys." Riley said cheerfully.

"I'd rather not, I'm having lunch with my friends." Buffy said softly.

"They don't care come on." He practically pulled her out of her chair.

"What was that all about?" Xander asked just coming out of his argument in enough time to see Buffy's retreating back.

Just then a fight broke out in the middle of the cafeteria.

"She was mine you bloody wanker!" A familiar british accent was heard over the crowed.

As the gang gathered around the fighting guys what they saw was not pretty.

William Thorton or Spike for short was straddling and currently punching Liam Brooders, or Angel for short, in the face.

A shriek was heard and the crazy chick of the school Drusilla came running up. Everyone knew that Drusilla was Spike's dark goddess up untill Angel showed his true colors and stole her out from under his nose.

"Get off him!" Drusilla yelled grabbing Spike by his bleached blonde hair. "My Angel, are you okay my dear?" She said fussing over the brusies and cuts that were scattered over his face.

"But Dru, leave him, come back to me!" Spike said in a pleading voice.

"Your pitiful." Angel said after staggering to his feet and wiping the blood of his chin that had gushed from his busted lip. At this Spike ran forward with crazed murder in his blue gaze.

"Whats going on here, students?" Pricibal Snyder said just before Spike dived onto Angel.

"Nothing Sir." Spike said and with one last glare he stormed out of the cafeteria, duster burrowing out behind him.


"Buffy we need to talk." Riley said as he patted the seat next to him on the big bed.

"Sure Riley, whats on your mind?" Buffy said knowing that she wouldn't be able to leave until he got his words out.

"I've been thinking of two different problems that were having in our relationship. First I dont want to wait I want for us to have sexual intercourse together." He said confidently.

*Great I mean its not that I want to wait until I'm married or anything and I really love Riley really I do. --No you dont! A little voice screamed from the back of her mind-- Yes I do shut-up!* She mentally screamed.

Before she could protest he said, "Good I knew you would understand now our other problem is your friends, you need to ditch them."

"WHAT! I am not ditching my friends, have you gone insane!" She screamed at him.

"No Buffy I actually think I'm the sane one here you will do as I say. You are my girlfriend and I will be obeyed." He said calmly but with a threatning tone in his voice.

"Not anymore I'm not. We are through!" Buffy said spinning on her heels.

"Buffy wait! Buffy if you dont turn around right now you are never welcome here again."

"Goodbye Riley." Buffy said over her shoulder but without turning around.


"So hon, how did your visit with Riley go?" Joyce Summers asked as her daughter walked in the backdoor. "Your back early."

"We broke up mom." Buffy said without changing the indifferent tone in her voice she also asked. "What's for dinner?"

"Oh hon you dont have to play brave I'm sure your crushed." Her mother said as she rushed around the counter to envelope Buffy in a hug.

"Actually I dont feel all that bad except for the fact that I no longer have a boyfriend." Buffy said then added. "Im actually happy it's over I was sick of lying to him and myself, I have just never loved him."

"Thank God!" Her mother sighed. "Im sorry hon but I have never liked that boy."

"All right mom now whats for dinner?" Buffy asked rubbing her stomach.

"Well I wasn't expecting you back for a while so I geuss cooking is out of the question. How about Chinese Take-out." Her mother said releasing her and walking over to the phone.

"That sounds yummy mom. I'm gonna go call Willow and tell her the news." Buffy said heading for the stairs.

"K be down in an hour." Joyce yelled up the steps.

"Alright mom." Buffy yelled back.

"Hey, Mr. Rosenburg is Willow there?" Buffy asked into the receiver.

"Yes I will tell her you are on the phone Miss. Summers." The uptight man said.

"Hey Buffy whats up?" Willow asked.

"Geuss what Wills." Buffy said giddily.

"I give, whats going on?" Willow said intrigued by her bestfriend's cheery voice.

"I broke up with Riley." Buffy said in a rush.

"YES!" Willow yelled at the phone.

"God Wills I didn't know you hated him that much." Buffy said laughing close to hysterically.

"Oh, um, sorry Buffy its just that guy was a real jerk. And we have been waiting for you to break up with him for months." Willow said trying desperately to cover up her enthuiasm.

"We?" Buffy asked into the phone.

"Lets just say that I'm not the only one that wanted him gone." Willow said and Buffy could almost see the rare smirk on her friends face.

"Okay Wills the door bell just rang got to go." Buffy said.

"OK Buffy see you tommorrow." Willow said before hanging up.


"Hello, how much would th----" She was interupted as she looked up to see who it was. One word summed it all up. Spike.

"Oh great its little miss, pretty in pink, cheerleader." Spike said in an annoyed british voice.

"What are you doing here?" Buffy said in a venom filled voice. They had been enemies ever since 2nd grade when he had moved here from somewhere in England. No matter how longed he stayed he never seamed to lose the accent.

"I just moved in next door and your food arrived at my house thought you might want it." He said boredly.

"William Thorton is that you?" Joyce said coming up behind Buffy.

"Mrs. Summers ' pleasure to see you again. " Spike said politely.

"No the pleasure is all mine, I assure you." She relpied.

"Alright thanks for bringing us our food bye, bye now." Buffy said pushing him out the door. If she was truthful to herself in the small contact it took to push him out the door a shock ran through her.

"Buffy Ann Summers I am deeply shamed! Is that anyway to treat a guest?" Joyce asked in shock.

"No thats how you treat a vampire wannabe, gothic, punk rock, metal loving, embarrasment to society." Buffy said matter-of-factly.

"Buffy Summers you will go next door and appologise right this instant or no Chinese take-out." Joyce said firmly.

"But mom." Buffy said in a whinny voice.

"No but's get over there now." Her mother said with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Fine." Buffy said as she walked out the door. As she walked across the street she noticed that the only light that was on was the upstairs bedroom. "I might as well just knock on his window to spare me the embarrasment of waking up his dad." She said aloud.

"I cant believe that bloody bint left me. After all that i've done for her she left me for that wanker Angelus!"The insesant and loud rant continued like that until he collapsed in the middle of the floor with tears streaming down his face. As he started to sob she turned and quietly walked off the roof hating for him to know that she had seen him at his weakest. The last thing she heard when she jumped down was what sounded like a nailpolish bottle breaking on the wall.

"How did it go hunny?" Joyce asked as her daughter walked back in the through the backdoor.

"He was asleep already i'll tell him tommorrow." She said as she grabbed the take-out and walked up the stairs. There was something different about her daughters demeanor but Joyce couldn't put her finger on it. She decided to figure it out someother time for now all she wanted to do was turn on lifetime and enjoy her dinner watching other peoples problems for once.


"Buffy get out there before you miss your ride." Joyce yelled.

"Mom can you give me a ride I just got off the phone with Xander he cant make it." Buffy said as she came down the stairs.

"Sorry hon, I cant. Why dont you catch a ride with William dear?" said Joyce.

"He would never let me in the same car as him , Mom. I'll just walk." Buffy said to her mother not even realizing she forgot to add an insult to the idea.

"In those heels you wont make it 5 blocks." Joyce said skeptically.

"I'll tough it out ma." She simply stated.

* I wonder how he does it.I mean he looks perfectly fine if not a little more angry than usual when he is surrounded by people If that had happened to me I would be 100% miserable 100% of the time. And here I am making it even worse.* Her thoughts were interupted when the DeSoto pulled up next to her as she walked.

"By the way your limping luv, I'd say you'd need a ride." Spike drawled out of the open window.

"Great observation skills you got there are you offering or just adding insult to injury?" Buffy asked stopping to turn and stand looking into the car.

He leaned over and opened the door. "It's your choice luv."

"Thanks, I didn't know how much longer I was gonna last." Buffy said as she contemplated whether or not to say what was on her mind.

"Dont mention it luv. I'm serious dont tell anyone that I cart around cheerleaders. I already have to run every time I see that blonde bimbo, Symphony or something like that." He said never taking his eyes off the road.

"You mean Harmony." Buffy said thinking about the other cheerleaders weird obsession with Spike.

"Yeah that's the bint." He said snaping his fingers.

"You could try to be a little nicer she actally thinks she has a chance with you." Buffy said trying to keep a strait face while saying it.

"I cant even go to my bloody locker anymore without her jumping me, and I caught her waitin for me on my roof when I got home, one time she actually had the nerve to break into my room and take some of my stuff." He said with growing anger.

"Hey, hey, hey, don't get me wrong I hate her too but dont be to brutal she is still a human. Unfortunatly for us that means we cant destroy her for the better of the world." She said quickly.

"Sorry 'bout snapping at you like that, just a little tense after that fight with Angelus." He said with an apologetic glance towards her.

"Why do you do that." She asked.

"Do what luv." He replied.

"Call Angel, Angelus." She said turning to him waiting for her answer . She jumped when he swirved and parked on the side of the road and gripped the steering wheel.

"I used to be pals with Angel he was like a father to me, we might be the same age but I followed every example he set. He was my Yoda. Sometime after Darla was forced to leave the country with her family he changed. Drastically. He has always been bad but he knew when to stop and he knew who his friends were and that he had them. After she left he went crazy. Everything he once loved or enjoyed he either started to hate or he used a lot more. Where he once was evil he is now demonic. Where he once had morals he is now souless. And there is nothing I can do except keep the memory of what he used to be and whatever is at that school is not, I repeat not Angel so why should I call him that." He finished and relaxed his grip on the steering wheel.

"Look I know nothing I say is gonna make that any better but im here so for now how about a truce." Buffy said sticking out her hand.

"Okay, but I dont want your pitty. For anything and I mean anything okay." He said as he reached out and took her hand in his. It was weird how they're hands fit together perfectly almost as if they were made to go together.

"Alright but one thing." She said looking into his eyes seriously. "When I say truce that means that we have to be truthful, no hiding okay. If something is bothering either one of us then we say so. Im here for you so your here for me."

"Okay were agreed now lets get to school." He said driving off towards the school.

After they got out of the car Spike was going to find his usual group when Buffy grabbed his arm and said, "Hey part of our truce means no dissapearing as soon as we step into the real world."

"Hey I didn't give you permission to rule every aspect of my godforsaken life." He said sternly.

"Well I said that I would be there for you and how am I supposed to do that when your no where to be seen." She said while pulling him towards her locker.

"Fine Miss. Logical." He relented. "But I still have to go to my locker and there is the fact that I only have 4 out of 6 of my classes with you."

"I know but at least all our morning classes are together and at lunch we will figure something out." She said. "Now lets go get your stuff so we can get to Chem class. By the way I noticed your not wearing your usual nail polish. Why not?" She added secretly thinking him incomplete without it.

"I'ts nail VARNISH not girly nail polish. And let's just say it broke." Spike said mysteriously with a slight smirk.


"Hey Buffster whats with the bleached blonde shadow?" Xander said not liking the fact that Spike was following Buffy.

"Xander dont start and to answer your question he is gonna be hanging with us from now on." Buffy said sitting down and patting the seat next to her.

"Yeah I suppose he would have to find a new group to hang with now that he's the laughing stock of the vampire wannabe world." Xander said and then started laughing but soon shut up when he realized that no one was laughing with him.

"So these are the weirdos your makin me hang with pet." Spike said with a glare at Xander.

"Yup, you'll fit right in." She replied.

"Ow, that hurt." He said cluching his chest dramatically.

With one last glare at Spike, Xander said. "So my fellow Scoobies what is everyone doing for the talent show?"

"Oooh, Tara and I are gonna put on a magic show." Willow said excitedly.

"Xander and I are gonna do a really funny dance song that we wrote ourselves. And even though were not getting married and have the problems that the people in the song do, I think it seems to fit the way couples hide their opinions of their significant others just so they dont hurt eachothers feelings." Anya finished breathing hard from saying it so fast and fighting off Xanders hand as he tried to stop her from saying the embarrasing bit of news.

As Spike started chuckling and all the females at the table broke out laughing, except for Anya of course, Xander said. "Okay, okay, when you guys are done laughing at my misery can we get on with the conversations."

"Sure Xan , I think I'm gonna sing but I'm not sure what yet." Buffy said as she sobered up from laughing.

"I'm gonna play guitar and sing to whatever music I decide to choose." Spike said never taking his eyes off his plate. "Have you ever noticed that they never really cook this food."

"We figured that out in 1st grade." Willow said in a unamused voice.

"Alright so I know who the Whelp is and who Goldilocks and Red are but, and in saying this I'm not trying to be rude but who are you two." Spike said looking from Tara to Anya slowly.

"I'm Anya Jenkins, Xanders girlfriend." She said reaching her hand out for a hand shake.

" 'Pleasure to meet you. Now who, if you dont mind me asking, are you?" He said looking at Tara

"Oh r r r right I'm T T Tara." She shyly replied while sticking out her hand for a handshake just as Anya did but instead of shaking her hand he lifter her hand to his mouth and gave it a kiss. A threatning growl came from Willow.

"Ahh, just as I suspected, your Willow's girl." He said and then added. "Sorry Red I was just trying to figure out if my suspicions were correct thats the only reason I did it."

At this Willow seemed to cool down as she said curiously. "How did you know? Nobody's ever figured that out on their own so fast before."

"Just had a hunch is all." He replied. "I either want to sing and play guitar as a solo or I'm thinking it's time to get a band."

"That would be so cool. Having your own band, I mean." Willow said excidedly.

At everyones skeptical look she added. "Well it would be."

"I-I agree hon. I--I think that that w-would be c-cool." Tara asisted meekly. "I even know s-some p-people looking t-to start o-one."

"Well im gonna think 'bout it first." He said. "But thanks for the lil bit of information pet."

"So what are we doing today, friends-o-mine." Buffy said.

"I'm thinking Bronze. How about you guys." Xander said.

"Sounds great to me how about you baby?" Willow said grabbing Tara's hand and holding it lightly.

"It souds cool. What car are we gonna take?" Tara replied smiling sweetly at her lover.

"Me and Xander can ride in his car but I dont know about you guys." Anya said bluntly.

"Well Tara and I can get a ride from one of the girls at our dorm. They always go out on Fridays." Willow said helpfully.

"Um, my mom's not gonna be home tonight she has an art show in San Francisco, that leaves me with no ride." Buffy said in an almost whiny voice.

"If I'm invited luv, I'd be happy to give you a ride." Spike said with a shy glance down.

"Of course your invited Spike! And thanks, I dont know what I would do without you and that car. Thats twice in one day you saved in from an unfavorable fate." She said softly, touching his arm so he would look back up.

"Ahem." Xander cleared his throat, sucessfully getting the two blondes to look up.

"Oh this must be one of these akward moments where someone conveinantly clears their throats to interupt without being blunt." Anya said excitedly.

"Yes hun, that would be it." Xander replied with an affectionate smile at her.

"Come on girls we have to get to class early if we want good seats." Buffy said standing up. "Oh and Xander can I have a word with you in private."

"Sure Buff but before I'm put before the court I'd like to plead innocent." Xander joked standing up and walking over to her.

"So Buffster whats on your mind?" He added when they were out of hearing from the rest of the group.

"Listen you have Math and then Bio right?" At his nod she continued, "Well I need you to hang with Spike and just try to play nice okay. I know you dont like him but could you at least try to get along. You never know he can be just the guyfriend you've been looking for."

"Okay Buffy, I'll try but I'm not keeping any of this to myself. If he asks why I'm all the sudden hanging with him then I'm gonna be strait with him." He finished sincerily.

"I wouldn't want it any other way Xan." She replied walking over to the other girls and walking out of the crowded lunch room.

"Well looks like I got Spike duty. You are indoor trained right?" Xander said as he sat back down across from Spike.

"Look Whelp I dont feel like stooping to your level at the moment so can we get to class." Spike replied getting up and walking away not even checking to see if Xander was following him.

Jogging to catch up with the suprisingly fast blonde he said. "Look man I'm just joking I was trying to see if you would take the bait. I really respect you for putting me in my place. So truce?"

"Yah truce but I'm serious now we really need to get to Math. I dont feel like getting the usual 3 hour lecture from my old man." Spike said simply.

"Hey speaking of your old man isnt he the librarian?" Xander asked.

"Yeah how did you geuss." Spike replied stopping at his locker to get his things out.

"Me and the rest of the gang hang out there all the time he's pretty cool for an old dude." He said with a goofy smile on his face.

"Sure but you dont have to wake up to find him walking starkers through the house looking for his glasses that are sitting on the top of his head." replied Spike with a smile.

"Oh discusting and not to mention unwanted images, I will never be able to look at him with any shred of respect again." Xander said with a scowl on his face.

"Come on Whelp, whenever your done having fantasys about good 'ol dad we still have to go to your locker before getting to math." Spike said smirking as he started walking.

"Will you stop calling me that. My name is Xander. Say it with me now XAN-DER!"

"Not a chance, Whelp." He said as he smirked once more.


"OH MY GOD! What am I gonna wear?" Buffy practically screamed into the phone.

"Buffy you have plenty of clothes. You've never needed help before whats so special about tonight." Willow asked even though her and Tara had already figured it out.

"I dont know its just , its, its, HIM you know. I've never had to struggle so hard to impress anyone. There was no possible way to not impress Riley and I dont even think I like Spike like that but hes been through so much the least I could do is not look like a slob. Or at least thats what I keep telling myself." Buffy said still frantically going through her closet.

"What about that outfit that your cousin left at your house?" Willow asked while trying to get the straps on her shoe to click together.

"Mom would kill me if she found me wearing that." Buffy said surprised that Willow would even suggest such a thing.

"Buffy your mom wont be home for at least another week. Take a chance." She replied cooly.

"Okay Wills i'll see you tonight and thanks. I dont even know why I am working so hard he is obviously still completely in love with that crazy slut Drusilla." Buffy said sadly.

"Dont give up just yet Buff if me and Xander can find happiness then you can too." Willow said reassuringly.

"You know what Will you are completely right there is no way I'm giving up so soon. I am gonna make him forget all about Drusilla!" Buffy said warming up to the idea.

"Good for you Buff now I'll see you at the Bronze but I have to go. Bye see you soon." Willow said before hanging up.

As Buffy took out the skin tight and flared black leather pants that tied up both legs and along with the black strapless shirt she was silently templating which shoes would go best. She finaly decided on the strappy heels that she had been saving for a special occasion. After putting on the outftit and did her hair and make-up she stood looking at herself in the body length mirror.

"This outfit shows off so much skin my mom would completely faint if she found me wearing this. It's perfect!" She said outloud. Just then the doorbell rang out through the empty house.

"Be right there!" She yelled. Grabbing her purse she opened the door. He was standing there in his usual black tee, black jeans, and black leather duster, but for some reason he had never looked hotter to her.

*Bloody Hell! She's gorgous. When did she get so hot!* Spike thought taking in the blonde in front of him when all the sudden another voice in his head yelled *What are you thinking remember your black goddess. DRUSILLA!.-----Oh Sod Off.* He replied. Realizing that he was arguing with himself in his mind and probably staring like a wanker he said aloud. "So luv ready to go?"

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea." She said walking towards the car behind him. She was a little upset by the way he dissmissed her without a word said but by the crooked way he was walking she figured he was just hiding his approval.


"Can I get you anything to drink , luv." Spike said, happy that his not-so-little friend just south of the border decided to dissapear for the time being.

"I'd like that, um, how about a pepsi." Buffy said smiling up at him before taking a seat with her friends.

"So you guys made it here without killing eachother." Xander said looking over at Buffy where she was sitting across from him

"Xander please dont start. I just came here to dance off the tention." Buffy replied looking over to Tara and Willow who were both nose deep into two different Magic Tricks For Dummies books that they must have picked up on the way over.

"Come on guys, no reading tonight just partying and fun. And plus you guys are totally gonna be great at the talent show." She said snatching the books from them.

"By the way where is the bleached moron." Xander asked.

"I dont know he should have been back with our drinks by now. " She said looking around but when she saw who was holding him up she quickly added. "Oh that bitch is so going down."

Spike was backed into a corner by Harmony when Buffy walked up and said "Oh there you are we've been looking for you."

"Um, Buffy can't you see that I'm having a conversation here." Harmony said rolling her eyes.

"Oh I am so sorry I didn't see you there. Is there something you wanted." Buffy said with false innocence.

"Oh no luv, she was just leaving. Weren't you pet?" Spike said turning to Harmony once more.

"Yah I was. Bye Blondie-Bear." Harmony said and before walking away she said to Buffy. "Bye Dorkus."

"God thank you!" He said looking to the heavens. Not even thinking he picked up her hand and kissed it lightly after saying "And while I'm at it. Thank you eternally."

"Your very welcome." She said a little lightheadedly after the kiss to her hand.

"Allright well, I have to go get those drinks. I didn't even 'ave time to get 'em, luv." He said turning to get the drinks.

"Okay, I'll be waiting." Buffy said walking back to the table.

"What was that all about Buffy?" Willow asked her flushed friend.

"Harmony ambushed Spike so I stepped in." Buffy answered.

"Are you sure thats all it was?" Willow asked.

"Yeah Wills Im unfortunatly sure that's all it was." Buffy said with a downcast look on her face.

"'Ay ev'ryone. Here's your drink luv." Spike said taking his seat next to Buffy.

"Hey Spike." Willow said cheerfully.

"Um, hi, Spike." Tara said.

"Hey my Bleached Sidekick." Xander said with a goofy smile on his face.

"I told you not to call me that Whelp." Spike said darkly.

"Yah well I told you not to call me "whelp". So I geuss we're even." He replied with a self assured smile.

"I'd rethink 'at statement after I say the following words. 7th grade. Under the bleachers. Buffy. Skirt." By the time he had finished Xander was blushing bright red and sending Buffy woried looks. Buffy was sitting their with her head tillted and her cute little "deep thinking" expression, as Spike would call it secretly in his head, on her face quietly when all the sudden.

"Ewwww! Xander gross!" She said getting up and storming away.

"Thanks alot!" Xander said getting up to go find Buffy.

"She's not gonna be mad at me is she." Spike asked the remaining people table with what could only be called a worried expression on his face.

"No but I cant say the same for Xander." Willow said picking up her mineral water.


"Buffy look I'm sorry. I was really young and stupid." Xander started to say.

"Oh my God Xander Im so embarrassed!" Buffy said flinging herself into his arms. For the first coulple seconds he was to shocked to even register what was going on but he forced himself to ask. "So your not mad at me?"

"No I always knew you were a perv but I didnt have the heart to tell you we could never be together. And in my defense I never knew you would take your obsession that far. But god, Spike was there to. He saw you look up my skirt. He probably thinks I'm a slut." She said tighting her grip on him and once again being taken over by sobs.

"Buffy Spike doesn't think your a slut. I think he might really like you. He almost punched my lights out when he caught me doing that." Xander said suceeding in reasuring her.

"You really think so?" She asked softly.

"Yah I really do." He said truthfully.

"Alright Im gonna go fix my face. I probably look like shit. Thanks Xander you dont know how much your friendship means to me." She said walking off to the bathroom.

After she was out of hearing distance he said to himself. "I think I have a pretty good idea." And with that said he finally let go off the chance of them ever being together and vowed to help in anyway he could in making her happy. Even if it meant giving her to someone like Spike.

"Hey my peeps. What's the what." Xander said sitting down next to Anya.

"Is she okay. I didn't mean to upset her. Is she okay." Spike said quickly without taking a breath.

"I'm fine it's nice to know someone cares about 'lil 'ol me." She said barley conceiling her excitment that he was worried about her.

For a second Spike stared gapping if possible, he thought she looked even more beautiful. He quickly turned his face down shyly. Unknowingly breaking down another one of Buffy's carefully erected barriers that stood guard around her heart.

"So Buffy have you decided on what your gonna do for the talent show." Willow said sucessfully changing the subject before someone embarrassed themselves.

"Well I know I'm gonna sing but I just dont know what song." Buffy said pointing her attention fully back to the conversation.

----------------------------The next day.------------------------------------------------

Buffy was in heaven that was the only explantion. Its as if everything she had ever wanted had just been handed to her on a silver plater. And thats how to describe the feeling Buffy awoke with. As she came cheerfully bouncing down the stairs her mother asked. "Buffy dear, what are doing up this early. You do know it's Saturday right."

"Of course I know I just cant sleep on such a B-E-A-utiful day." She said with a smile that riveled the sun in brialiance.

"Honney are you feeling okay." Joyce asked coming around the counter to feel her daughters forehead.

"Yah mom why?" Buffy asked.

"Because it's pouring rain outside. That can hardly be called beautiful." She said still checking over her daughter for any signs of an ailment.

"Really. I just figured only nature could make a morning this fantastic." Buffy said sidestepping her mother to grab the oarnge juice out of the fridge and pour herself a glass.

"There is one other thing that can have such an impact." Joyce said looking at her daughter hopefully.

"Oh yeah, whats that?" Buffy said only slightly unnerved by the look in her mothers eyes.

"Love." She said simply.

"Huh." Buffy siad choking on her oarnge juice.

"You heard me." She said looking straight at Buffy.

"What makes you think I'm in l-l-love." Buffy said glancing around anxiously.

"Oh the bounce in your step, the gleam in your eyes, the fact you got up before noon. Should I go on?" Her mother asked with laughter in her voice.

"No that's quite alright." Buffy said realizing her mother was right and trying to figure out how her mom had figured it out before she had.

----------------------------At Spikes house---------------------------

"Mornin' da" Spike said walking into the kitchen." Sucessfully waking his father who had passed out from staying up and reading so late.

"Wha' oh it is you William." Giles said sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

"Da how many times do I have to tell you. It's Spike now." Spike said annoyed.

"I will call you by your givin name and that is final. Now will you be so kind as to tell me what time it is." Giles replied marking his page in the book and putting it back on the shelf.

"It's seven in the morn." Spike said looking through the fridge for the eggs and bacon that seem to be hiding from him.

"Nice try William what time is it." Giles said knowing it impossible for his boy to have gotten up willingly on the weekend so early.

"Look for yourself." Spike told him after smiling triumphantly at the bacon in his hand.

"By Zeus your right. What in heavens are you doing up so early. Is there something wrong. Did the lady from the INS call again. I could have swore I sent the paper work in." He started to ramble.

"No nothing happened. Cant a bloke be in a good mood and get up early for once." Spike said cracking the eggs over the pan.

"Not if it is you he can not. You have not been like this since Cecily." Just then understanding struck him and he added. "So what beauty has captured the poet's heart in my boy this time?"

"I have no idea what your blabbering on about." Spike said turning off the stove and putting the food on two seperate plates.

"You know exactly what I am talking about. Your in love I can tell by that goofy grin on your face." Giles said with a look of resolve on his face.

"Fine but if you start writing sappy letters home to Aunt Maggie again I'm gonna haunt you." He said giving into his fate of not being able to hide anything from his dad.

"Alright but you must tell me her name." His father said chuckling as he remembered the look on his sons face when Margarate had showed up at their door demanding to see the young girl her nephew was caught up in.

"Buffy." Spike mumbled so low his father almost didn't even catch it.

"The girl you have been arch-enemies with since the second grade is your latest endeavor." He said with suprise showing through his voice and expressions.

"Yup, 'ats the one." Spike said sitting down and starting in on his food.

-----------------------------------back at Buffy's----------------------------------------------------

"So you going to tell me who he is?" Joyce asked over the morning paper.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Buffy said looking dreamily off into the distance.

"Try me." Joyce replied still not taking her eyes off of the paper.

"Spike Thorton." Buffy said meekly.

"What?" Joyce said spewing coffee all over the table.

"Jeesh mom, over reaction much." Buffy said hidding her face.

"No it's not that you know that I adore William its just I never realized it possible for you to get together. I've been hoping you would. I couldn't stand your first crush and I wasn't really fond of Riley." Joyce said already secretly planning a wedding in her head.

"Okay mom. Well it looks like the rain finally stopped I'm on my way to Willow's is there anything you want me to do before I go. And me and Spike are not together." She said getting her jacket off the back of the chair.

"No hunny that's okay. I'll be leaving for L.A at two for the art-how im hosting so I wont be home until tomorrow afternoon. And'm sure he will come around." Joyce said giving her daughter a reasuring look.

"Thanks mom. Love you, bye." She said starting for the back door.

"Bye, Love you too. Say hi toWillow for me." Said Joyce as her daughter dissapeared out the door.

Buffy was so distracted walking to Willow's she didn't even see the boy standing in front of her. When she bumped into him he turned and she recognized him from school but she couldn't remember his name.

"Um, hi, I'm Parker Abrams. You're Buffy right." Parker said secretly looking her up and down.

"Yah, that's me, look I'm sorry I bumped into you. I should have been more careful." She said looking up at him. She realized that not even a week ago this guy would have been her type. But after all that had happened she had barely even noticed he was cute. But not in her bleached-blonde, blue-eyed, lithe-bodied, pale-skinned, chiseled-cheekboned, Spike kind of cute.

"I'ts okay I'm used to it. No one has really been able to "see" me since my father died last year.You know the worst part is there was so much he didn't get to finish so now I know not to put things off. You kn---

He started but Buffy cut him off. "Look I'm really sorry about your dad but I have to go."

As he watched her walk away he thought. *Man I could have sworn she would have been an easy lay. Oh well plenty of other pretty young suckers just waiting to be unwrapped.*

*Knock, Knock* The door sounded and Willow's red head peeked out the door.

"Hey Will's ready for a day of togetherness." Buffy said walking in when Willow opened the door all the way.

"Yup sure am." Willow said then added, "I even stocked up on Vanilla icecream."

"Great Will I hope we can go all day without another "Xander emergency" like last time." She said putting quotes around the words Xander and emergency

"Hey it's not my fault Xander's idea of an emergency is finding out his girlfriend has a weird obsession with praying mantises. In some ways I think it's better that Xander found Anya at least she speaks her mind." Willow croaked out in between fits of laughter.

"Yeah but at least Praying Mantis Lady isn't a nympho." Buffy said joining her friend in the laughter.

"Well let's get down to business what shop are we hitting first." Buffy asked looking forward to the full day of shopping craziness ahead of them.

"Oh, if you dont mind I have to go the the Magic Box and the pet shop first." she said grabbing her jacket and umbrella just in case.

"No not at all. Lets get going I want to stop at a certain store that's a little bit out of our way too." She said.

"Okay." Willow said simply.

Later on.

"So what did you have to get from the Magic Box." Buffy asked as she started in on her icecream that her and Wills had stopped to get. They had decided to sit and rest in a little place in the food court of the mall.

"I had to get a top hat and a couple click on candles. Did you know that before they revised the store it was rumored to be a real magic supply store." Willow said conversationally.

"No I didn't. Why was it revised." Buffy asked curiously.

"The last store owner was murdered it was in the papers. They put the murderers' down as a gang on PCP." Willow said then joined Buffy in laughter. It was this town's favorite excuse for anything unexplainable.

"How was she murdered?" Buffy said, people died in some extremely weird ways around here.

"Well the cops weren't giving out information but of course that didn't stop me. I worked my computer magic and got into the autopsy report. It said that the blood was drained out of her body by two puncture holes in her neck. Isn't that weird?" She said eating a spooful of her icecream.

"It wouldn't be the first time. A lot of people have died like that don't you think that should be enough to get the cops to tell people the truth." Buffy said picking up her receipt for their earlier shopping.

"Are you kidding people would panic and the cops would actually have to work to get everyone to calm down." Willow said finishing the last of her icecream.

"Yeah you got a point. You ready to go." Buffy asked having already finished her icecream. Then she added. "We still gotta go to one more store."

"Where is it?" asked Willow.

"It's on the other side of the mall." She said as she stood to gather her bags.

"K." She replied simply.

As they walked in to the Hot Topic store Willow asked skeptically. "What do you need from here?"

"I just need to grab a few things as a gift/gag-gift for someone." Buffy said walking a full circuit around the store before grabbing a few things.

"Really I dont know anyone who would shop here besides......SPIKE! Okay spill why are you shoping for him?" Willow said giddily.

As Buffy put the three sought out items on the counter which included ; vampire teeth, a leather spiked collar, and black nail varnish, she filled Willow in on the conversation she had with him in the car and what she had witnessed on his roof.

"Wow how can someone so calm on the outside have so much pain an anger right underneathe the surface?" Willow asked still in shock at the retold rage. "So I understand the nail varnish but why the other two?"

"Well I told my mom the other day that he was a vampire wanabe-embarassment to soceity so thats why the teeth. And, come on, he's just asking for the collar with a name like Spike. Plus at the petshop I picked up a little bell to solve the, him popping out of nowhere, problem." Buffy said laughing as understanding struck Willow.

"I get it now lets get back." Willow said after calming down from the laughing fit.

"My mom wont be home until late tonight want to spend the night?" She asked.

"Sure let me just get this stuff home." Will replied.

"Sure thing. Can I drive?" Buffy asked.

"WHAT?" Willow said dropping her bags on the floor.

"God Will I was just joking you know I cant drive worth crap." She said laughing out loud at the expression on her friends face."Okay you want to get a pizza on the way there?" Buffy asked then added. "With little pinnaple chunks."

"Yah sure. Let me just call Tara and tell her I wont be home tonight." Will said.

"Okay I'll meet you in the car." She said walking off towards the parking-lot loaded with bags.

later on at the pizza place.

"Where's the pizza?" Asked Willow.

"The jerk at the counter was too busy staring down my shirt to get the order right, so when I complained to the manager, who just happened to be a woman, she offered to make the pizza herself and have the perve deliver it to my house as an apology free of charge. I accepted and now all we have to do is wait." Buffy said proudly.

"Way to go Buff! I hope it goes to the right house." Willow said starting up the car.

"When we get back you want to invite Anya, Xan, and Tara, over for a movie night?" Buffy asked.

"That's a great idea. But are you sure you dont mind if we do the whole "couple thing" tonight. I mean if you just want it to be us tonight that would be okay." Willow said, throwing the idea out there. She didn't want Buffy to fell left out but after Buffy insisted it was official.

over at Spikes about 20 minutes later.

"DING-DONG!" The doorbell rang out.

"Who the bloody-hell is here?" Spike asked as he sat up from the couch he had fell asleep on. Then he answered himself. "Da must have decided not to go to that artshow in L.A."

As he opened the door a man thrust a pizza box in his arms and said. "Tell your little blonde girlfriend she cost me my job!"

As Spike sat staring dumbfounded at the pizza box in his hands he heard the man mumble something about a independant little prude, and it hit him that the guy was talking about Buffy. He felt kind of sorry that he had lost his job but the feeling was soon pushed aside by the feeling of warmth that spread through his entire being at being mistaken for Buffy's boyfriend.

So great in his excitement at having an excuse to see Buffy again he forgot to put a shirt on and with the warm California climate he didn't realize it until after he had already knocked on her door. *Well, he thought to himself, might as well turn the tide a bit.* Then before she opened the door he put one arm against the door and leaned creating a sexy pose that seemed accedental.

Boy was he surprised when Willow opened the door squeeled loudly before fainting, he had just bent over to check if she was okay when Buffy walked in and did the same. "Just bloody perfect!" He said before putting the pizza down before carrying the two girls, one at a time, to the two couches in Buffy's living room.

A while later Willow was the first to come to, Spike explained his presence and why Buffy was knocked out to her and after blushing profously she went heated up the pizza and was back in time to see Buffy awake.

"God, Will I had this amazing dream that Spike showed up in all his shirtless glory but the odd thing was he was carring a pizza box weird huh?" She said sitting up when her eyes landed on Spike sitting on the couch smirking at her and Willow staring at her in shock she squealed and quickly hid her face from their view.

"So pet you wan ta eat now or later." Spike drawled, soaking up the feeling of her embarrassed discomfort like a sponge does water.

When she peeked out from her hiding space the sight of the pizza was just to much and Spike, for fear that she would starve herself, was looking the other way and seemingly ignoring her. But she could practically see his ego blowing up to gigantic proportions. At the moment she didn't really care she was almost glad that it was out in the open at last. It had been getting hard to not tell him how hot he was. And earlier her little slip up was just a speck of what she thought of him.

She had started to stare and when he stretched backwards to loosen up the knots in his back she had started to breath a little hard. He was beautiful and god did he have abs to die for. They were just begging for her to run her nails over. When he just happend to look over at her the only thing that saved her from another embarrasing encounter was the doorbell ringing out.

"Be there a second!" Buffy yelled out.

"Hey Xan, hey Ahn." She greeted then added. "What movies did you guy's get?"

"It's a surprise until everyone's here." Xander said.

"Everyone's already here we've been waiting for you for a half an hour." She said dryly.

Before Anya could tell everyone within hearing distance why they were really late he quickly said. "We got a little caught up."

"Alright well let's get into the living room and vote for movies." Buffy suggested.

Spike walked in right when everyone took their seats. The Whelp and his bird were sitting on the love seat and Red and her girl were ploped in the floor. "Well m' gonna get goin'. See you all some other time." Spike said walking towards the door.

It was the Whelps voice that halted him. "Where do you think your going. Your not seriously going to leave me here with a bunch of women, are you?"

"Yeah you should stay. If it's okay with Buffy of course?" Willow said with a questioning look to Buffy.

"It's fine with me. As long as you want to, that is." Buffy said shyly meeting his gaze.

"That'd be great." Spike said eyeing the spot next to Buffy like a throne.

"Come on sit. I wont bite." She said and then after looking at him for a second more she turned back and mumbled under her breath "Much."

"Okay everybody. I got sappy, gory, comedy, and magic related. What do we watch first?" Xander asked.

"Sappy." Willow, Tara, and Anya said at once. When Xander didn't say anything Anya slapped him on the arm and he grumbled. "Fine.....Sappy."

"Well looks like were out voted luv." He said then added. "We might be able to take them if you want to try."

"No, as much as I hate sappy movies, it was a fair vote." She said.

When the movie started Buffy and Spike were at seperate sides of the couch. But by the end of the movie both Buffy and Spike were fast asleep and were currently laying side by side spooned together. How they got like that nobody knew but the debate on whether or not to wake them was still roaring arond their oblivious heads.

"Xander don't you dare wake them up." Willow wispered fiercly.

"Why not Wills she's the one who invited us here why should she sleep through it?" Xander said and even though earlier that week he had mentally given up on Buffy and decided that he would try to help her be happy, seeing her spooned up against Spike was driving him nuts.

"Xander just please get over your self cant you see she's on her way to the only sence of happiness she's had since her dad took her little sister and left?" Willow said with tears springing to her eyes at the memory.

Xander saw and mentaly kicked his-self. "Willow okay, I'll leave them be. It's just so hard to let go."

"Thank you. Xander, thank you." Willow said wearily and then perked up to say. "Ok now lets vote on the next video."

Hours later after the last video had been played it showed everyone passed out next to their significant others.

At last Buffy's eyes started to drift open and as she looked up she was startled to see Spike's suprisingly innocent, boyish, and peaceful look on his beautiful face. She was sure she just broke some anciet man-code by calling him beautiful but it was true. He was virtually flawless, all that marred him was a single lonely scar, shaped as a check mark splitting his eyebrow into 3 segments.

As she wondered if she should ask him and how she would go about doing that Spike himself started to awake. When his cerulean eyes met her hazel ones he strecthed and yawned like a lion just waking from a deep slumber under the hot desert sun.

"So luv, how long do you think we slept for?" Spike said as he continued to awake.

Looking around at everyone she said, "I dont know pretty long Im guessing."

"Wha' should we do now pet?" He asked.

Noticing how close they were Buffy said aloud. "I have a little something in mind."
But just when he was leaning in for their first kiss a knock was heard at the door.

"Bloody Hell!!!!!!!" Spikes yell could be heard throughout the streets of Sunnydale.

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