AAHH! Please tell me what the hell I'm doing adding ANOTHER story here 2 weeks before my graduation, 3 weeks before the most important exams of my life?? Don't worry, "Where Do We Go From Here?" is still gonna be posted. But right now, I'm letting it sit for today, I'm not in the mood for it.

So, hmm, new story?? And one that isn't actually set in Season 6! WOW! :D

These first few chapters are quite short, I apologize profusely! But I want to get this story out there for everybody!

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... I really hope this will go as well as I have planned in my head. I've only 3 chapters written so far. Also, don't let the Buffy/Other thing put you off. Seriously. Otherwise, I wouldn't post it on a Spuffy site! ;D

I hope you guys enjoy it!


The smell of ''hospital'' was everywhere. Of illness, of sickness. Of death. Even to his dimmed senses, he could feel it, taste it. The urge to run was overpowering.

Fight or flight...fight or flight...

Do I leave now when I've never been so bleedin’ close? Or do I stay, an' see if what I came here for is really here?

Fight or flight...

He knew the number of the room. He'd chanted to himself a thousand times on his way to the hospital.

Slipping into an inconspicuous state that only a former vampire could achieve, he passed swiftly through the corridor, hoping to remain unseen, unnoticed.

There it was! Right there... Room 272... Just before the Nurse's Station. Nobody lingering outside it. He just hoped to hell that nobody else was inside. Reaching the door quickly, ducked into the room.

At the sight that met him, her bruised body lying in the bed, so small, so fragile, he felt as though his heart was cracking bluntly through the middle.

Tubes and wires surrounded her, each giving her what she needed, making sure she didn't break. She must never break. His world would surely end if the beaten vision in front of him was ever broken... again.

Reaching a tentative hand to her face, avoiding the angry looking bruises that painted her cheek, he allowed himself to run his finger along her jawline.

She stirred in her sleep, and opened her eyes groggily, breaking into a wavering smile as she recognized her visitor.

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