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'To Know The Human Heart' by spufette

Rated: NC-17 • 331 Reviews Liked
Summary: William 'Spike' Giles is a top-notch heart surgeon, even at 31 years of age. He is still reeling, kind of, from the break-up with his selfish socialite fiance, Drusilla. Spike comes to Sunnydale General in California to help build up the Cardiac ward and to find out the true workings of the human heart. Elizabeth 'Buffy' Summers is a volunteer (a unique one) at Sunnydale G. She is still stung from her break-up with her fiance, Riley Finn. Can Spike find out the truth about the human heart/soul? Can he show Buffy that true love does exist and that she should not run from it? This will start as a PG rating and go NC-17 eventually.

113 Times by Suzee

Rated: 15 • 36 Reviews Liked
Summary: A Christmas fic for you...Buffy has something she wants to talk to Spike about...how is a Christmas tree involved and is her plan going to go as she thinks? And is she going to be able to get around Spike, the new Scrouge? Series nominated at the Cradle of Humanity Awards Round One for Best 'Insider Tip'

A Glimpse Into An Affair by tahmoe

Rated: NC-17 • 175 Reviews
Summary: Elizabeth and William are two strangers who walk into a coffee house but walk out as something different.

A Little Piece of Heaven by Magan

Rated: 15 • 27 Reviews Liked
Summary: What happens after the screen fades to black in 'Not Fade Away'?

A New Dawn by Mefiant

Rated: NC-17 • 37 Reviews
Summary: A merge of Seasons 4 & 5. Dawn's arrival happens a little differently. If you like Riley DO NOT read this fic. S/B S&D (Friendship)

Acceptus by Nikilicious

Rated: 18 • 94 Reviews Liked
Summary: Something is wrong with Buffy... could it have something to do with being brought back from heaven, or something else entirely. Buffy soon learns the people she least expects to help are the ones to help her the most.

On behalf of Nik I have now found and posted her epilogue to this story so it is now fully complete.

Acting The Part by pattyanne

Rated: NC-17 • 437 Reviews Liked
Summary: AU. William St. James is an actor on a hit television show. While appearing at a fan convention, he meets Buffy and her six year old daughter, Melanie

All My Family by Spikeschilde

Rated: NC-17 • 350 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy is 19 when she moves to Sunnydale with her mother and 17 year old sister Dawn after her parents bitter divorce. After only living in the town for a few weeks, Buffy is attacked and illegally turned one night by a member of the Aurelian line. From that moment on, her life is turned upside down and she has to learn to survive as a newly turned vampire under the rigid laws society has put in place to ensure the survival of their species, and in the process is inadvertently dragged into the midst of a bitter war between two rivaling vampire clans.

Aloha My Love by Isabel

Rated: NC-17 • 397 Reviews Liked
Summary: Some summer fun to cure winter blues. After Buffy suffered a nasty knee injury on the job, her friends think it would be nice to pay for her to take a little vacation. The problem is, all of her friends are too busy to go with her, except Spike. But what would a vampire do in sunny Maui for two weeks? Heat things up, what else.

Always There by BloodyTearsofLife

Rated: 15 • 26 Reviews Liked
Summary: This story is canon based, takes place where season five is, but here’s the twist: a new vampire who has half a soul, who comes to Sunnydale to help with Glory. Starts after ‘Out of My Mind’, but Spike never tried to get the chip out, and there is no Harmony.

Apocalypse by lindsay

Rated: NC-17 • 80 Reviews
Summary: Buffy has left L.A to try to make it on her own. Things arent looking so good when she gets fired from her job after only two weeks. She responds to an add for a bartender at the only club Sunnydale has "The Apocalypse", see what happens when sparks fly between her and her new possible boss. Discalimer: I own nothing Buffy wise!

Babies Daddy by Kimber

Rated: NC-17 • 248 Reviews
Summary: Spike Bledsoe finds himself between the rock and the hard place. To save his son he must choose between the love of his life and the child he needs to protect. Will his plans succeed, or fall to dust.

Baby Love by Niamh

Rated: 15 • 1159 Reviews Liked
Summary: Seventeen year old Buffy Summers is a High School Senior with a boyfriend and life is great, until she realizes one morning that, well, life changes fairly quickly, especially when you find out something you've been denying is real. Nominated in the 9th Round of the Love's Last Glimpse Awards for: Best WIP, Best Angst and Best Fantasy.

Back In The Game by Kimber

Rated: NC-17 • 69 Reviews Liked
Summary: Starts after Not Fade Away. Hero's have fallen and the bad is still coming. Can the world be saved?

Back Together by Elanor

Rated: 18 • 123 Reviews
Summary: At sixteen they got pregnant and hitched. They regretted it two years later and split, separating their twin babies. Now, thirteen years later the siblings are bringing their parents back together. *Based on The Parent Trap*

Bad Influences by Blood Faerie

Rated: NC-17 • 39 Reviews Liked
Summary: In response to Bloodshedverse Challenge #96. Buffy takes Dawn and runs cross the country in a last ditch effort to keep her as it becomes apparent she is about to lose her. She tries to make a new life there for them, a better life, as the Scoobies try to get her back and even ask an old friend for help.

Becoming Spike by Peyton

Rated: 18 • 104 Reviews Liked
Summary: This story is going through a major overhaul. Changes will become more apparent in later chapters as I get rid of the elements I felt wrote me into a corner. As of now Chapter 1 has been updated. AU from Becoming II. Response to Skybound's Bloodshedverse Challenge #101. Instead of Spike just shrugging his shoulders and leaving Angelus to kill Buffy he hesitates and decides to lend a hand. Some dialog taken from Becoming II. The majority of the story is told through inner monologue, indicated by italics.

Been Here Too Few Years by Addie Logan

Rated: NC-17 • 2379 Reviews Liked
Summary: After the death of her first love, Buffy Summers swore to never give her heart to another. But with the addition of an unwelcome houseguest into her life, Buffy begins to realize she may have to rethink that vow… (All-human AU)

Before the Madness Begun by Nemo

Rated: 15 • 210 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set pre-series (to begin with). What would have happened if Buffy met Spike before she became a slayer, and said vampire could keep himself from killing her?

Before, Now, Forever by Lu82

Rated: 15 • 122 Reviews Liked
Summary: * NEW SUMMARY * :Spike and Buffy are telling a story... theirs! What would have happened if (in a VERY Alternative Buffyverse) Spike had found baby Buffy abandoned and he had decided to keep her? If you decide to listen to them, among lots of surprises... you'll find out! * Winner of BEST GENERAL FLUFF and BEST SCOOBIE (Andrew ) at the TRULY YOU AWARDS (an italian one) , I'm so happy!! ;) *

Bells Are Ringing by pattyanne

Rated: NC-17 • 25 Reviews
Summary: A spuffy-friendly rewrite of 'Hell's Bells'. Nothing to do with the actual wedding, or lack of one, but more with Spike and Buffy. Just had to fix it.

Blood and Fire by Addie Logan

Rated: NC-17 • 1209 Reviews Liked
Summary: A young woman goes looking for revenge and finds more than she bargained for… (set in an alternate season 2)

Blood Lines Divided by Kimber

Rated: NC-17 • 531 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy Summers is the middle child of Hank and Joyce Summers. What happens when the youngest comes in harms way. Dark Fic.....

Blood Of My Blood by Spuffy1975

Rated: NC-17 • 96 Reviews
Summary: AU for end of season 2-3. Angel is never reensouled. Spike helps Buffy. Buffy is mortally wounded by Demon. Spike turns her. She keeps her soul but refuses to feed from humans so she feeds from Spike, which is against vampire law and leads to trouble with Angelus A/N: Thanks to my friend Lisa who agreed to beta this story for me.*hugs*

Blue Eyed Devil by pattyanne

Rated: NC-17 • 339 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike Devlin is the lead singer for the band 'Blue eyed Devil'. Buffy Summers is the local preschool teacher he falls for right before leaving on a nation wide tour.