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Yes, I know... You never thought you'd see the day... But they're BACK!

I went to the concert in Scranton, PA... It took a 6 hour drive to get there and a 6 hour wait outside in the cold, but I was there, and it was soooooooo worth it. The best Backstreet concert I've ever been to (it was my 4th).

And yesterday, 'Incomplete' was finally released as a digital single. Check it out on iTunes if you get the chance. It's definitely worth it... It's an amazing song.

I'm soooo happy they're back. I am (almost) 19. I am a college student. And I have been a fan for 9 years...

Right now, I am, by far, the happiest person alive...



"I still need you / I still care about you / Though everything's been said and done / I still feel you / Like I'm right beside you" - 'I Still' (BSB)

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Just Want You To Know by Lissa

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Love Is Broken by Lissa

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The Initiative by Lissa

Rated: 15 • 3 Reviews Liked
Summary: Ten years after Spike’s return from Africa, the Initiative has taken control of the world, enslaving the entire human race, and being led by none other than Riley Finn… Buffy, Spike, and the rest of the Scooby gang are forced into hiding…

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