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The Darkness Chronicles: by SlayrGrl

Rated:70 Reviews Liked
Summary: They dragged her out of heaven with a spell that fastened her spirit to her flesh, and in doing so they tipped the scales. Then the First came; came because of what they did. To defeate the First Evil Buffy had to do the one thing she feared since she became the Slayer. A series of stories dealing with a soulful vampire Buffy, fighting the good fight for all of eternity., with of course Spike by her side.

The Days Without You. by HostilePoet_17

Rated:21 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike has to deal with Buffy's death. Each part can be dealt with as a one-shot, but the entire thing can work as a series! I've been asked to expand, so I'm working on it. Excuse my crappy summary skills. I'm writing it off the top of my head; usually, I plan it out in a Maths class or something. http://sunnydawards.dragonydreams.com/codes/codes_Spike.jpg Nominated for Best Plot and Best Series at Round 26 of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards. Thank you. :D

The Letter Series by ginar369

Rated:28 Reviews Liked
Summary: A collection of stories that start with Letters to a Friend followed by Dear Diary and continue with From the Personal Journal of Rupert Giles

The Uncanny 6th Season by Pari

Rated:81 Reviews Liked
Summary: My collection of my wiring/musings on the 6th

To Wed by Joyful Dayz

Rated:74 Reviews Liked
Summary: Season 7, post "Dirty Girls". The way I think the series should have ended.