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TA femme by soho

Rated: NC-17 • 28 Reviews Liked
Summary: Angel est marié avec Buffy et réfléchi au bonheur qu’est sa vie comparée à celle de son cousin idiot William qui habite l’appartement en face. Je me suis inspirée d’une chanson de Yannick St-Arnaud intitulée ta femme. Ne vous inquiétez pas, c’est tout à fait Spuffy et bien que j’aime bien Angel je le trouvais parfait dans le rôle du mari aveugle et imbu de lui-même.

Table Rase by Yzba

Rated: PG • 5 Reviews Liked
Summary: What I think of as the lost moment in Tabula Rasa

Tailor Made by shattered_princ3ss

Rated: U • 5 Reviews Liked
Summary: Set in mid-season 5 after Riley leaves, but before Joyce dies. Spike tries one more time to convince Buffy that they belong together. Song-As Lovers Go by Dashboard Confessional. Spike's POV.

Tailored Encounters by Im_bloody_English

Rated: NC-17 • 1852 Reviews Liked
Summary: COMPLETED Buffy Summers is successful and content with every aspect of her life save one: her sex life. Sick of methodical vanilla sex with her current boyfriend, she still has never been able to achieve an honest first-rate orgasm in her entire life. Then one day she stumbles upon a mysterious escort service online that offers her hope of a perfect sexual experience and impulsively decides to seek out their help. What starts as a simple business transaction turns into a night of unbridled passion-filled sex with the handsome stranger the service pairs her with, leaving both of them to question if once is truly enough. Special noteThis is NOT porn without plot. Matter of fact it's loaded with plot. Please do not shy away from this theme as I think you will be pleasantly surprised as to what's really inside. Thanks. Comedy/Romance/Angst/& good Spuffy Luvin. Awards won: Round 12 of Spuffy Awards: Best Fantasy Author (readers choice), Best Fantasy Romance (judges choice), Best Fantasy "We Missed the Bed Again" (judges choice), and Judges Pick. Round 3 at Forbidden Awards: The Sensual Award. Spuffy Awards Round 13: Judges hand picked for special acknowledgment. Current Nom: Spark and Burn for Best pwp, best romance and best Spike characterization.

Tainted Innocence by Peroxide_dreams

Rated: NC-17 • 438 Reviews Liked
Summary: **Winner for Best Fantasy Readers Choice at the Spark and Burn Awards **After being dumped by her boyfriend, Angel, Buffy is forced to spend the summer with her mother's boss, Cordelia Chase. Just when things start to look up, Cordelia's playboy husband Spike turns her world upside down.

Tainted Love by vamptasticA

Rated: NC-17 • 8 Reviews Liked
Summary: A drunken cherub, Xander gets hit by an arrow of love meant for Buffy to encourage her love for spike. Xander falls for spike, Buffy falls for spike... wackiness ensues...it's a mess.

Tainted Love by daedreams

Rated: 18 • 24 Reviews Liked
Summary: What if Willow's spell in "Something Blue" ended just a little too late? Let's explore a darker side of Buffy.

Take A Chance On Me by Peta

Rated: 18 • 0 Reviews
Summary: When Spike shows up at Giles's door, revealing that he can no longer play with the other puppies, Buffy is amused. Spike's been neutered? Too funny. But then Spike reveals that Buffy might have another foe to fight, and Buffy just can't take him seriously. This new enemy is just as neutered as Spike, so what's to fear? Right?

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart by spikes_wish

Rated: NC-17 • 11 Reviews Liked
Summary: Starts off post-chosen, but will eventually post-NFA. Buffy and Spike meet a year after Chosen, but it's not all hugs and puppies. Apocalypse, prophecies and lots and lots of angst and UST- be warned guys. will eventually be a happy!

Take Heart by dutchbuffy2305

Rated: NC-17 • 41 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy and Spike form a reluctant team to take clean up the post-Initiative mess. Magic, horror, sex, snarks, sparks, romance, and farce ensue. Did I mention sex?

Take Me Back by pixiecorn

Rated: 15 • 29 Reviews Liked
Summary: spuffy Nominated at the Cradle Of Humanity Awards for Best Angst ............ Buffy’s once passionate marriage to a man she’s known for the past 18 years (since she was a small child) is now falling apart in front of her eyes. Can her mother put to rest her fears of starting a family and can an old leather bound photo album help spark memories of the woman she once used to be?

Take This Life by Randie

Rated: NC-17 • 10 Reviews Liked
Summary: She hadn't lied when he was in the Hellmouth. She just had no idea how much she loved him until she watched him die once again. Now to heal, she goes to a special place to learn about him, and realizes that Spike wasn't much different than the human he had been.

Take Time to Realize by Wikka Tara

Rated: 18 • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: Avalon Academy; a place of lies, deceit, greed, and surprisingly: love. As a new student, Buffy Summers realizes the only use this school was good for, was as a Soap Opera. [AU: everyone’s human]

Take Your Bloody Pick by Mabel Marsters

Rated: PG • 27 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike is chipped and trying to fight his attraction to the Slayer. When all he wants to do is mope in his crypt, the last thing he needs is a visit from his glamorous old friend Thomas Raith. Soon their friendship is tested as they both vie for Buffy's affections.
Winner Best Book Crossover Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards Round 20
Crossover with The Dresden Files

Taken by jnharrow

Rated: NC-17 • 72 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy and Spike have recently split up and are having difficulties coping.

Taking Advantage by chanel 5

Rated: NC-17 • 22 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike would never take advantage of an ever-so-slightly sloshed Buffy and a perfectly innocent dare, now would he? Just what kind of evil, nasty, blood-sucking vampire do you think he is? ...oh, right, never mind then.

Taking chances by numberonebuffyfan

Rated: 15 • 3 Reviews Liked
Summary: Timespace: before the fall but after season 7 of BTVS Spike died, he is now back and living with Angel and friends in LA. Spike hears word that Buffy wishes to see him.. a few unexpected occourences and he winds up back in good ole' Sunnydale! (full summary inside.)

Taking Over Me by phantomwriter

Rated: PG • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: Inspired by Evanescence's song "Taking Over Me". Buffy's broken and no one is sure how to fix her.

Taking the Girl by silly_bint

Rated: NC-17 • 23 Reviews Liked
Summary: the first few chapters will deal with Spike's retrospective veiw of 'Crush'. After that it turns decidely AU.

Taking The Initiative by Savannah Sparks

Rated: NC-17 • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: When Spike comes to Sunnydale to look for Drusilla’s murderer he finds himself unlucky enough to be captured by the Initiative’s most promising agent, Riley Finn. Spike soon escapes and devotes himself to getting revenge on agent Finn in whatever way possible. When the unlikely opportunity is presented, he makes it his personal goal to possess the object of Riley’s affection. At first Buffy Summers has no clue of the true identities of the two men vying for her attentions, and everything in her life starts to change in more ways then she can possibly imagine.

Tale as Old as Time by Addie Logan

Rated: 15 • 30 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy listens as Spike tells their five-year-old daughter a bedtime story that sounds more than a little familiar. (One-shot, semi-companion piece to "As She Lays Sleeping," but can be read separately.)

Taming of a Scrooge by Brat

Rated: NC-17 • 156 Reviews Liked
Summary: Womanizer William "Spike" Pratt is his own man and doesn't mind displaying his power-- especially with the women in his life. Then, on one Christmas Eve, Spike is visited by three ghosts that show him the error of his ways and the one woman he should be with.

Tampering With Reality by NaughtyStars

Rated: NC-17 • 17 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy Summers is a shy wide eyed book girl at Sunnydale High. Tortured by her home life and by the life of her school. With her life taking a terrible downfall, can the new boy at school notice her before its too late? He couldnt possibly, not to mention he is three years older than her and his dad is her moms high shcool best friend.

Tartarus by yutamiyu

Rated: 18 • 10 Reviews Liked
Summary: A despondent slayer, pulled out of Hell by an overzealous witch, attempts to live again, finding it increasingly difficult in a town bereft of the one man who may have been able to save her.

Taste of Juliet by Peta

Rated: NC-17 • 316 Reviews Liked
Summary: Season 4 Spike is found unconscious by Buffy on a wet Sunnydale night. Feeling consumed with a need to discover what is behind his weakened state, she takes him to Scooby central for investigation and embarks on a journey of self-discovery that just might open her heart to her mortal enemy.