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My goodness, how long has it been my dears? Yes, I am alive, and I just re-discovered my password after THREE YEARS away from here.

I've lived in London my whole life, and Buffy hit me when I was about 8. I've never looked back.

Y'know how some people are like "What Would Jesus Do?"
I'm like "What Would Buffy Do?"

I first found this site whilst image hunting on Google, when I was 14. I'm now nearly 18.

This site is amazing and has been a great experience for me.

Oh yes, and please ignore the stories I wrote. They were uninspired, severely OOC and a wee bit childish.


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Stories by StrawberryJam

Slayerverse by StrawberryJam

Rated: 18 • 19 Reviews Liked
Summary: Starts off during season 2, after 'Halloween' and before 'What's My Line?' then spins off canon. Buffy gets attacked by a demon with the power to send people through to alternate dimensions. Even with Spike's grudging assistance in the fight, the pair lose. So where do they end up?

The New Sid+Nancy by StrawberryJam

Rated: 15 • 41 Reviews Liked
Summary: *NEW SUMMARY*. Buffy Summers and William 'Spike' Pratt are high school juniors and bandmates. When destiny changes thier lives forever, will thier friendship stay purely platonic?