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Stories by Belladonna

Exercisin' by Belladonna

Rated: NC-17 • 8 Reviews Liked
Summary: Well, take Buffy and Spike and a training session, mix that with the rating of the story and voila, you have this story. Just read it, summarizing differently would reveal it. Be warned, very hot plot bunny without actual plot attached *g*

It may be wrong but it's the right thing to do by Belladonna

Rated: U • 1 Reviews Liked
Summary: A the end of 'The Killer in me' Buffy has to make a decision. Buffy's POV

Love at first sight by Belladonna

Rated: U • 25 Reviews Liked
Summary: This is just an idea that got stuck inside my mind about one key scene during ‘Smashed’. Well, if you just thought of the key scene, and I mean The Key Scene, you might try again. Unless you thought of the same scene as I was. (S/B...?) Have fun reading!

One Wild Night by Belladonna

Rated: NC-17 • 1 Reviews
Summary: A rainy night on the cemetery, a lonely crypt and Buffy having hot dreams lately? Well it is only a dream again this time, isn't it?

Sadly by her side by Belladonna

Rated: U • 1 Reviews
Summary: My contribution to all the post-Gift fics. Someone is standing at Buffy's grave, mourning her. This has been my very first Buffy fic ever.

Simply a four letter word? by Belladonna

Rated: U • 1 Reviews
Summary: What is love but a four letter word. Or is it truly? Take a look at a B/S definition for it through this trilogy.

Spike's brain by Belladonna

Rated: PG • 15 Reviews
Summary: The Trio of Nerds get control over Spike’s chip after finding out what it’s good for and try to use him for their own purposes in defeating the Slayer – permanently. As expected, things don’t go the way they were planned...

The Man in the mirror by Belladonna

Rated: PG • 1 Reviews
Summary: My contribution to the tons of post-Grave fics. It is said that the hardest thing to do would be to face oneself in the mirror after having done something regrettable. Spike's POV

The Substitute by Belladonna

Rated: U • 12 Reviews Liked
Summary: When the world comes crashing down onto you and you desperately try to put back the shattered pieces of your life and heart together, do you then realize what you have lost? Post- As you were