Genres: Angst


'Can you Feel me?' by Morrigan

Rated: NC-17 • 58 Reviews Liked
Summary: One shot, post *Chosen* semi-Porn w/Plot ficlet that's been running around in my head. Buffy's POV.

(I Wanna) Be There by Suzee

Rated: 15 • 28 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike and Buffy are friends...but are they both happy with the arrangement? And just how does Cordelia come into play? 'Inspired' by the Blessid Union of Souls song 'I Wanna Be There'

03. Gone by xoChantelly

Rated: NC-17 • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: Third installment of my Sexy Single oneshot series.

After months of their secret fling, both Buffy and Spike are feeling things they know they shouldn't. Their 'relationship' was deemed only sexual, and yet they've both fallen for each other. Unable to tell the other, something happens that turns their world upside down. Can they fix it?

04. Fix You by xoChantelly

Rated: PG • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: It's Buffy's birthday, and it has been a long and lonely month for our two star crossed lovers. Xander finally pulls Buffy out of her funk and takes her out for her birthday. What happens when Spike makes a surprise appearance, throwing Buffy's night into a spin? Fourth installment in my Sexy Single ontshot series!

1,2,3 (hockey, hockey, hockey) by Bonks

Rated: NC-17 • 19 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy Summmers fell head-over-heels for Boston Bruins hockey player William Giles ever since she first laid eyes on him. Can she get over his past and the media constantly stalking him over his recent break-up with famous actress Dru Wellington? Things get even better with these two once Buffy realizes that her ex-boyfriend and Will have a lot more in common than just playing the same sport...

1974 by MrsMuir

Rated: NC-17 • 12 Reviews
Summary: Sometimes changes come about whether you want them to or not. And growing up is the hardest change of all. Twelve-year-old Spike and Buffy spend the last day of summer learning that it's all about to be different.

3 Words Finally Said by CrimsonAngel

Rated: 18 • 19 Reviews Liked
Summary: Ending of Dead Things. What happened to Spike? And will he just let Buffy get away with leaving him in the alley?

6 Minutes by Chymera

Rated: U • 3 Reviews Liked
Summary: What if you had loved and lost. Would you want to remember? Or to forget?

76 Bloody Trombones by LadySpike

Rated: PG • 8 Reviews Liked
Summary: It's been 2 years since the final fight with the First. Buffy still dreams of Spike and the girl's in for a surprise.

The Day It All Changed by DeviantDarknightsKittenKink

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 20 Reviews Liked
Spike is a Slayer on a mission.
Buffy is a Vampire just trying to please her sire by fighting on the side of good.

Can Spike look past her soullessness and take a chance and trust her? Who is her Sire fighting on the side of good?
Is it possible there are vampires who aren't evil?

This is a collaboration between CallMeKitten and Darknight. We sincerely hope you enjoy.

This fic is continued at http://spikeluver.com/SpuffyRealm/viewstory.php?sid=35221

The Thin Line Between Love & Hell by TillDustDoUsPart

Rated: 15 • 2 Reviews Liked
Summary: This story takes place following the events of my first FanFic “William The Bloody Is Back”. Buffy is left heartbroken after Spike has left her again deciding for the both of them it was for the best. Spike has left and gone back to LA to continue fighting the good fight by himself. Buffy needing resolution to their relationship feels she must find Spike and tell him how much he means to her. Unfortunately fate will not let them solve it so easily.

Who Has The Last Laugh by TillDustDoUsPart

Rated: 15 • 2 Reviews Liked
Summary: This story concludes the story arc of my first two FanFics as a trilogy. We pick up after the events of “The Thin Line Between Love & Hell” which has Spike stuck in Hell. Buffy having lost her chance to rescue him is trying to find another way to bring him back among the living. They both hold on to the smallest glimmer of hope that they will be together again. Now each of them has been presented with a different opportunity that neither of them likes. But it does offer them the chance to be together once more. Will they end up together or is their relationship truly over?

William The Bloody Is Back by TillDustDoUsPart

Rated: 15 • 5 Reviews Liked
Summary: This story takes place after the Angel finale and is about what would happen if Spike returned without his soul. Spike is stripped of his soul and all of the memories of all the good he has done. Buffy now in semi-retirement is now running a Slayer school along with Giles training and sending slayers all-around the world as needed. Until one day the name “William the Bloody” has resurfaced in LA which changes her life.

Elizabeth The Bloody
by Lizzy The Bloody

Rated: 18 • 20 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer died in pieces. First, her spirit, lost when the love of her life burst into flames to close the hellmouth. Then, her body, when she was drained of ever last drop of blood. Finally, she lost her soul, when the vampire who killed her brought her back to life. Now, all traces of the sweet Buffy are completely gone, and the new slayers are hunting the Biggest Bad. Elizabeth the Bloody, a vampire known for killing anyone and anything she's paid to kill. But what happens when the Powers That Be decide to send her back the thing that started it all?

A Blood Red Sun by pattyanne

Rated: PG • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: A follow up to my story 'All That Love Went To Waste'. Spike returns to the scene of his demise.

A Brand New Day by Magan

Rated: 18 • 12 Reviews Liked
Summary: After Sunnydale was no more, Buffy and gang head to LA to let Angel know that they were ok, but something unexpected happens in the form of a former vampire.

A Change of Heart by my_perfect_muse

Rated: 15 • 12 Reviews Liked
Summary: A body switch based story. It's a one-shot atm but may turn into more in the future. What would have happened if Spike had been the one to tell him about Buffy acting strange? What would Buffy do and say after finding out?

A Day at the Office by The Enemy of Reality

Rated: NC-17 • 12 Reviews Liked
Summary: Ever wondered what it is like to be a demon hunter for hire listed in the Yellow Pages?

A one-shot belonging in the Chasing a Dream universe. If you haven't read it, some references might be a bit confusing, but not too terribly. Massive thank you to everyone who has read and voted for CaD at the SunnyD awards!! You are incredible.

A Day In The Life Of Buffy Summers by dragonsilver

Rated: NC-17 • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy Summers has always been in love with Spike Giles. Not blind to his faults, she adores him even though the world around her is falling apart. What happens when Spike finally notices her the way she wants him to? Follow Buffy and Spike through their journey of self discovery, love, strength and high school.

A Devil's Embrace by Peta

Rated: NC-17 • 20 Reviews
Summary: During Season 5 episode Shadow. Answer to challenge #31 by Redwulf at Bloodshedverse. Buffy catches Spike masturbating....and....

A Different Life by buffymon

Rated: NC-17 • 7 Reviews Liked Round robin
Summary: Takes place 20 years after Chosen. Buffy is married with children when someone (guess who) reappears in her life.

A Diffrent Ending by spuffyroxmysox

Rated: PG • 6 Reviews Liked
Summary: "I can't! I can't! I can't! I can't!" I cried hard into the pillow. The silence in my room was deafening. It made everything worse. I felt like I couldn't breathe; that my light was gone, because it was.

A Funny Kind of Forgiveness by DreamsofSpike

Rated: 18 • 21 Reviews Liked
Summary: This is a little two-part ficlet written for the wonderful Clawofcat for her birthday, by request. Just a little bit of Spuffy H/C and psychological/emotional bonding following Robin Wood's attempt to kill Spike. These two keep accidentally hurting each other; can they ever find a way to get past...well, the past...and find their way back to friendship, and maybe even beyond?

A Girl Next Door by too_many_spike_posters

Rated: NC-17 • 104 Reviews Liked
Summary: All Human AU: Spike was married for six years and never considered cheating on his wife. But when he started noticing a certain Buffy Summers in her room at night, his considerations changed.

*A story between a 27 year old and a 17 year old, if that bothers you in any way don't read!

A Goodbye by Lady Wenham

Rated: PG • 9 Reviews
Summary: Buffy and Spike share a brief moment together before the final battle. This story takes place during Chosen.