10 Smallest Series

To Wed by Joyful Dayz

Rated:74 Reviews Liked
Summary: Season 7, post "Dirty Girls". The way I think the series should have ended.

All That Could Be Series by yumimum

Rated:132 Reviews Liked
Summary: AU after the events of Tabula Rasa. Whilst struggling to cope with a life thrust upon her, the Slayer finally steps out of that infamous river. Set in a more Spuffy friendly season six, our favourite couple overcome their painful pasts and attempt to forge a successful relationship. Not everyone is happy for them though, and soon interfering friends, dark magicks, and jealous ex’s threaten to destroy their new-found happiness.

A Bloody52s Soundtrack by wolffan200

Rated:6 Reviews Liked
Summary: My first series. It's a wacky, crazy song series. Hopefully it offers some fun and a few laughs.

The Darkness Chronicles: by SlayrGrl

Rated:69 Reviews Liked
Summary: They dragged her out of heaven with a spell that fastened her spirit to her flesh, and in doing so they tipped the scales. Then the First came; came because of what they did. To defeate the First Evil Buffy had to do the one thing she feared since she became the Slayer. A series of stories dealing with a soulful vampire Buffy, fighting the good fight for all of eternity., with of course Spike by her side.

Protect Me by Rae

Rated:365 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy and Spike’s parents married when they were young and the two grew up as siblings, however through adolescence they drifted apart, and when circumstances reunited them they both started to battle strange feelings for one another…Protect Me From What I Want shows these feelings evolving and the fallout from that, the second story coming, Protège Moi shows how they deal with their family and the tradegy that strikes when they go home to face them. All the Chapter titles are inspired by Placebo songs, and I use the lyrics from them throughout the Chapters to set the mood. Just started updating the sequel 12th July 2012.

Emily Series by Spuffy_obsessed

Rated:11 Reviews Liked
Summary: AU One-Shot Series, off canon from Season 5. Spike and Buffy's tentative friendship forms into a relationship after Riley's departure. After the battle with Glory, they perform a mating ritual. Down the road The Powers that Be gift them in the form of a child. This series will follow with a series of one-shots through out the years from the beginning and on. Stories not posted chronically order.

A New World by badgervamp

Rated:72 Reviews Liked
Summary: An expansive saga that chronicles the events that take place in the AU, Post Chosen, Sagaria verse. Events that will culminate in either the beginning of the End Days and the demise of the world as we know it, or herald in a new age and a whole new generation of warriors that will push back the darkness that looms.

Missing Scenes by stuffandnonsense

Rated:5 Reviews Liked

Things that could have been canon, but weren't.

Vamp Next Door 'verse by Rebcake

Rated:15 Reviews Liked

An alternate BtVS Season 5, in which Buffy did her first few slaying years in LA, with the full support of her family.

Bones and Dirt by Blackoberst

Rated:18 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike comes through Sunnydale right as the members of the Order of Aurelius attempt to resurrect The Master while chasing after a vision-driven Dru. Things do not go as planned for anyone, with ramifications throughout the years.