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2. Changing gears by Blackoberst

Rated: NC-17 • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: Somewhere in the south of France, in the Provence region, a Brit turned driving instructor meets an American turned exchange student. A change of gears and a change of pace.

20 Questions by Moluvsnumber17

Rated: 15 • 13 Reviews Liked
Summary: Late Season 7. The gang decides to play a little game that reveals more about them then they ever wanted to share.

2Give It Me Good Buffy:Sequel To YKYWT by Sarah Aless

Rated: NC-17 • 11 Reviews Liked
Summary: Sequel to You Know You Want To. Can Buffy pull off turning the tables on Spike. Can Spike handle Domme-y Buffy? PLEASE READ WARNING!!!

2nd Chance Given by CrimsonAngel

Rated: 15 • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: During the episode Him in Season 7. Spike saves Dawn instead of Buffy which makes Buffy see him in a new light.

3 Words Finally Said by CrimsonAngel

Rated: 18 • 19 Reviews Liked
Summary: Ending of Dead Things. What happened to Spike? And will he just let Buffy get away with leaving him in the alley?

3The Floorshow by Sarah Aless

Rated: NC-17 • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: Response to a challenge on BTVS Kink (so yes that means there is kinky stuff in here). Buffy takes a job as a stripper, Spike finds out.

4Private Aftershow Party by Sarah Aless

Rated: NC-17 • 4 Reviews Liked
Summary: Follows on immediately from The Floorshow, which follows on from YKYWT and GIMGB. Would recommend at least reading The Floorshow first - if you can't be bothered with the others it dosen't really matter. Buffy has a large kinky streak is about all you need to know....and of course Spike loves it.

5Show and Tell by Sarah Aless

Rated: NC-17 • 10 Reviews Liked
Summary: Spike pushes the envelope in his kinky games with the Slayer. One part PWP, written for a friends birthday. WARNING: BDSM

6 Minutes by Chymera

Rated: U • 3 Reviews Liked
Summary: What if you had loved and lost. Would you want to remember? Or to forget?

6 Things That Should Have Happened Post-Chosen (And An Epilogue!) by lovesbitch91

Rated: 15 • 6 Reviews Liked
Summary: A year after the fall of Sunnydale, Buffy is living in Paris when she receives a letter calling her back. So she goes - just to see.

6. Ask For It by Sarah Aless

Rated: NC-17 • 38 Reviews Liked
Summary: Something's up with Buffy......can Master Spike help? Part of You Know You Want To Series. Read Warnings

61 Days of Paradise by Holly

Rated: NC-17 • 12 Reviews Liked
Summary: Dagwood's House Party is giving away five sets of tickets to Hawaii. Can you guess who wins the tickets?

7. Something Stupid (YKYWT Story) by Sarah Aless

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 35 Reviews Liked
Summary: Summary: Buffy has done something very stupid. How will Spike deal with it when he finds out? This story is more about the actual spanking side of Spike and Buffy’s YKYWT world and the specific sensations evoked, although there will be some smut at the end (well maybe a degree throughout – you know me – just not as much as normal, thought I should warn you).

76 Bloody Trombones by LadySpike

Rated: PG • 8 Reviews Liked
Summary: It's been 2 years since the final fight with the First. Buffy still dreams of Spike and the girl's in for a surprise.

8 Doing the Domme Thing by Sarah Aless

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 54 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy does the Domme thing - 'nuff said! If you're reading this and haven't read the other ykywt stories you might get it better if you read some of them but there is a summary in here, kinda!. WARNING:There ARE BDSM and S&M type shenanigans in this fic.

80’s Night by vamptasticA

Rated: NC-17 • 44 Reviews Liked
Summary: The bronze is having a $1000 dance off/costume contest during their annual 80’s Flashback. Spike needs a partner and Buffy is the one he wants.

976-EVIL by GoldenBuffy

Rated: NC-17 • 20 Reviews Liked
Summary: *Nominated at Love's Last Glimpse Awards, Round 18*A phone call on Halloween night has one blonde on the edge of her set. (This is a Spuffy fic, didn't want to confuse anyone.)

The Day It All Changed by DeviantDarknightsKittenKink

Rated: AO-AdultsOnly • 20 Reviews Liked
Spike is a Slayer on a mission.
Buffy is a Vampire just trying to please her sire by fighting on the side of good.

Can Spike look past her soullessness and take a chance and trust her? Who is her Sire fighting on the side of good?
Is it possible there are vampires who aren't evil?

This is a collaboration between CallMeKitten and Darknight. We sincerely hope you enjoy.

This fic is continued at http://spikeluver.com/SpuffyRealm/viewstory.php?sid=35221

The Thin Line Between Love & Hell by TillDustDoUsPart

Rated: 15 • 2 Reviews Liked
Summary: This story takes place following the events of my first FanFic “William The Bloody Is Back”. Buffy is left heartbroken after Spike has left her again deciding for the both of them it was for the best. Spike has left and gone back to LA to continue fighting the good fight by himself. Buffy needing resolution to their relationship feels she must find Spike and tell him how much he means to her. Unfortunately fate will not let them solve it so easily.

Who Has The Last Laugh by TillDustDoUsPart

Rated: 15 • 2 Reviews Liked
Summary: This story concludes the story arc of my first two FanFics as a trilogy. We pick up after the events of “The Thin Line Between Love & Hell” which has Spike stuck in Hell. Buffy having lost her chance to rescue him is trying to find another way to bring him back among the living. They both hold on to the smallest glimmer of hope that they will be together again. Now each of them has been presented with a different opportunity that neither of them likes. But it does offer them the chance to be together once more. Will they end up together or is their relationship truly over?

William The Bloody Is Back by TillDustDoUsPart

Rated: 15 • 5 Reviews Liked
Summary: This story takes place after the Angel finale and is about what would happen if Spike returned without his soul. Spike is stripped of his soul and all of the memories of all the good he has done. Buffy now in semi-retirement is now running a Slayer school along with Giles training and sending slayers all-around the world as needed. Until one day the name “William the Bloody” has resurfaced in LA which changes her life.

Elizabeth The Bloody
by Lizzy The Bloody

Rated: 18 • 20 Reviews Liked
Summary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer died in pieces. First, her spirit, lost when the love of her life burst into flames to close the hellmouth. Then, her body, when she was drained of ever last drop of blood. Finally, she lost her soul, when the vampire who killed her brought her back to life. Now, all traces of the sweet Buffy are completely gone, and the new slayers are hunting the Biggest Bad. Elizabeth the Bloody, a vampire known for killing anyone and anything she's paid to kill. But what happens when the Powers That Be decide to send her back the thing that started it all?

A 'Special' Type of Twins by Norrel

Rated: NC-17 • 9 Reviews Liked
Summary: Twin vampires, Spike and Will have been together, as in a couple, for 100 years. These are no ordinary vampires though ever since they were turned their souls and sense of humanity remaned. They have been helping the slayer line for a century, but what becomes of them now they are in SunnyDale.

A Bit o Blarney by mel

Rated: 15 • 6 Reviews Liked
Summary: Summary: An unknown big? bad begins wreaking havoc on Sunnydale, particularly on the Slayer. Even though the trouble it causes isn't life threatening, it does leave a lot of mischief in its wake. For some reason though, no one can figure out what is causing the mayhem. What's a Slayer to do?

A bit of Hope by LuvsBitch

Rated: NC-17 • 7 Reviews Liked
Summary: Updated story! -Set in season 5. Buffy wasn't told by Dawn that Spike lusts for her, and would never see Dawn as anything but a friend, yet she keeps it a secret till Buffy finds out the horrible truth. I love messing with characters heads. Also may have a slight twist!! (_Joyce is still in hospital and Riley is here, but no Buffy/Riley - ok?_)